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Here’s the Scoop! 04.02.09

Claudia may want to get knocked up but does the most fertile man in Port Charles want another child? Michael’s shooting has finally got Sonny on the right track… he has enough children. Really, he doesn’t want to bring another child into his world after what happened to Michael. Will Claudia succeed in becoming pregnant with yet another Corinthos child? Claudia will try her damndest so cover your eyes kids, lots of ClauSon sex coming.

Carly is not happy that Claudia has been visiting her son. You’re not happy now Carly? Wait till you find out she’s the reason your kid has a bullet in his head. Carly tells Claudia to stay away from her son and Sonny questions why his wife has been visiting. Claudia comes up with a story that has a little truth to it and that’s all Sonny needs to hear.

Does Jerry spill to Carly? The supposed to be dead Jacks brother makes a call to Jax and gets Carly instead. When a couple tries to get their marriage back on track, they’re honest with one another, right? Well Jerry assumes that as well and thinks Carly knows what Jerry disclosed to Jax on that DVD.

Olivia vs. Claudia… Stay away from my husband! Claudia isn’t too happy about Olivia and Sonny’s obvious connection and tells her to back off. Too bad Olivia already has what Claudia is desperately trying to get, a Corinthos child. Oh yeah and Olivia knows what Claudia is hiding. What’s to stop her from spilling the beans?

Who finally reveals the truth about Claudia? It LOOKS like Ric gets the honors of playing a DVD for his brother. Ric always has a plan to either destroy his brother or get his brother to bring him into the fold. What will showing the DVD to Sonny do for Ric? Will it blow up in his face? SPOILERS say Ric tells Sonny and Jason that Claudia was the person working with Devlin and that he has the DVD to prove it. Too bad for Ric… the DVD has been messed with and Claudia is in the clear.

Speaking of Ric… What’s up with Rick Hearst’s status with the show? Some are reporting that both he and Megan Ward have been dropped to recurring status. Others say they’ve been let go while another claims Hearst MAY have taken some cuts.

Is another actor vacating their role on GH? There have been plenty of RUMBLES lately that Brandon Barash (Johnny Z.) will be gone by this summer. Remember that drop that only one Zaccharra would be left? At that time, the story was SUPPOSED to be that Johnny was really Trevor’s son, making him a Lansing. That story was dropped and now with the Dante story still hanging in casting limbo RUMOR has it there’s just not enough room in that age bracket. In the meantime, we SHOULD see more mob Johnny than grease monkey Johnny and don’t forget, the JoLu break-up is on the horizon. Originally it was RUMORED that the mob is what brings JoLu to an end but Johnny will admit to having the hots for Maxie. It LOOKS like Johnny chooses to use his attraction to Maxie instead of telling Lulu the real secret he’s been keeping; his role in Michael’s shooting.

Who else is breaking up? Spixie! Can they really break-up a couple that never really got a chance… oh wait never mind. Maxie’s devious plots finally catch up with her and it looks like Spinelli has had enough. He’ll be spending time with another lady… Sam.

Will Sam McCall finally get that daddy storyline?
There are RUMBLINGS that a former flame of Alexis’s will be coming to town and he MAY be Sam’s father. Now, I’m not a Sam fan but if TPTB insist on Sam being a leading lady this is the type of storyline she should have. When will this all unfold? IF they go this route, it was SUPPOSED to actually kick off this spring with Alexis and a touch of Sam. Kelly Monaco is only available one to two days a week to allow her time for her Vegas show so her part of it MAY not come until summer. There is a possibility that Monaco’s run in Vegas could be extended which COULD throw a wrench in the plans. The role also needs to be cast and RUMOR has it that ABCDaytime MAY want a bigger name to play opposite Nancy Lee Grahn.

Will Michael hate his parents? RUMORS have been suggesting this for a while now and I’m all on board if the Quartermaines are involved. The RUMORS say even Jason gets the cold shoulder. Look for Michael to be homeward bound in May.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… Who’s getting shot? With Claudia in the clear (for now) Jason and Sonny try to find Devlin’s partner in crime. Will someone catch a bullet that wasn’t meant for them? Lulu wants Matt to take Johnny’s poster boy role at Crimson. Matt wants to take Maxie on a real date. Will Kate snatch up Matt’s free services over Johnny’s pay me to play? Lulu has a date with Ethan. Robin wants Elizabeth to back off but Patrick keeps asking for help. Even more Kelly Lee? Carly and Claudia are RUMORED to run into one another at the OB/GYN. Claudia puts on a show of not wanting to get pregnant and Carly gets some bad news about her chances of giving Jax a child.

So the ratings suck and as you can tell it doesn’t look like much is changing in terms of story.
There is GOSSIP that those above Fronsie’s head are taking notice and stepping in. Not soon enough I say! These stories are repetitive and boring. Someone needs to step in and make some serious changes to this show.

