The Young and the Restless Spoilers

Hey kids, big developments are headed to The Young and the Restless.

Kevin/Amber: Amber is finally able to have Kevin get a grip on things. Unfortunately for him, Jeff comes in with with the bounty hunter and Kevin thinks that Jeff’s his dear ole’ departed dad Tom and attacks him. Just when this occurs, Michael, Jana and Daniel are on the scene where Michael thinks that Jeff pretending to be Tom can be helpful for Kevin. Jeff agrees to play the part and Kevin explodes on him thinking he’s Tom. It starts to work when the police show up and arrest Kevin and Amber.

The women lash out at each other. Later, Jill says she’s moving out of the Chancellor estate. Kay propositions Jack with a job.

Jack: He informs Sharon that he doesn’t want to sign off on the divorce.

Sharon: She gets arrested! Once she’s sprang from jail she confides in Nick.

Phyllis/Nick/Sharon: Nick decides to swing by the athletic club to make sure Sharon’s OK where she has an emotional breakdown. Nick comforts her and asks if there’s anything he can do to help her and she tell him to have Phyllis back off and away from her. Nick is thrown through a loop because he didn’t know that Phyllis was harassing Sharon. While this is taking place, big red (Phyllis) happens to be spying at the club trying to find out what is going on between Nick and Sharon. When he leaves, Nick spots Phyllis and is pissed with her. When the couple return to their house, they have a huge argument where Phyllis trashes Sharon. Phyllis tries to fill Nick in on Sharon’s relationship with Billy but he doesn’t believe her and lets Phyllis know that he needs to take some time away from her and moves out. After this takes place, Sharon goes by the tack house to find Noah because he never returned home. Phyllis lets Sharon know that Nick has moved out, instead of lashing out at her Phyllis decides to mess with Sharon’s mind by telling her she needs to get some help and that her actions are having an effect on Nick’s behavior.

Meanwhile at the GCAC, Nick bumps into Jack who lets him know that Nick’s actions are causing more harm than he realizes because he’s not choosing which one he wants to be with. Jack’s words make an impression with Nick and the next day he turns back hoe to Phyllis. Phyllis is so glad he’s back that she doesn’t mention Sharon and when the two are trying to piece their marriage together again, a situation arises with Noah that has Nick and Sharon getting close. Sharon better watch her back though because Phyllis plots to crush her.

Billy/Mac: Ex-wife Mac is in town because she hears that her beloved grandma is back from the dead. Mac doesn’t know that Billy’s getting hitched and the former lovers come face to face with each other and are blown away. Due to the DNA test that Brock took with Katherine, it becomes proof positive that Jill isn’t her daughter and Billy and Mac are not related. With Mac being back in town, Billy starts to have doubts marrying Chloe and Jack tears into Billy and tells him not to screw up his new life with Chloe and Delia. Jack lets him know that Mac may not harbor the same feelings he has for her. Later on after he and Chloe have hit the sheets, he heads over to the Chancellor estate to see Mac. Mac puts Billy on notice- she’s going back to Darfur and doesn’t carry the same feelings she had for him in the past.

While this is happening, Chloe wakes up and sees that Billy’s gone and heads out to the Chancellor’s with Delia. The new Abbott family return home but Billy sneaks out yet again and heads back to visit Mac.This time Brock blocks him on seeing her. When speaking with Esther, Chloe gets the back story on Billy and Mac’s relationship. Chloe tries to get the info from Billy himself about Mac and he shuts her down. At week’s end, Mac lets Kay and Brock know that she’s going to stay in town for good. Viewers should realize if they haven’t already that Mac has and always will be the love of Billy’s life and due to them thinking they were related he never got over it and is the reason why he’s a playboy.

May Sweeps:
Can’t talk about it, at least not yet. Trust me I would if I could, I made a deal with the devil not to speak about it and I ain’t about to pay that sucker with my soul! All I can say is this, sweeps will be so hot so bad ass that you’ll be speaking about this for years to come! Y&R’s not joking when it comes to keeping the genre alive with what’s going down in May.

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    C’mon Jillian can’t you give us the smallest hint for what’s to come? With Daytime in free fall this week, I think we all need a bit of good news? Please??? :bigsmile:

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    Jillian Bowe

    Hey I love the DC posters but signing my soul over to the devil? Uh… .I can’t be doing that in these hear times! *LOL* All I can say is that its going to be so good it will leave you blown away. KidYandR be gone with you! *LOL* Stop trying to get me to spill!

