Caption This: Honey Bear’s Hoochie Mama

It’s becoming a cliche on The Bold and the Beautiful: Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis) half-naked, clutching her honey. This time she was swinging from an office door. Take your best shot and caption this.

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    Darren Lomas

    LOL at all three! Good work   They need to backburn Malibu Stacey and bring on the fashion wars… I’m so sick of her skanky lapdancing for Honey Bear. Bleurgh.  

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    I was reading bits from the 10th Anniversay Book of BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL and from what I saw of Donna she was played by Robert Mitchum’s granddaughter, a dark haired, natural beauty. How did they think it would be plausible to cast this actress? Who A.) Is not brunette; B.) Is too young; and C.) Current storyline hardly mirrors the image of what preceded the character. I mean I read at one time Donna Logan was ashamed when she got herself into a mess involving pornograpy. This current manisfestation of the character would almost jump at the promise of being a centerfold.

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    wow comment 11 is a little harsh, i love jennifer as donna logan, she is hilarious! i never liked her as grace on Y&R but on B&B she is awesome, this picture made me LOL for real for 5 minutes! reminded me of the cabin bear and steam room incidents lol! im glad they brought her on, she’s funny, she’s catty, i like watching her go up against stephanie and whether she’s enjoying the role or not, i think she adds a much needed break to the real joke which is everything else going on on this show – taylor, ridge, rick, stephy, thomas, nick – ugh nick and the real victoria newman, now there’s someone who should be saying i use to be on the #1 soap and now im stuck kissing this guy and trying to make it real. i say keep on handing donna the honey, im loving this!

    CAPTION: its not honey on the doorknob, its glue! HEEEEEEELLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!

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