RUMOR REPORT: Is P&G Shopping Guiding Light and As The World Turns as a Package Deal?

Don’t stand up and cheer about As The World Turns reportedly being offered a one-year pick up from CBS. We’re hearing from several sources The Tiffany Network has already informed producers of the soap opera this pick up would be the last for the sudser, which today celebrates its 53rd anniversary on the air.
"The people at World Turns were told they won’t be picked up again after the one-year renewal," says one source.

Another insider, the same one who informed Daytime Confidential’s Mel months back that Guiding Light would be cancelled if it didn’t achieve and sustain a 1.8 household rating by April—as we all know the sudser was cancelled on April 1—is saying P&G has been in fact pitching their serials as a package deal to other networks and cablers.

"P&G was recently in talks with SOAPnet about picking up both soap operas, but the deal fell through about a month ago," reveals the mole.
According to an ABC mole, P&G is gearing up to pitch Brian Frons once again.


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    That is what CBS GETS! I would feel really bad if ATWT was canceled believe me but I find a little satisfaction that PG is saying ” Well we will TAKE THEM BOTH”. I’m just mad right now, my reasonable thinking is minimal.

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    This would be a GREAT opportunity for NBC to swoop in and save the day. Airing GL and, eventually, ATWT, NBC could salvage its tarnished daytime (and primetime) reputation. I hope that Jeff Zucker instructs his minions to at least “take a meeting” to review a proposal.

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    Is CBS becoming the new NBC? With hardly any soaps or none at all? I don’t see them getting rid of Y&R or B&B so they’d be down to 1 1/2 hours of soaps a day. And more game shows, judges or better yet, another stupid talk show. Oh great, nothing to look forward too.

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    If P&G are pitching GL and ATWT as a “package deal” to other networks, I truly hope that there is something IN WRITING that states that Goutman and Passante would NOT be in charge of ATWT anymore. Those two folks have trashed ATWT and that’s why it’s in the position of being cancelled.

    It’s just a damn shame.

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    Yeah I feel ATWT is an awesome soap and at the moment has currently lost it’s way due to some bad storyline. It should not be canceled because it has the potential to recover its losses.

    However, if ATWT were to move to ABC (not really a fan of GL moving to ABC), that’d be so awesome; it’d be cool to think of the ways, ATWT could be tied into the ABC universe. Do I smell Skye Chandler looking for a new home in Oakdale to settle in? Maybe Dixie was hypnotized to think she was Rosanna this entire time!

    But alas, I’m thinking of a pipe dream that remains to be seen.

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    I agree with SoapSnob. I hope NBC gets a clue and realizes that they would gain an instant audience with the P&G shows which may also bolster DAYS ratings by having them really compete with the ABC line up. In the NYC area, DAYS is on at 1, ATWT could retain its 2P timeslot and GL can be on at 3 as it once was in the 80s. On ABC in the same respective timeslots are AMC, OLTL and GH. Or if NYC wants to make it interesting, have GL on at 1, ATWT at 2 and DAYS can go head to head at 3 against GH.

    While I digress, I really do hope Zucker (Jeff, not Arianne) wakes up and realizes he’s go a built-in goldmine here. Besides, Bonnie Hunt bores me and I don’t need to see an hour of the silliness that is Deal or No Deal. That’s two hours cleared right there. And at 4 have Ellen and Oprah duke it out.

  7. Profile photo of Puertoricanlips

    Oh Please Proctor and Gamble find Guiding Light a New Home and As the World Turns a new home. Jamey, Please post some number that I have not posted see we can contact these networks and let them know to pick these 2 shows up. Please Brain Frons tke the meeting and seriously consider giving these shows a chance on SoapNET, NBC Mr. Zucker please bring these shows to your network. Days, GL and ATWT what a team it would be on your network. Guiding Light WOuld be back at home were it belongs.

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    ATWT also? Man, there will be hell to pay at CBS if both will be let go!
    When is ATWT time up then? They weren’t given a date like GL was.
    I’d love for another network to come in and take both shows. Doubt ABC could do both, that wouldn’t make sense. Plus their soaps’ numbers are already low. Once GL and ATWT are gone they will be the lowest rated soaps.
    It’d be great if NBC picked Guiding Light up now.

  9. Profile photo of goyankees

    Why would they go pitch to Frons?? He’s single handedly ruining everything he touches?? Ohhhh, wait. I’m sure Frons already has it in his head to pick up GL, and have everyone from Oakdale revolve around Ryan Lavery Monday, Wed and Fri, and Sonny Corinthos on Tuesdays, and Kendall on Thursdays. Makes sense now.
    Seriously. I’d rather NBC save the day than B.F. who is the worst. Just turn on Soapnet any weekend afternoon…..