  3. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Mama Jillian … can you give us at least a little, a little tiny hint for the May sweeps? Please, just a bit… :bigsmile:

    But I have to say, this spoilers already sound great. Y&R keeps the fire on and I can’t wait.

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    Jillian Bowe

    Now do I need to take my belt off for you kids? What did I say? I can’t reveal people! *LOL* Trust me if I could I would do it, just keep in mind that Maria and Hogan have been on fire. So just let your minds run wild on what’s to come. Its going to be so good other soaps need to take a page from them.

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    Oh Jillian – you sure got me excited about what’s to come. The stuff with Billy and Mac should be interesting. I hope yesterday’s scenes weren’t an indication of nuMac cause I wasn’t feeling her. But it was so quick so I will reserve judgement til I see more. Billy Miller has chem with everyone so it can still work.

    The stuff coming with Kevin and Amber sounds good too. Looks like another great week in store for the show.

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    Even with the crappy Neil love triangle,the Kevin is suddenly a rodent bankrobber,and the never-ending Katherine storyline, this show is BY FAR the best daytime has to offer right now. I tried with ABC(ALWAYS BULLSHITTING CONSUMERS),but betwwen the David Hayward Hour, the Traumatized Child Hour, and The Sonny Correnthos Chronicles I had to call it a wrap.Y&R is so good right now when I FFWD through commercials I have to be precise so I don’t miss a word. When’s the last time that happened for me on an ABC soap? Not in over 10 years. I understand you cannot spill YET, but damn I can just tell by the way you worded it that it’s gonna be a doozy. I was already excited to see Mac tangle with Chloe over Billy(I never bought the whole Lily,and Chloe as equal rivals thing)I saw Clementine on The L Word, and I think she,and EH might be able to toss it up pretty good.You throw Sharon and Jack in there,and you got me.

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    C’mon Ms. Jillian. What’s the scoop on the new gay couple. I’m still putting my money on Adam and Rafe. Those two got some chemistry going on.

  8. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Okay I trust you then Jillian.

    And with the gay character … I somehow putting my money on teen Abby. Would be kind of cool to see Victor’s face, when she is kissing another girl. TGVN might just think he was kidnapped by aliens. :bigsmile:
    As for Adam … yeah, there was chemistry with Rafe – without a doubt LOL – but I think he has enough going on with his blindness.

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    Now did they specify whether it was a gay male, or female? If they did not the possibilities are endless.Okay, those are the kind of tidbits that keep viewers on the edge of their seat. Thank God for Y&R or I would have forgotten completely what it was like to look forward to a soap opera. I clocked in 12 minutes of watchable AMC yesterday(And thats only because there were Hubbards involved) I am thisclose to begging for more info,but I we can’t have you go and put your soul on the line for little ole’ me….lol. I will say that Jill has always struck me as a ‘masculine woman’…lol.

  10. Profile photo of goyankees

    toytoy74, I cannot agree more. With all the crap going down with every other show I shake my head and feel so sorry for the people who don’t know what Genoa City WI is all about. Love, Love, Love everything about this soapy (Soapy, SOAPY!) soap (except Tyra. GAG!)….not one line in spoilers that had me rolling eyes. The MAY SPOILERS could read “cast members sit on sofa’s looking at each other throughout the month” and it would be ten times better than anything ABC throws out there…..

  11. Profile photo of toytoy74

    exactly. i really do not enjoy bashing ABC. as a child i was raised on all three shows,and up until a year or so ago was not ready to give up on them. first to get deleted was gh,then amc. I still watch oltl on the weekends(so I can FFWD through the Elfkin Stripper Stacy storyline)but they had better pull their heads out of their butts too with all these violent storylines,and cast cuts.OnceKathy Brier,A Martinez,and Erika Slezak are gone I will be too. The character of Tyra does suck in a major way,and no amount of storyline re-vamping is gonna get me to change my mind. Y&R is so good right now I actually sat through an entire Eden scene yesterday without getting annoyed.Why ALL the other soaps dont copy this model i’ll never know. I mean you gotta love a show where your biggest complaint is a character you see 3/4 times a month.I mean the fact that I still care about who Nicholas Newman ends up with is a testament to their writing team in itself.

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    Jillian Bowe

    Coffee_Junkie let me school you on something, I am NOT getting paid by Y&R for anything. If I were then I’d be hyping up that travesty knonw as The Winters Family storyline.

    People if I could tell, you know mama would! I can’t. Ya’ll want me to give my soul to the devil? Doesn’t Brian Frons have enough of thosse already?