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    Regan thank you for keeping up with this crap so we don’t have to. I hope you are right about the changes coming, but I gotta say if Frons and Guza stay on the scene I not only doubt it, I know it to not be true. How many decades does it take to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt you’re a hack. These two make me long for the ignorance that was Dena Higley. It’s so bad now I actually ache for the actors that have to spew this dribble(even the characters I can’t stand)I’m on the west coast ,and I just started watching GL when Phillip came back so to say I feel burned by daytime is a massive understatement. At least I had my DC to stop me from feeling so alone after screaming at my screen for 15 minutes(how long it takes to watch GH after commercials and people I can’t stand taking up airtime). You guys are great.jmo.

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    Regan Cellura

    You are all welcome… as for forced couplings. Yes, they are forced down our throats and those, as Jamey would say, that organically happen are thrown out the window. Jason Cook was brought on to recapture the Shelle magic, really with the popularity of Spixie, they haven’t been given a shot. I hate when Frons pulls this but I guess they have to at least try before we can say they’ve failed.

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    Just curious, even they break up Claudia and Sonny, would sjb be leaving the show? I dont know who else would be a plausable match on the canvas at this point. Or do they have no clue where they are going with this.

    BB being shown the door. That makes sense NOT. JoLu has fans (even if I’m not one) JoMax has fans and yet they would keep teethan on the the canvas over Johnny. I wonder if its so he can take the rap for Claudia and they can keep her on canvas with Sonny.

    Wonder what big name GH could have in mind. No time to pick someone up from GL since the show wont end until December. Would they be thinking night time or someone like Drake H.?

    I hope Lizard listens to Robin. Thats not what Robin needs AT ALL.

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    Regan Cellura

    How much longer should Guza and Frons be allowed to destroy this show is a GREAT question. I ask it on a daily basis. Those above Frons have taken notice. GH is the most expensive of the ABC shows to produce and their numbers are horrific. Money talks and right now GH ain’t making any money honey. Some RUMORS have Frons’s changes being stalled or reversed. I’m not ready to jump on that bandwagon yet, not until I see some proof. But really, will whatever changes that MAY come be enough? GH is in such a deep hole, it COULD take a while to dig out of it.

  5. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    As of now… there is nothing that has Claudia and Sonny splitting. The DVD is tampered with and Claudia is in the clear for the immediate future. RUMORS have had Johnny taking the fall for his sister. We’ll see if that happens. I would much rather keep Johnny over Ethan but Ethan has a big cheerleader in Tony Geary.

    GL is ending in Sept, not December.

    Elizabeth wants to respect Robin but Patrick keeps asking her for help. That’s how the story is SUPPOSED to go. We will see what actually plays out.

  6. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I really Hope that BB won’t leave..
    Johnny is one of my favorite characters on the show……..
    Why would they let Johnny go and Ethan stay…..
    Nobody likes Ethan, why don’t they take a hint????????????????

    Any news if we would see Brad once again???

  7. Profile photo of lefthandedboy

    GH SUCKS!!!

    ABC has got to get rid off Phelps and Guza. Especially Phelps… she has destroyed this show more than any other soap has been destroyed. And would someone PLEASE tell Guza he is NEVER going to be David Chase and General Hospital will NEVER be The Sopranos. So sick of it. And Brian Frons has done no favors for ABC soaps. Get rid of them ALL!!!

    I started watching Y&R about 6 months ago after watching no soaps for years. Wow. Amazing show. Still loyal to it’s core families. Doesn’t fire every actor under the age of 20. Keeps gimmicky storylines to a minimum. And gets over 5 million viewers a week! Hope GH continues to tank in the ratings so ABC will clean house. There has got to be someone out there that can restore this show to it’s former glory.

  8. Profile photo of Candymen

    I am not believing that rumor over BB. He is used too much. Plus, I still want to think JoMax is a go. I think they have huge potential, are not forced and I am excited to see where they take it.

  9. Profile photo of Courtney fan4life
    Courtney fan4life

    Im not going to lie. Jomax have chemsitry BUT Johnny is dull to me. Ruined as soon as we was with lulu. I want my Spixie. To entertaining characters that Guza and Brian wont put togetehr despite their popularity.

  10. Profile photo of cmleidi

    Brandon Barash goes and I go. Johnny and Lulu are the only reasons I’m still watching (fast forwarding is more like it). I can’t even make myself watch the other garbage: Luke choosing some scuzzy stranger over his daughter; Robin’s trampy phase while sexist husband complains to tramp Liz; Sonny as the voice of reason; will Claudia be caught?; Jason, Sonny, Carly, Jack, etc; Livingston thinking she’s acting tough by getting a short haircut and looking confused all the time; Olivia’s secret, etc.

