Ver Dorn Still On Contract; Episode Guarantee Reduced?

Earlier this week, we reported that Jerry ver Dorn was bumped to recurring on One Life to Live. According to New York Daily NewsCarolyn Hinsey, that isn’t the case. The actor is still on contract.  From what we’re hearing the actor’s episode guarantee with the show has been reduced, which one mole leaked to us as Ver Dorn being bumped.

"ABC is playing fast and loose with what it means to be ‘on contract’ these days," says a source. "At one show people are being told they will remain in the opening credits and still appear on contract, although they will really be on recurring status, as long as this doesn’t leak to the press, they will be safe."

From what we are hearing, Brian Frons simply doesn’t want to see much of the Guiding Light veteran, who assumed the role of Clint in 2005, onscreen.

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    Did you mean to write “Brian Frons simply doesn’t want to see much Soaps on Soap Net which was really good up until 2 years ago”? I bitch’n moan about this guy until I remember he’s “Running — err, ruining” CBS and my Abbott’s and Chancellors are still intact. Why do I feel that this nugget of info is just the beginning tug of a thread that will soon be the Stacy Show???? God forbid keep a talent. Ugh. Frons. Waste.

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    Frons’ continuing obsession with youth (and actors who can’t act but look like his version of *pretty*) is what is killing daytime.

    Its all about his fantasies and not about telling a good story. Til(and if) he is ever gone, there is little hope for soaps.

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    I can appreciate Jerry Ver Dorn, but I don’t think he should have ever accepted the role of Clint Buchanan. Clint Ritchie was that role, this I feel was proven when so many fans mourned his recent passing. Ver Dorn, or the writers, or both should have come to a mutual agreement to cast him as somebody new, or somebody from OLTL early past, like maybe Steve Burke…Viki’s second husband.
    My personal suggestion, cut your losses Jerry and get thee over to Guiding Light and help end the show with your truly wonderful contribution as Ross Marler. In the meantime, kill Clint Buchanan off, give him and the actor Clint Ritchie a real homage.

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