FLAG ON THE PLAY: Is Anne Sweeney Putting a Kibosh on Brian Frons Courting GL Actors?

DEADLINE SOAPWOOD: Another day, another drama! A source at ABC is saying Disney Media Works Co-Chair Anne Sweeney is allegedly not trying to feel Brian Frons, who is rumored to be preparing up a bunch of offers to Guiding Light actors should the CBS sudser be cancelled in September.

"He’s forcing the actors on his own shows to take pay cuts, now he’s readying up deals for these people from a show that’s being cancelled, and he’s not even gonna make them audition, it’s disgusting!" says the source. 

Sweeney allegedly made it known she wants "detailed proposals" explaining where any and all CBS stars would fit in on the ABC soap lineup, complete with thorough story ideas, before Frons so much as contacts one agent!

 The mole goes on to say Frons is not happy with the splashes former ABCers like Jeff Branson (ex-Jonathan, All My Children; Shayne, Guiding Light), Elizabeth Hendrickson (ex-Maggie, All My Children; Chloe, The Young and the Restless) and Billy Miller (ex-Richie, AMC) have made at CBS and is itching to snag some of the Tiffany Network’s big names. Yeah, because that has worked out so well with Beth Ehlers


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    You gotta keep him in check, it’s a little to late for that. It’s a scary thought. The actors on GL are telented but if they were to come on an ABC and be front and center, might be a back lash. No fault on the actors because a job is a job, but if they get storyline over vets, people are gonna be fuming. Of course people would be fuming either way. At this point I don’t care.

  2. Profile photo of Johnathon

    Wow someone over Frons is paying attention? I guess it has to do with money so that is why…

    I think it ‘could’ work, the problem is the writing, I really like BE on AMC, but the writing for the character is just ‘okay’ at most when it should be A LOT better.

  3. Profile photo of GertieGal

    It is time to fire Frons!!! Actually it is long overdue… Is it that hard to figure out why 3 soaps on the same network keep losing ground??? Frons has storyline control over all of these shows – the writers have a hard time writing what will work with Frons putting his 2 cents worth in!!! The stars that he suppossedly is courting, most of them were with ABC before….hmmmmm

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    Glad someone is paying attention to him. He is all about grabbing other shows talent then when he gets them doesn’t know what to do with them. BE is a prime example. Another one is Jason Cook for GH. He was more excited that he could put together the original Shelle from Days and after year still don’t have a real story for JC’s character. Look how long it took them to figure out what to really do with Maxie when they got Kirsten Storms.

    Half of the time you wonder if he just gets these actors and then tells his writers, here is a new actor you can write for. I know with both GH and OLTL they have huge casts that it is already a struggle to write for.

  5. Profile photo of naughtytomato

    Does this make any doggone sense? He HAD all those actors on his shows once-they left and are popping in other shows! What makes him think it works the other way around? History has shown already that it does not!

    Plus, it’s disturbing that he is prepairing for GL being over in Sept. Must have insider info. Bad news.

  6. Profile photo of Revafan001

    Sorry but I still am not buying this. SL had to take a pay cut, if shad had to then how are they able to afford these actors? And they fired JB, why do they want them back now?

  7. Profile photo of Desertrose

    Too bad there are better soapier stories behind the camera than in front lately.

    Frons needs TO GO!

    …and yeah…how many of these GL actors were already on ABC. The fool BF needs to GO!

  8. Profile photo of McD720

    Frons is just disgusting and why Anne Sweeney has not fired this clown is beyond me…beyond all of us.

    So he’s not happy with the actors he has let go(Jeff Branson and Billy Miller) making big splashes on CBS? You made your own bed buddy…


  9. Profile photo of Axl4ever

    I couldn’t agree more. GH doesn’t use the actors it has now, why add more. And if the GH & AMC are over budget, don’t add more to it with more characters that will not be used or will be used in the wrong way.

  10. Profile photo of KC83

    Ok, as a GH fan, I would much rather keep Rick Hearst and Greg Vaughan, then have Jeff Branson come on. Why? Cause Ive already invested years into both actors and characters, and both are extremely talented actors who DESERVE leading man-type stories, but are rarely ever given the chance.
    Just because you bring over popular actors from another network does NOT mean that that equals instant sucess/ratings gold, ESPICALLY when you are incapable for writing for the actors you have already.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Why? Cause Ive already invested years into both actors and characters, and both are extremely talented actors who DESERVE leading man-type stories, but are rarely ever given the chance.
    But see…you miss the point. It isn’t about you or me. Frons doesn’t care about us. He thinks we’re suckers who will stick around for anything! He will throw his soap (actors) out with the bathwater all to make room for people on yet another dead last soap.

