Nia Peeples Out at Young and the Restless

Soap Opera Digest is reporting that Nia Peeples(Karen Winters) is officially out at The Young and the Restless. The actress was released from her contract and her final airdate is unknown at this time.

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    This picture is hilarious and makes the news even better. :) Sorry, but for me … Karen was always kind of boring and unnecessary. Which doesn’t make it better that Neil still has to deal with this other woman. Isn’t a very good fit for him either.

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    Wow the soaps are like a game of Jenga. Somedays we add peices and others we take peices out. I think this week is the pull of the blocks. Not saying she is a huge loss but on top of the other exits, and the beloved GL….its sad.
    Just read what i wrote…sorry if it doesnt make sense.

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    I also would of got rid of Tyra and Ana because they cant act and not need either. If we can’t get Victoria Rowell back, get Amelia Marshell, who played Liz on Passions, to play Yolanda Hamilton, Devon’s mother. It would give Bryant s/l and give Kristoff a new love interest. And play Devon into the Colleen/Victor s/l and include Neil in it to. I sorry for Nia Peeples to lose her job, but the character was wayy underdeveloped and boring. I hope Nia future endeavors.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    Well I always thought that the actress didn’t work for the show and I have back a several months ago proposed other actresses to take on her role. I decided I would do an update of that as well. But also they need to get rid of EVA and that singing child as well. Victoria Rowell or bust. Here are two things I have proposed here:


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    Mrs Adam Carrington

    Not sorry to see her go, MAB and Co. should follow this by getting rid of Eva Marcille and the anamatronic child, then give Neil a really meaty corporate storyline, like simonstuart said, Neil should be a major player in the Victor/Colleen storyline, its the least they could do.

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    I still think Karen should be the character to “come out” and her and Eva could have a quick romance and an even quicker exit and take the singing tween with them. Hell I’m just being greedy now I guess. Considering Nia’s interview I’d say sticking her in an exit storyline where she had to spend every last moment “acting” with Eva would be fun… squirm squirm.

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    Well not to surprised by this news. The character had so much potential but you can tell the new writing regime didn’t quite know what to do with the character.


    Or bring on a good actress to play Neil’s love interest. I could see Amelia Marshall…I loved her on GL as Gillie (sp?).

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    I know there weren’t a lot of Nia Peeples fans in the DC community but I would take her over America’s Next Top Model any day. I’ve been a fan of hers since the 80s Fame television series. She is a beautiful and talented woman and I enjoyed watching her on one of my favorite soaps. I just wish her character was written better, starting with some serious backbone. I just hope her final scene involves her kicking Neil to the curb and giving the Model a Drusilla style bitch slap across the face.

    So what’s the scoop with this Nia Peeples’ interview everyone is talking about here?

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    If they won’t get over their agenda concerning Victoria then I say keep Karen and have her an Neil work on their marriage and recast the roles of Tyra and Ana!

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    While I liked Nia, Karen was a snooze. I wish TIIC would’ve explored Karen’s obsession with Ana, her penchant for lying (including whether or not she actually called the police to report that Ana was kidnapped, rather than the show blaming Yolanda), and whether or not Olivia knew that there was anything wrong with her mental stability. This probably would made me more interested in Neil/Karen. Without any real story or drama, all I saw was a bland, badly written “romance” and I didn’t buy it at all.

    I think Neil/Tyra are way more interesting and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for them.

    My story wishlist would be: Neil falling madly in love with Tyra and Tyra having his baby. (His only biological child). And then have Dru (played by VR) come back from the dead and have Neil torn between two women who he loves like crazy and see which one wins out. Neil was VERY self-righteous when it came to Cane’s responsibility for what they thought was Cane’s child, so I’d really like to see what Neil would do in that situation.

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    Dru needs to come back. If the show won’t bring back VR, then we need to find another Dru. Personally, I would love to see Renee Elise Goldsberry in the role. She is beautiful, can act, and I think she would be perfect for Neil. The problem? she is due any minute now with her baby.

    Anyway, please lose Tyra and the kid. They bore to tears.

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    Right now she’s the best thing about Neil’s stpid storyline. If they get rid of Karen, that clears the way for Tyra :( and Neil to hook up. That is disgusting even thinking about it. They need to find a great Black actress (there are thousands of them in soapland!) to either play a long lost relative of Dru’s or kiss butt and get Victoria back. Just put a shield guard around the chick who plays Phyllis so she won’t stupid in Victoria’s face.

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    Letting go of a good actress like Nia, and keeping the worst one ever like Eva, is an insult to us fan!

    I am glad that Nia told us the truth, TIIC cannot twist it now!

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    Me and my mother going to miss her but she had a feeling this was going to happen after the sex thing i was mad about that sily move on there part but it’s just me who feel that way i wonder why, money cuts i wonder

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    I really like Nia Peeples and thinks she’s a far better actress than quite few of the other newbies the show’s brought on over the past 3 years. Karen’s character was totally underdeveloped and, like Nia scoffed at in her telling interview, LML and MAB clearly didn’t know how to write for her character. So no surprise that she’s out after spilling the beans on the mess that was going on behind the scenes. TIIC can’t take the truth coming out so those who dare speak out pay dearly (see Victoria Rowell). I don’t blame Nia one bit for spilling the beans because it was clear they were going to get rid of her anyway once her 26 weeks were up, so why not tell the truth? Should she have cowered and begged to keep her job and lick the PTB’s boots like so many other actors? Good for you Nia! You’ll be just fine. The show is mess right now.

    And why the heck is it so hard for them to write a decent storyline for a vet like Neil and Devon? Instead they keep force-feeding us this garbage from can’t-act EM and her singing kid?! Get rid of both of them and bring back VR’s Dru! Suck it up Y&R – you need VR’s Dru back. Stat!!!!

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    Thank God…now that there removing some of the crap on the Winters’ home front maybe now they can get in line and bring Dru back…perfect time, i mean we got Nina on her way, why not let Dru swim right on back into G.City and right on up into our hearts like she did so many yrs ago.

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    Restless maniac

    Obviously, that will let the gate open for a Dru’s comeback. Victoria Rowell is an oustanding actress and her comeback will boost Y&R audience for sure.
    Hope Malcom (Shemar Moore) will follow and be back right after, at least for a few episodes it would be great!!
    Clooney did it for E.R., so why not him?

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