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    Coffee_Junkie, this is what was written about February Sweeps! Just ask yourself how that turned out, and if you agree with the following statement, I think you will have answered your own question about whether this is hyperbole!…

    “Once again the fab four’s giving us the phenom in phenomenal story lines on The Young and the Restless.”

    A week of good shows does not a storyline make. Until Dru and the rest of the Winters are released from MAB’s projects, they rediscover the Cane of 07/early 08 and characters other than Billy and Chloe are developed, I’ll believe it when I see it.

    Good job on Billy though, he’s the best written character on the show!

  14. Profile photo of Darren Lomas
    Darren Lomas

    Seriously, Jillian, you’re not getting paid by Y&R? Maria just bought me a new car and it’s been months since I blogged about Genoa City’s finest

    I really cannot wait for sweeps… sounds juicy!

  15. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    Darren according to some I’m joint at the hip to Maria. I wrote that Feb thing as a spin on things monamis. Brittany if we’re so, "Far up Maria’s" tush then why do we call her out on the Winters storyline that is I dunno… LACKING?! Don’t get it twisted people I do and will call a spade a spade. Beceause you don’t like what’s being shown and we do doesn’t mean that we’re on the take. I call everyone out even if I like the show or not.

  16. Profile photo of toytoy74

    The fact of the matter is Y&R has been better. My question is at this stage of the game in daytime which show DOESN’T suck more than it ever has(on all 3 networks to be honest)The thing with Y&R is even as bad as the Neil storyline,or Eden,or Chipmunk Kevin it is still written to its characters nature moreso than any other serial on right now. It’s basically a grading on a curb thing. Has Y&R been better? HELL YEAH! I gotta tell you though after watching ABC soap operas I am HUNGRY for my genoa city residents. Maybe i’m in the minority here,but I chose to give M.A.B the benefit of the doubt purely because she appaears to be the only one in daytime TRYING to honor her veteran character base,yet still continue future storylines combined with newbies. If someone can show me ONE other soap on right now that can even pretend to say the same i’ll gladly get off of M.A.B’s tip.The thing is every viewer is not gonna agree(this is where jmo comes in)I myself am tickled pink with the return of Tricia Cast. The first thing I thought when I read she was coming back was that TPTB were actually listening to their longtime viewers.Some love the pairing of Billy and Chloe, I myself am waiting for the reveal that she has been obsessed with him since she was in a high chair(hence her statements of never fitting in the Chancellor estate until she got engaged to Billy)and that she is the one who doctored Kay and Jill’s DNA test to stop Billy from marrying Mac back in the day.Two totally different viewpoints,but the fact of the matter is we’re both still watching. The difference with the rest of daytime programming(GH) is that we spend all day on message boards arguing over couples on shows we cant even stomache to watch anymore. We may differ about Y&R, but we’re tuning in nonetheless. Believe me i’m on nobody’s payroll, just starved for decent storylines and willing to take them where I can get them.JMO.

  17. Profile photo of monamis

    Thanks for being open to reading our posts even when we disagree Jillian!

    Perhaps it’s time to be a bit more reserved in praise of MAB, until we see things play out. Feb Sweeps was must see tv for 1 week, but within two weeks, these stories seemed to live beyond their freshness date, and MAB has clearly chosen to sketch or outline rather than flesh out many key characters.

    Outside of Billy and Kay, I don’t understand why MAB’s characters do the things they do, I don’t recognize them as human beings…

    Colleen goes from pimping Lilliam hard, to not having a convo with her best friend about what her uncle did?

    After 8 months of separation, Cane and Lily aren’t gonna have 1 conversation about what the hell happened? They’re not gonna address the fact that she slept with his brother? They go from Lily packing her suitcase and saying the engagement is off, to the next day Cane’s making hearts in her capuccino as if nothing happened, and we still didn’t know she moved back in with him?

    Chloe goes from saying Cane is a really good person, who would make a great father to the heartless biotch who rubs her manipulations in his face, and picks a babysitter according to what’s playing in her iPod?

    I think we agree on the Winters, that whole storyline is wack and segregationist. That family has lost its heart in Dru, and Olivia returning as Mamie/mammy ain’t bringing it back.

    And if MAB brings back one more dinosaur from the past that nobody cares about, I will scream!

  18. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    Toytoy, just shake dem haters off. Look I can care less if anyone thinks if I’m on someone’s payroll or not. I like what I see onscreen and its not having some younger annoying wannabe leads invading my tv screen. I care about the older casts that I grew up with and the reason Y&R’s doing well is not because they have The Cane/Lily/Billy/Chloe show crammed down our throats all day everyday! Look at GH and DAYS, their ratings are going down by doing that. Y&R knows how to utilize their ENTIRE cast and who doesn’t want that is crazy to think shows shouldn’t be ran that way. Sorry Brittany if you don’t like it that we don’t want the "Lane" show but it is what it is!