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    NBC doesn’t care about its primetime shows so why would it care about its daytime programming, unless, it’s the 12th hour of the Today show that is.

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    Okay, I didn’t know whether or not to believe that P&G were really truly standing behind GL 100% unlike CBS (bastards!) but Jamey could you please, please confirm that they really are!! I am truly hoping that they go out and find Guiding Light a new home!! As bad as I hate the idea of kissing up to Frons, hey I’m desperate and I’ll do it. Guiding Light didn’t sink to the bottom of the pack overnight and certainly should not of been expected to rise from the ashes overnight, but they were and IMO they were not given a fighting chance. I know deadlines were placed, but come on Grant’s return has NOT even been 2 months, and the writing has drastically improved!! The actors are the best. Everything was starting to fall into place.

    So, I am done with CBS, seriously. I will watch GL to the bitter end, but CBS is dead to me. I have no use for their manipulative, sneaky, dirty ways. Where Guiding Light goes I will go. So my question is who do we need to be writing and calling now? P&G/TeleNext, Frons?…Who?

    Could we please have some serious light shed on the fact of exactly how serious P&G are about being hard at work to find a new home for Guiding Light, please?

    Somebody, anybody please pick up the Light!!

  12. Profile photo of zurge

    I’m not surprised by the fate of ATWT, but I am surprised that P & G have switched back to a package deal. If this helps save both shows, I’m all for it. But, both shows in the hands of Brian Frons…that I’m not certain of.

  13. Profile photo of Worldturner

    LOL yep what a novel idea that SoapNet might actually want to run soaps there that haven’t been seen anywhere else! This is not good news for ATWT but not unexpected either. I sure hope they work hard at finding a new home and are successful!

  14. Profile photo of myworld

    The thing is, that I too want to be certain that P&G are serious about a new home for GL and even ATWT. I hear so many bad things about this Brian Frons, what is his deal?

  15. Profile photo of bizziefan

    Myworld, I am so with you! That is what I NEED to know, that is what WE all MUST know…how serious is P&G, is this the truth? Or are they playing sneaky and dirty like CBS does and did? And no it’s not the surprise of GL being cancelled, it’s HOW it was gone about…we were lead to believe as well as the cast and crew one thing when I full heartedly believe this was the plan all along. The only thing that forced CBS’s hand in actually fessing up to the truth yesterday was the fact of the leaks, had it not been for that they probably would NOT have released it until the end of the month.

    As far as Brian Frons and his deal, I could care less if he ends up being the hero in all of this then so be it.

    I need to know if this on the up and up or am I beating my head up against the wall? Is P&G being legit when they claim they are working hard and trying to find a new home for GL? That seems to be the million dollar question.

    “There is a destiny that makes us brothers. None goes his way alone. All that we send into the lives of others comes back into our own.”


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    2 questions:

    Wouldn’t soaps be more successful at night on soapnet when more people are home to watch them? especially with the lack of dramas on primetime with the glut of reality tv?


    How long will it take ABC to lure Roger Howarth back to OLTL?

  17. Profile photo of g271977

    Isn’t GL on in half the country at 9 or 10AM as it is now? ABC could put GL on at 10AM before The View at 11 and ATWT for a 1/2 hour at 12:30. Then Soapnet at night repeats them starting with GL at 6 in order through GH at 10. The other option is moving The View to 10AM and then start the soaps with GL at 11 and so on. I always thought it has been a mistake that ABC doesn’t have a soap on immediately after The View (their most popular daytime show) to keep viewers tuned in. Frons desperately wants a bunch of the GL cast and Bloom wants to desperately keep some of them – and don’t the ABC and CBS daytime arms have at best a tempestuous relationship and at worst a volcanic one?

    ABC picking up ATWT and GL does two things: 1. It serves as a wake up call for AMC and GH that they need to get their act in gear budgetwises as ATWT and GL are much cheaper to produce. 2. It also shows CBS they can’t have their cake (cancelling ATWT and GL) and eat it too (keeping the stars they want).

  18. Profile photo of zurge

    “And no it’s not the surprise of GL being cancelled, it’s HOW it was gone about…we were lead to believe as well as the cast and crew one thing when I full heartedly believe this was the plan all along. The only thing that forced CBS’s hand in actually fessing up to the truth yesterday was the fact of the leaks, had it not been for that they probably would NOT have released it until the end of the month.”


    I agree. Nelson had reported the GL cancellation back in mid-January. I think the decision had definitely been made by that point, if not earlier.

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    Some shows do well after they’ve changed networks I guess it just depends on the show JAG went from NBC to CBS and did fantastic both Roswell and Buffy went from the WB to UPN and all of there viewers followed. I think it all has to do with chance really and Since GL does have so many years under its belt it is possible for them to do just as well on a different network one that shows the show at the same time everywere than they are doing now on CBS.