    I get no Quartermaines, no Bobbie, next to no Diane, Alexis doesn’t have her own storyline, and TPTB don’t think is what happened to GL the last few years? Storylines with no heart. Hateful characters portrayed as moral. A character (like Pelphrey’s Jonathan or GH’s Ethan ) shoved down our throats while more important characters languish or are written out. Learn a lesson, Frons!!!!

  11. Profile photo of toytoy74

    There are so many things wrong with this show right now,but I think it would show viewers,advertisers,,and the mainstream media that they were serious about change on this show if they cut the head off of the beast(Guza,Phelps,Frons)and let the chips fall where they may. The good news is with ALL of them gone the show can only get better.It would get press,advertisers would feel confident buying time from them,and the viewers(who are completely jaded at this point)would see we weren’t being sold another one of Guza’s ‘never before seen’ storyline that inevitably we all realize too late is recycled. ABC is just gonna have to toughen up,and put a nix on these ‘event’ storylines once and for all. Until I see that Guza(at least) is gone I will NEVER return to this show. This is coming from a viewer since ’79. When Guza speaks now he sounds like a repetative moron.’Never before Seen’ ‘Never before Done’….GMAFB…Fool me once.

  12. Profile photo of crazy4gh

    Who else is breaking up? Spixie! Can they really break-up a couple that never really got a chance… oh wait never mind.
    Yeah, we know where you were headed with that one Regan. Maybe TPTB over Fronsie will go back about 10 years and see what they had in front of them, but let it all go down the toilet. I’ll keep hoping everyday for that Liason miracle!!

  13. Profile photo of sb_fan

    Oh, God…no liason please. At this point, I don’t even want Jasam. This show needs some originality, including not making Ric look like a jackass once again.

  14. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    As is typical of GH, the character of Claudia is stuck in a corner and they wrote her there. I like her opposite Ric, Nikolas had some potential. Really, they have no choice but to swing the guilt in someone else’s direction.

  15. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I liked Nick and Claudia , why did they stop it????
    Cos’ I really don’t think that the NotEmily/IsEmily/Rebecca is working……….
    It would have been such an interesting story putting a dark prince and a dark mobster lady together……………

  16. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I totally agree about Nik, but I guess I was thinking they are so committed to NotNEM that there is no chance for that to happen and RiH – well we all see what they are doing to him…

    So if not those two then what? She cant be with Jason or Jax, so who?

  17. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    I was just catching on with Nick and Claudia, but just like what happened with what looked like a nik and Carly hookup it all disappears, and we are to pretend as if it never happened.

    I really hope that the powers above Frons wake the fluck up because when a spinoff of your show far outshines you then something is wrong.

    I don’t want BB to leave and I love JoMax, but with the boy loving Geary in Teethan’s corner I doubt I will get my wish of mumbles off my set. As much as I love JC I think Matt has no story other than a brother and we know how much GH writers care about family, I mean if you aren’t a Corinthos you pretty much don’t matter.

    Like many have pointed out, I may love my Liason but in the end I just want originality, I want drama, love and angst no matter who is together. I don’t want recycled if it is not done properly, and none of it not NEM, not JaSam, Not CarJax feel right anymore

  18. Profile photo of Victoria

    I’ve always thought they should have that “Who is Sam’s father?” storyline. At least it would get NLG out and about. Maybe they’ll cover up Sam’s bazooms too.

  19. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Speaking about Sam’s father after seeing agent Rayner and Alexis together, I was hoping that the rumors that he is Sam’s father were true……

  20. Profile photo of SusieQ

    The only good thing that comes from maybe Brandon Barash leaving is that maybe I’ll actually be able to watch him again. He is currently the only thing I am missing on the crap Guza is trying to sell me as GH.

  21. Profile photo of curacaoman

    I for one will not miss the character of Johnny. But why get rid of him and keep Teethan?
    What have they got against Matt? why would a DOCTOR want to act like a model?
    Are we never gonna see the end of Clawdia?
    The only good news is that the higher ups at ABC appear to be waking up………. Will they be on time?
    They are in a deeper coma than Michael!

  22. Profile photo of B.K.

    What if Olivia had TWIN boys, “normal” Dante and a son with a form of autism that she gave up for adoption, and this son turned out to be Damian Spinelli?

  23. Profile photo of ahanshew

    I’m all for a Sam/WTD storyline if that brings NLG out of the GH vault of wasted actors. I was also thinking Drake Hogestyn for Sam’s father. He would be awesome with NLG. Hopefully he’ll leave the John Black eyebrows back in Salem!