  19. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    Monamis, not a prob. That was MY take on it being must see TV. If may not be for others or it may be. Just like you don’t want another oldschool character some of us do. I really don’t care that Cane and Lily haven’t had a conversation on her being with Billy although continuity wise they need to. Colleen not speaking to Lily, well I guess she’s all for Billy since he’s blood hence her not saying a word about it to either party. 

  20. Profile photo of jgirlluvlane

    It does matter how much people want to hype up MAB and her so-called dream team the devil is in the ratings? so we shall see because so far these stories are not doing it..was it sweep? LOL. and bringing back nina is not going to help the show either because so far all mab is doing is going back and DUSTING OFF OLD SCRIPTS instead of writing good current stories we are in the 21st century and going back to the 80s and 90s wont cut it….but again the ratings is the TRUE TESTAMENT of good writing because after all talk is cheap.

  21. Profile photo of minijoey

    It only makes sense to me that Sharon will end up pregnant and not know who the father is. She has plenty of fathers to choose from…..Nick, Jack, and Billy!! Too bad Brad couldn’t be in the mix!!!! What about Lily…didn’t she sleep with Billy? What about Neil, didn’t he cheat on Karen? There’s another possibility for a pregnancy!! Adam is up to no good….he is up in his room scheming on Ashley and Abbey!!!!

    Sweeps will be interesting!!!!

  22. Profile photo of monamis

    True Jillian, we all don’t want to see the same things, but that doesn’t mean we don’t expect good writing across storylines, you can’t just focus on fleshing out one character in an ensemble cast and then have everyone else walking around like zombies, even if you don’t care about them!

    I would never praise EH the way you guys do, but I absolutely understand her value in the ensemble cast, and would hope that Chloe act more like an actual human being then a caricature. I think there is a chance for a real mental illness storyline that exposes her sociopathic tendencies. It would explain a lot about her.

    Even if you don’t like Lane, Lily, or Cane, can you at least acknowledge that these characters made a lot more sense a year ago? It is clear MAB has chosen not to focus on these characters because she doesn’t like them, but doesn’t she at least owe us basic continuity in story telling? Love them or hate them, Lane has one of the largest fan bases, it’s more than 5x that of Chilly/Bloe, so why are their voices discounted?

    The Lilliam fan base is about equal to Chilly, so why is Chilly being featured so prominently, and Lilliam was dropped haphazardly?

    It’s starting to become obvious what is behind the wizard’s curtain, and it is looking very sloppy. It is clear that MAB changed direction after writing the quad into a corner within 4 months, and everything seems very disjointed.

    On other boards, regular fans not affiliated with the industry, talk about broken story arcs, continuity problems, poor character development, and actors who are unprepared for or unqualified for their parts. Why are we the proofreaders? Isn’t anyone on deck over there checking quality?

    I would love to sit back and watch this show without dissecting it, but the sloppiness in storytelling brings out the executive producer in regular soap fans! The stakes are simply too high in this environment to accept mediocrity, when the entire genre is at stake and the #1 soap’s writer is sleeping on the job.

    MAB needs to start being a professional with all of her characters. At the end of the day this reflects on her and she needs to show more pride and attention to detail in all of her work not just selected storylines.

  23. Profile photo of Darren Lomas
    Darren Lomas

    Nina is not an "Old Lady"  Y&R is not Hannah Montana!

    Monamis – you made some excellent points that I must admit I had not really thought about before. I’ve never been a big Lane fan, but I know they have a huge fanbase. I don’t pay much attention to them, as I’m not too interested, but you’re right – for a couple with such a huge fanbase, I think the writing has let them down…

  24. Profile photo of monamis

    Darren, that was a very kind and generous acknowledgement. I’m not a fan of Lane 2.0, but I do feel the pain of people who used to love this couple and just got turned off by what Lane, especially Cane has been turned into lately.

  25. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Maybe at 31 I’m getting old, because I will never understand the appeal of Lily Winters with younger audiences or older ones. The character is a wet blanket, bore. Team Chloe all the way!

  26. Profile photo of monamis

    My take on Lily’s popularity…

    1) She’s pretty, looks great in clothes…basically eyecandy

    2) she doesn’t suck as an actress

    3) she’s the only non-white actress you can reasonably root for on the show, because there is no one else who get’s anywhere near the exposure or front burner story lines who isn’t white.