  20. Profile photo of tonyjets02

    Guiding Light and As The World Turns could move to ABC but I don’t see where they would fit in on the schedule-unless it was a lead-in for The View. I don’t know about other time zones but in the New York region ABC could snake back the 12:30pm slot from affiliates to allow room for GL and ATWT. The new ABC Daytime lineup could be:

    12:30p – Guiding Light
    1:00p – As The World Turns
    1:30p – All My Children
    2:00p – One Life To Live
    3:00p – General Hospital

    ABC would be the second soap capital of the world. In reality though I don’t see this happening. An ABC/Disney partnership with P&G does not seem likely. Also if you look at the primetime line-up, almost all the shows are produced by ABC Studios.

    I don’t know why the two shows can’t move to The CW. They already skew to women and could hit gold in daytime. They are already slated to air exclusive Tyra episodes this September. Why not create a female daytime block?

  21. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    Thats what I’ve been saying. I think a daytime block on the CW would be perfect the shows would work well with Tyra and they already are going to host the Daytime Emmy’s.

  22. Profile photo of petitejolie

    JAG is a good example of a show that did well after it left NBC for CBS, but look at how many years ago that happened. JAG’s spinoff, NCIS, is even more unusual in that it’s achieving its highest ratings now in the 6th season. Roswell only lasted another season on UPN. Buffy went 2 more years, but even then the creator/writers knew the end was coming. Cable shows that move networks tend to fare a little better like the wrestling shows, the original stargate, etc. We’ll see how Project Runway does on Lifetime now that the legal situation has been settled. (Before my time) I don’t think a soap has successfully moved networks since Edge of Night in the 70s (from CBS to ABC). Search for Tomorrow last 4 years in the early 80s after it moved from CBS to NBC.

    I understand that people are upset that their show is being canceled. I think there’s a lack of reason when reacting to these news. Maybe I’m cynical, but TV is another business. If a show fails to get ratings, it doesn’t make financial sense to keep it going. Even though the Nielsen rating system is outdated, mathematically speaking the sample size it uses have proven to be accurate.

    I think it’s great that people are willing to fight for the show to continue, but honestly the end will come. I mean I think it is best to accept that at least you know the end is coming and that there will be some resolution. Look at how many shows are canceled and you’re just left hanging. At least there will be closure for Guiding Light. Most of us on this site have known for a while that GL was on its way to cancellation. Even if the supporters can manage to save GL, the stay of execution will probably be another year maybe like Passions.

  23. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    I think it has to do with thinking like a business man aka think about money. What can GL bring to a big network well not much except the 72 years on the air. But what can they bring to a smaller network? Alot, they bring respectability, a steady amount of viewers and P&G.

  24. Profile photo of Worldturner

    Totally agree Katie. I don’t expect them to land on either ABC or NBC but they could bring a lot of a smaller channel like CW. On top of that they bring P&G advertising dollars.

  25. Profile photo of DenverDean

    P&G has long said that they didn’t just want to produce one show. It truly makes me sad that ATWT may go down in flames. Hard to believe the show was #1 for 20 straight seasons! (Including a couple of ties.) Sad, indeed. Hope they can be saved.

  26. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    I’m also included to totally believe that P&G are searching for a new network with ATWT and GL as a package deal why? Because Daytime Confidential was the first site to post the rumors of the cancellation in Sept. and then bam 2 days later they were cancelled.

  27. Profile photo of eriklovessoaps

    P&G hasn’t been known for wanting to be in the soap business of late. To think they are now trying to save the day might be PR and a ploy. Since GL is cancelled, why not package it with ATWT and say to CBS, “Take both or none!”. This way maybe CBS will ditch them both, P&G can say they tried and are shopping them both, but in the end, the numbers and/or opportunities were not there. P&G is the injured party and doesn’t have to deal with boycotters. I wouldn’t be surprised if P&G paid CBS and Frons to go along with this.

  28. Profile photo of Doobiekat

    CBS is taking live calls 2 – 4:30 you can actually talk to live people. Remember to tell them you are boy-cotting their network all shows and advertisers!!!!

  29. Profile photo of At50

    I would be surprised if Soapnet actually picks up GL and ATWT since its been moving away fom traditonal soaps. Even if it did it would probably mean big budget cuts that would result in the show losing its biggest stars and veterans to other shows or networks and it would probably be cancelled again anyways. I don’t like soaps being cancelled but I hate when shows render themselves unrecognizable for the sake of limping on for another year or two when they had the opportunity to end things in a satisfying way. From what I hear GL has improved a lot so why not go off on a good note when you have the chance?

  30. Profile photo of eriklovessoaps

    Unless someone plants a chip in the heads of the P&G and/or CBS people, the shows as they are will no longer be after September. There could be a show built with the same name like the CW likes to do. Would P&G go along with that? Would they possibly sell the names to someone else or would that defeat their plan to look good in the end?

