Y&R’s Greg Rikaart’s Soapy Advice to Pal Clementine Ford: “Every Day is a New Day”

Y&R’s newly-christened Mackenzie Browning recently chatted with Michael Fairmain for Advocate.com, clearing up speculation about her sexuality, and offering a sneek peak at what’s in store for the character, who this week returned to Genoa City, just in time to learn her grandmother Katherine "Duchess" Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper) is still alive, and the love of her life Billy (Billy Miller) is now a soon-to-be-married baby daddy. Ford also shares what her buddy, fellow Y&R star Greg Rikaart gave The L Word alum about the wacky world of daytime dramas.


Being a sudser rookie, did your pal Greg Rikaart give you any soapy advice?

He said “Keep going! In soaps every day is a new day.” I have gotten one piece of advice from the cast. They told me it’s going to be one of the hardest jobs I’ve ever had, especially the first little while till I hit my stride. Once I hit my stride it will be fine."

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    Mackenzie Browning is actually a pretty good actress. I thought she was very good on the L Word, especially in the scenes opisite her mother. Who knows in the soap world though, some actors never hit their stride.

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    I thought this was an interesting quote:

    In closing, what can we look forward to from Mac on Y&R?

    Two teases come to mind: Billy or Chloe, which one does she choose? Will Mac stay in Genoa City, or does she go? Stay tuned….

    It has been rumored that a character is gay. Maybe it’s Mac and/or Chloe? I think it would be hysterical if the love of Billy’s life ended up with Billy’s baby mama!

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    Well she better hit her stride soon since so far I am not impressed!

    Saw the ep on FRI in CAN & it was bad.

    Maybe she is the gay charatcer they are going to have.

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