    Now if they got someone as pretty as Eva Marcille, who could act and was written well, I think fans would be happy with that too. Davetta Sherwood proved that. There were months I was sad that the old Lily came back until Cane came in the picture. That was when I could see LML’s vision.

  27. Profile photo of McD720

    Count me as another member of Team Chloe. ;)

    And Nina Webster is another old lady? Brittany I am sorry but you are completely off on this one. Nina Webster/Tricia Cast is a huge fan favorite and her coming back to GC honors nearly 30 years of history. I am only 25 so I grew up with Nina in heavy heavy story and she was one of my absolute favorites. There was a reason that her return in November was so well received – it was because she was insanely popular and long time viewers of this show appreciated seeing her again however brief it was.

    As for Cane and Lily…I understand that they have a fanbase. I don’t see the appeal but they had a lot of story in the past couple years. Soaps that are written well like Y&R is know that you have peaks and valleys when it comes to couples. Right now they are concentrating on working out this baby storyline and when they do Cane and Lily will move away from that story and get their own storyline. Just be patient. Maria/Hogan are writing this show the way soaps should be written by not overplaying a solitary couple or 4 cast members.

  28. Profile photo of purplevinyl87

    Well, I’m 21 and I loved Nina and was sad to see her character leave. I would take the “old ladies” of Y&R over Lily and Cane any day!
    I don’t understood what people see in Cane and Lily and to be honest I’ve never liked Christel Khalil’s portrayal of her.

  29. Profile photo of monamis

    I don’t think it is for anyone who is not a fan or writer to understand why Lane, Lily or Cane are popular, merely to acknowledge it.

    Many people seem to blame the actors for the poor writing their story gets. Conversely, they don’t seem to acknowledge that Billy and Chloe get better writing.

    If Lane can remain popular and voted #1 in polls with the crappy writing they receive, it just shows you how big they are, because when they were well written, they were the most romantic story on this soap.

    I think Lilliam had the potential to be even better.

    I don’t understand why Chilly is popular. I think they are an abusive couple that offends my sensibilities as a woman. I think Chloe doesn’t love Billy, she is just obsessed with him. He definitely doesn’t love her. If anyone looked hard at her boyish figure for more then two minutes they would see that that she is a dangerous sociopath that needs a therapist and an Rx for Risperdal, not a man, or to be anybody’s mother.

  30. Profile photo of cornelison

    Yes!!! Bring back the confident and “I’m not going to be a victim” Phyllis. She’s best when she’s in charge. Morrow’s acting can’t compete with Stafford’s “fire.” Christian & Eric are the only actors on the set who can compete with her.

  31. Profile photo of NICKAND PHYLLIS

    Hi Jillian
    As of today, I will no longer be watching Y&R. I was only watching because of Phick. The other storylines do not interest me at all.

    I know you say that May will be hot but I am certain it will be nothing that interests me. And I just heard that Sharon has been picking up strange men at the Jimmy’s bar but when she sees or saw Billy there he got priority.

    I do not think it will make a difference to Nick if he ever learns about all these men and the stealing. Will Nick react to her affair with Billy? No!See I have no reason to view this soap anymore. It does not matter what happens in May.


  32. Profile photo of NICKAND PHYLLIS

    Jillian, hi again!
    Is there anything coming in May you think I might want to see regarding Phick? I know you can’t reveal anything but can you give me a YES or NO, at least?

  33. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    Nick and Phyllis fan, go to the other spoiler post I just recently posted. No it doesn’t have info but this one is so buried its like a needle in a hay stack! *LOL*

  34. Profile photo of cornelison

    I hope that Delia is NOT Billy’s kid after all. When Mac first looked at Chloe it seemed like she (Mac)was sizing her (Chloe) up as a love interest – not Billy.

  35. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    I watch the Mary Mae Ward funeral on youtube and it was the best GH ever was and that was 13 years ago when the Labines, Riche, M. Bennett and Craputhers was producing GH back then and it was good. NOw the show is a stinker and even though there are problems on Y&R, it is still the best soap on air. I do agree that the Winters s/l is awful, can’t stand Tyra and Ana, Neil has become a pompous ass, the quad is repeating the same crap over and over again and I hope Phyllis start taking names, Nikki hasn’t been seen for over a month now, I hate that Victor is always winning, the NuMac is boring and dull and the actress isn’t doing anything for me, and the Adam hurting Ashley to get Victor doesn’t make sense at all, but the writing is still good than all the soaps on air. I do hope that MAB fix some of the problems that so people have on here to get the show perfect again, but I am enjoying Y&R than most of the soaps on air now.

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