Vanessa Marcil on Without a Trace

Here's a look at Vanessa Marcil's upcoming appearance on Without a Trace. Check out TVGuide's take on what's coming up for the CBS crime drama:

On "Heartbeats," airing March 31, the agents have suspects galore when a Russian matchmaker disappears. On "Hard Landing," airing April 7, Vanessa Marcil continues her run as Martin's love interest, as the agents search for a billionaire's son whose plane crashes in the woods.

In other Without a Trace (and Cold Case) news, Michael Ausiello is reporting possible trouble for the procedurals.

Multiple sources confirm that cost-conscious CBS has informed the producers of Without a Trace and Cold Case that the long-running procedurals are facing possible cancellation come May.


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I can't wait to see VM with Eric Close.Love

WAT has been bad since season 4. First the writing, things all Jack and Jack/Sam boring relationship, the lack of airtime for the rest of the cast and mostly the addition of god awful Roselyn Sanchez. That's what brought the show down.

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Wow, CBS would be a fool (thought cost-conscious one) to cancel those two series. The networks are so concerned with ratings and these two always deliver solid ratings.

I agree with elvara - Vanessa and Eric would be good together. Poor Martin deserves a good woman. Smile

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i am a sam and martin fan but since it's been jack and sam recently i am all for vanessa and eric close!

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Without A Trace will get canceled, and VM will still not be back at GH. I love her, but she needs to realize that she will never get the popularity on any other show that she had on GH. She's had a medium amount of success in primetime, but it will never amount to the fame she got as Brenda Barrett.

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Without A Trace and Cold Case are great shows, but if I had to lose one, I would have to say WAT. I love my Cold Case!!!!!!!

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NOOO they cancel Cold Case one of the best shows on tv right now and one of the few I can actually sit through.