Friday Night Lights Officially Picked Up For Two More Seasons!

Good news for Dillion Panthers fans! is reporting that the rumor that Regan posted is official, Friday Night Lights has been picked up for two more seasons, securing the show for 26 more episodes. Are you happy to have at least two more years with your favorite high school football team?

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    Well, I love FNL so I’m happy about it’s pick up, but I’m still bummed about GL! I’m sure in time I will be more enthusiastic about this because FNL is truly one of the best shows on tv!

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    It is sad about GL, (I am still bummed and not giving up hope, I mean FNL WAS ON DEATHS DOOR!), but I am sooo happy FNL was picked up, and that we get some good news today and its not all gloom and doom.

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