Y&R RUMOR REPORT: Will Jess Walton Have a Change of Heart?

RUMOR has it Jess Walton is thisclose to accepting the pay cut The Young and the Restless wants her to take to remain in the role of Jill Foster Abbott. Apparently the actress started having second thoughts about playing hardball when she realized just how serious the CBS sudser was about replacing her. Again, this is UNCONFIRMED, but we are hearing things are looking up. Let’s hope so. We adore Walton’s smoky, sultry voice, her Marlene Dietrich-esque sexual swagger and most of all her stellar acting chops, and hope to see her having catfights with Jeanne Cooper (Kay) for years to come, but we also understand Y&R’s dilemma. the soap must go on! Developing…

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    Jess, we adore you, and it’s a favor to the fans that you stay with Y & R. Your a wonderful actress and we look forward to many more Jill storylines…with Jess in the role!!

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    So yesterday with all of the Jess Walton news and then watching the show with Jill/Kay flashbacks just made it hit home even more that Jess must stay at Y&R by any means.

    Hope the show and Jess are working it out.

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    I still believe there is more to this than just money although we’ll probably never hear the rest of the story. Jess isn’t Don Diamont who has to support a big family. She and her husband are set financially. At this point JW is still working because she she loves YR and the role of Jill and not because of a paycheck.

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    I worry now that the writers will retaliate for this incident by having Jill bussing tables at Crimson Lights for the next three years, LOL.

    I hope the rumors are true, that she is staying. And I really hope they do NOT marginalize Jill. She is a very IMPORTANT character and should not be on this show merely as “Cane and Billy’s mom” which is what I suspect they are trying to do to her.

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