GH's Jackie Zeman: "Women of All Ages Are Still Interested in Romance And Great Sex"

Soap Opera Source recently interviewed arguably the most popular vixen in General Hospital history, Jackie Zeman (Bobbie). Here's a snippet of the interview:

SOS: As a veteran of the industry, how do you feel about the current state of the soap genre as it struggles to stay afloat? Is there anything you feel the soaps could do to lure back viewers that may have tuned out?

JZ: I've always loved my soaps. Grew up watching them with my Mom. I feel sad that the daytime industry is struggling to stay afloat. Decisions today are all about money. The ratings are low, and yes it's true that many people have tuned out. Many people have told me that they fast forward through the shows when they are not interested in the characters or the story. A few years ago I asked the "powers that be" if we could do a romantic story line for Bobbie and was told that our audience doesn't want to see "old people" kissing. I disagree with this conclusion. So many of our GH fans have told me that they would love to see some story for Bobbie with Noah Drake, Jerry Jacks, and Scotty Baldwin. There are a lot of women over 40...even over 50...60..all ages...who are still interested in romance and great sex. And daytime is the perfect place to explore these possibilities. I know our audience would connect with this because they have told me they would."


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"was told that our audience doesn't want to see "old people" kissing."

Sadly, this is probably how TPTB feel at most of the soaps. And I don't think it's true either. I'd like to think the majority of the soap audience knows what a good storyline is, regardless of who's kissing who.

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How sad. There was a news story a year or so ago, where senior citizens in Florida were contracting all kinds of STDs due to lots of dating and bed hopping. Look at Primetime, Sally Field's character on B&B has had several male companions. If the storyline is well written, people will watch it. When I was a teen, I was more interested in the adult storylines, because I knew what my peers were doing...

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Gloria and Jeff were pretty hot. Love scenes are the one area where scenery chewers come in handy!

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JZ is right! There are a few "cougars" out there that can still bring it. If only they were given the chance!

Anyone, see Pricilla Pressley, Nicolette Sheridan, Christy Brinkley, Cheryl Tiegs, Susan Lucci, Bo Derek lately? They are older, but STILL Beautiful.

I want to see multi-generational s/l's. I want to see some realistic views of marriage & sex. We don't need the CinaMax at night stuff, but the lack of sweet romance between older couples is causing a whole generation to get a skewed vision of ageing. I always hoped to see Edward meet some sweet older lady--she might never take the place of dear Lila, but in reality, many older folks find solace & love in their later years.

Focusing on only YOUTH is huge mistake & disservice to younger viewers, who need to know that sex, marriage, companionship & love comes at all ages. jmho

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She nailed it on the wall!!!

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It was great to hear back in '05 that Rick Springfield was returning to GH. Yep, count me in as one of those hoping for a Noah/Bobbie reunion. Noah's return was why I started watching GH again. Unfortunately, Noah hugged Bobbie maybe once when he first returned and probably hasn't touched her since. Although I have to admit I liked the Noah/Anna/Eli dangle. The lack of over 40 character romances on GH is very disappointing.

I'm still waiting for Noah to also have a scene with his baby grand daughter Emma.

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Great post. Too bad that so many of the powers that be just simply refuse to listen to the fans.

Could you imagine if a sport like football decided they wanted to only worry about new fans and they totally changed the format in hopes of bringing people into the stadium who normally wouldn't be there? It just makes no sense.

One of my favorite recent love stories has been Katherine and Murphy on Y&R. I would watch their feelings for one another unfold any day over Spinelli and his female counterpart on GH.

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That makes no goddamn sense that those IDIOTS think that we want to see young, non-acting, blithering fools on our screens 5 days a week. I'm 23 years old and have been a fan of GH since I was 10. 'till this day, I would gladly take my Barbara Jean over Lulu any day of the week.

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Hello Y&R! Jill & Gloria are the most sexually active women on the show, heck even Kay kissed Murphy and no one groaned "ILLCH." Besides, Nikki is getting up there and still having bed scenes with Paul. And that is why Y&R is #1 in the ratings. All you other soaps had better come to your senses and start utilizing the vets, the characters the fans have come to know, care about and love. That is all that matters.

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It is so great to hear from Jackie again! Honestly I agree with you all, TIIC are IDIOTs wrapped in morons wrapped in damned fools.
No wonder the shows are tanking so bad, these dumb asses have their hands on the pulse of: no one on earth! Who is their demo again? One group of undergrads at a upscale, private girls university ON MARS? Really, they make me sick. I'd rather see Bobbie and Monica talking about HOT FLASHES than watch Ethan suck his teeth or Rebecca wait tables in her three inch spiked heels and 14 pounds of eye liner. (Give the liner back to Tyler, he looked better in it BTW)

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If AMC believe in that premise, Jesse and Angie wouldn't have been reunited last year. God forbid. I'm still waiting for the sizzling Anna and Duke reunion on GH. Cus honestly when do those two not smoke up the screens?

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I'm still waiting for the sizzling Anna and Duke reunion on GH.


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I miss jackie sooooooooooooo much and i am well under the age of 40. All my friends and I are and we love the veterans of GH. My favorite is Bobbie then Laura. My friend Heather her favorte is Monica and my friend Marcy her favorite is Holly and our age range from 18-23. I'll be hinest with ya i only watch GH to keep ratings i follow it hmmm...........HELL NO! I can't stand sonny.jason/carly/sonny/jason carly thats all it i watch you tube.... i love the BObbie and Lucy fighting in Kelly's or when tony through bobbie out the night BJ died....i watch those...i miss that!!!!!!!!!!!!!I miss old classic worth something GH. Oh yea by the way i'm only thats saying something