  12. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Yeah, Jamey, you right. It is to stick it to Barbara and think he is doing something. But unless good writing and s/l potential, it will bomb like Crystal Hunt, Jason Cooke, Beth Elhers, Farah Fath-Frons overused her, and other people who he poached. But Y&R is using their talent like Billy Miller, Elizabeth Hendrickson, Jeff Branson, Gina Tognoni, and others. It is the writing.

  13. Profile photo of KC83

    You are right Jamey…Frons has thought we were suckers for a long time, and look where GH is now…lowest ranked ABC soap.
    But unfortunately, I have a feeling nothing behingd the scenes will change. TPTB most likely will throw us fans a bone for a week or two to get ratings up, then it’s same old same old.

  14. Profile photo of GossipGirl

    This was exactly what I was saying when I first read this story yesterday! Everyone knows that Susan Lucci had to take a 40% paycut and yet he was thinking about offering parts to some of the GL actors. Plus, the actors that were named would not be cheap! Actors like Crystal Chappell and Gina Tognoni who have been in the industry for awhile would not be cheap. Frons needs to concentrate more on the writing on AMC and GH instead of courting GL stars! Hopefully, this will finally open someone’s eyes at ABC to look at some of the horrible decisions Frons has made.

  15. Profile photo of ckg927

    If this is true, this smells of tampering. Sports teams that have done this have run into LOTS of trouble from their leagues and/or governing bodies.

    Frons should get the same treatment. (Again, IF this is true.)

    Would this NOT be a firing offense?

  16. Profile photo of Truth Hurts
    Truth Hurts

    Glad someone is paying attention to him. He is all about grabbing other shows talent then when he gets them doesn’t know what to do with them. BE is a prime example.

    I agree he needs to have a plan on how to use them if he gets them but not all of his CBS acquisitions have been bad, RPG is doing great and he hasn’t been written for at all.

  17. Profile photo of CCChandler

    He’s hired like 21 stars from other shows, sometimes his network, sometimes NBC and CBS. Here’s the list, I think it’s complete. Most of them work on their ABC shows because of the writers, I think. The guy can’t write all the shows can he???? Some of my fav ABC stars are on this list too.

    Tamara Braun (Just of DAYS, Known for GH)
    Bobbie Eakes (B&B)
    Beth Ehlers (GL)
    RP Goldin (GL)
    Vincent Irrizary (Y&R, used to be AMC and GL)
    Thorsten Kaye (Port Charles)
    Jacob Young (GH)
    Jamie Luner (Melrose, Savannah)

    Scott Clifton (GH)
    Michael Easton (PC)
    Farah Fath (Days)
    Jerry Ver Dorn (GL)
    Crystal Hunt (GL)

    Sarah Brown (ATWT, GH)
    Jason Cook (Days)
    Rick Hearst (B&B, GL, etc.)
    Kelly Monaco (PC)
    Kirsten Storms (Days)
    Greg Vaughn (Y&R)
    Laura Wright (GL)
    John Ingle (Back from Days)

  18. Profile photo of curacaoman

    Hear, hear Desertrose! And after him all the exec producers and finally all the writers!
    They should be talking about hiring new writers such as Sri Rao. Where is Pam Long?

  19. Profile photo of katclaws

    “great story. this is the real soap opera on ABC
    ICAM….What’s going on behind the scenes is far more “interesting” than actually watching the show!

    Good for Anne Sweeney…..maybe she can rein in Frons or better yet, fire him! Accountability–what a concept!

  20. Profile photo of lovely12

    So what Susan Lucci took a pay cut she is no gold star actress she has been riding that Erica Kane wave long enough, never mind the fact it took her like 30 years to win an Emmy, I wonder why. Yes Gina Tognoni and Crystal Chappell would not come cheap and they shouldn’t these women have acting chops. I can’t think of one actress on AMC who could hold these ladies shoe strings for lack of a better word. The only “real” actress they have had in the past few years, Eden Riegel can’t wait to get out of there she comes and goes like the wind and uses them for a quick buck. All their other actors pale in comparison to ER so AMC has to give her what she wants! AMC is full of dead weight and ego’s none them deliver day in and day out like Crystal and Gina. I do agree that if Frons does recruit these women it has to be with a good lasting s/l nothing less than the best will do for these two Emmy winners.

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