  24. Profile photo of toytoy74

    I cant even think about future storyline possibilities because whether you’re dealing with who Sam’s daddy is ,or whether or not the gum chewing broad is Emily or not Every time I try to imagine where I think they are going with a storyline,or where I want them to go with a storyline my mind just starts thinking of all the destruction Guza would do to EVERY SINGLE storyline I think of,read,or hear. You know you suck hard as a writer when people cant even IMAGINE better outcomes for your show wthout your warped view ruining it. Yes that is right folks not only has Guza killed the fictional town of GH,he killed the smaller imaginary one in my head as well. I no longer even have the desire to make better shit up in my head. Guza has killed my imagination!the thought of the garbage that he COULD POSSIBLY write for NLG boggles the mind.She is probably one of the only actresses on that show who Guza hasn’t typecast within an inch of their lives.We all know that once Frons gets involved with ANY female storyline the character will be written into a tight corner within the month. I’m tellin’ ya these two got pictures of somebody at ABC doing something WRONG.Only explanation for their continued employment.jmo.

  25. Profile photo of maxsmom

    But even if they rewrite ala Laura’s rape, she will know and we will know and there will always be the possibility of the story coming out, sjb is one of my favorite actresses but this character can’t ever come out the corner. And as an sjb fan I have to believe that the one note she is playing is the one note being written

  26. Profile photo of menotyou

    Soaps need all the help they can get with the economy the way it is. Why not give what the fans want to boost their ratings. It’s like they are deliberately doing the opposite of what we want! What gives?

  27. Profile photo of HopeFloats

    I just saw the gossip about those over Frons’ head stepping in. I hope that this is true. GH has amazing acting talent and could be amazing if the show was written well and responded to what the fans want. I hope that something is done.

  28. Profile photo of nikkidip

    UGH GH is starting to bore more hate the idea of JOMAX and johnny doesnt deserve LuLu always will be my favorite charactor all these actors and no good story line love Ethan he’s hot hope Dante will be hot too. It used to be so exciting thay should cancel GH than GL sorry to say hate the way the charctor of Johnny Z has been treating LUlU spin should get with someone who is not selfish and cant believe Maxie is so selfish Johnny Z is a hypocrite , Guza doesnt care of what fans want he is living in his own world maybe thats why his show is going to the bottom theres no climaxes that are any good and when there are good stories they play them out so long this show is boring who is Rebecca I dont even care anymore

  29. Profile photo of LuvSKate

    Ratings or no-ratings this blows. I love your pics of MW and RH side-by-side, why or why couldn’t they just give this a go? Morons!

    Claudia coming out smelling like a rose, isn’t that special. Oh and lots of SLop sex – they have officially replaced “love in the afternoon” with a pathetic attempt at porn.

    I feel like a dog trying to catch his tail following all this…same pile, different day. Really getting old.

    MW fan for life!

  30. Profile photo of ewise5

    I am a huge fan of GH and of Young & Restless. Every soap goes through there ups and downs! I watch GH everyday waiting and hoping for a reunion between Jason and Sam in my opinion they are GH’s all time super couple. They have undeniable chemistry .I use to think Jason was great with Robin until I seen him with Sam. Robin is great with Patrick and Elizabeth personally “I cant stand her and her moral high ground” but her and lucky should move away together so she stays out of jasons life! All u Liason fans need to get a grip they have absolutely no chemistry!! And if the writers had any clue they should show elizabeth switching the dna results so she could trap jason and jake is actually lucky’s, “that should boost the ratings.” Elizabeth would be the same girl she came to town as a girl with an attitude and back bone instead of a poor innocent soul who does no wrong. We all know if you cry, and whine enough people get tired of listening to you, Jason felt sorry for her and that was it. Sam is and always will be his true love. Jason told her he would die for her and he will never love anyone as much as he loves her. Jason and Sam the only couple who can save GH!!!

  31. Profile photo of number1GHfan

    I think it would be very iteresting to see Claudia pregnant with Ric’s child instead of Sunnys.I always liked Claudia and Ric together and I was sad when the split up.The story of Robins PPD is not fun to watch at all! I always fast forward through that part.Why can’t they just make Robin,Patrick,and Emma a happy family?I guess its a soap and no one lives a happy life.Claudia is my favorite character and I like seeing her with someone like Ric,or Sunny.(mostly ric though)I might be interested enough (if she gets pregnant) to not fast forward through Robin’s PPD.I don’t know why people think she is a black widow?She has feelings to.Claudia had a hard life when she was a child,so go easy on her.I know she put the hit on Sunny witch made his son Michel end up in a coma,but she would never hurt a kid/child and how was she supossed to know it would hit Michel?Also I hear Michel is coming back anyways so she did not put him in a coma forever.I always loved bad,mobish drama,and she is in the middle of It.Thats why I love her!What are your comments on this?

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