    With that optimistic view aside, I’d say fight if the fight means something to you. Rocky didn’t win by sitting on his butt. As for me, I’m conflicted due to the writers and their persistance in constantly trying to make Olivia look bad to her rapist and the fear that coudl sprout up again. Part of me rather see the show cancelled than that happen again. Still, I don’t want the show cancelled for the viewers sake and really, the sake of drama on TV. I don’t know. How do I say I want the show to stay, but…I’m so mad I almost like it cancelled? I know Olivia and Jeffery would be long gone someday and the drama would still be there and that makes me want to fight. Another insult with St. Rapist makes the short term vital too. I don’t know.

  31. Profile photo of soapfan78

    GL should have been given & deserved 1 more year. You cant expect a show to restructure & be ready in this amount of time.
    A three soap lineup on NBC could be a very good thing for everyone. Like some of you said, it could give ABC some competition. Not sure where it would fit timewise on ABC, but Soapnet could be another good place for it…and ATWT if it goes that way.

  32. Profile photo of lahama

    I don’t think NBC or ABC will want to pick up either show. Brian Frons has ruined ABC soaps with no respect for history… starting with Erica Kane’s unabortion, thru Rick Webber having affairs in the late 70’s with a nurse (when it was only Monica or Lesley for him) and then that plot where Laura or Scotty killed him, and/or that nurse. See—I don’t know or care, because I watched from ’71-’84, came back when Lesley Webber was resurrected (’96?), and Rick W. came back for the L&L remarriage…and then they changed it all… Ellen is not a network program, so it airs at different times in different markets, on different stations. Local stations get more time to sell in syndicated judge or talk shows. If FOX or the CW wanted to get into daytime, maybe that would be possible, but with the economy the way it is now… I doubt it. ATWT has been so poorly written. The whole “speed” of the storylines have been out of whack for the last few years… starting with Jennifer and her 4-5 month pregnancy when she had Johnny… to Jack’s one month marriage to Katie, and Carly’s misdiagnosed terminal illness. And now with Katie having a miscarriage, Vienna getting the invitro/ artificial insemination, becoming pregnant, having a miscarriage and getting pregnant again… all in less than six weeks? That’s just plain sloppy writing, and stupid. ATWT was so wonderful two or three days last year when Carly and Jack had some heartbreaking scenes right before his wedding to Janet. Maura and Michael P. broke my heart that day… but scenes like that have been few and far between. I have a Tivo that has the option of burning DVD’s. A couple years ago I started saving copies of Ryan’s Hope when Soapnet started airing that from the beginning again… I guess I’m going to get a chance to start watching that… little by little…and then there were none. I feel very badly for actors like Maura, Kelley , Terri, Martha B and others. They are so talented, and were able to act and still have a family. They’re some of the best kept secrets in television. ATWT never had a “cult” following like GH or DOOL… and these women could be in movies or nighttime, but obviously they wanted to have a family and they could do that and act in daytime. We’ve been blessed with hours and hours of their tears and laughter through the years, and that’s what I will miss if ATWT and the whole genre comes to an end. But it starts with sloppy writing… make them laugh, make them cry…make the WAIT, is what Agnes Nixon used to say… No one waits anymore. And daytime didn’t die with the OJ Simpson trial… it started a slow death when they started giving the soap mags spoilers… I don’t even need to watch Y&R tomorrow or next week, because the cover of SOD is already teliing me what’s gonna happen with Nick, and Phyllis! Wake up networks. There are no surprises anymore…except that GL and ATWT are on death row!

  33. Profile photo of soapdishz

    I’ve watched Guiding Light since I was 4 yrs. old with my MOM. What CBS has done is disgraceful to a long time soap.We do not want games shows talk shows or doctors shows. I think Bloom and all the others just want to wreck CBS. I will boycott as many will also and what will Bloom and others then say. Wake up keep the Light Shining

  34. Profile photo of Doobiekat

    KATIEBUG9624 – Now is not he time honey for you to talk that crap to us when we are trying to save our goddamned show!!!! Giving up is no option for true fans of daytime!!!!

  35. Profile photo of minijoey

    In NE Oklahoma Oprah is on at 4pm. I think the time slots must be regional or something. We have Y & R @ 11 am, ATWT @ 1 pm, GL @ 2 pm & Dr. Phil at 3pm. B & B comes on at 1 am. At some point quite a few years ago B & B was taken out of the CBS lineup in our area and then a few years ago it came back, but at 1 am.

  36. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    Don’t forget though Frons loves to take other peoples toys away from them. You can bet that him and the head of ABC daytime is loving this and would be a lot of money that he’s toying with the idea just to take something that CBS has staked as theirs.

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