Billy and Chloe Get Married on The Young and the Restless

Thursday and Friday’s episode of The Young and the Restless continued a string of great episodes that are giving Maura West and Michael Park’s recent performances on As the World Turns and the scenes last fall on One Life to Live when Marty held Todd at gunpoint, a run for their money. This show is rocking in almost every way. From the rehearsal dinner at Abbott mansion, where everyone ended up fighting and Ashley laid down the law to Chloe’s heart-felt wedding vows and Billy’s obvious discomfort at being locked down by the proverbial ball and chain, it was fantastic. Billy and Sharon sleeping together the night before the wedding while Sharon is the maid of honor, nice twist. Even Tammin Sursock as Colleen wasn’t half bad.

Momentum grew throughout the week as the gradual realization by Jill that Katherine might actually be who she claimed to be sank in. The wedding cake food fight was the perfect culmination. (If you haven’t checked out the Katherine versus Jill wedding cake food fight that was going down as Billy and Chloe said their vows, be sure to.)

The Young and the Restless hasn’t forgotten that soaps are supposed to be an escape. It’s keeping the fantasy alive – men in black tie, women dripping in diamonds and fancy clothes – so that we the fans can escape the drudgery of our every day lives and an economy in recession. This last week was a gift to fans, fit for a bride and groom. More pictures after the jump.

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    I’m from Canada so I saw Monday’s ep on Friday and let me say it just get’s better! I felt soo bad for Chloe but at the same time she got herself there.. but her vows and Billy’s like ‘is it over yet’ lol Then who’s left watching the actual wedding, jack and ashley it was great! I love that they are finally fixing their mistake of the mother-daughter story and getting back to what Jill and Katherine are best at ….. FIGHTING! Bring it on I can’t wait!

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    The wedding was awesome! And Chloe looked stunning as always – I’m so jealous :).
    I gotta agree with kmk137, on Monday it get’s even better! I watched some clips on youtube and I honestly teared up every time I saw Billy with his sad puppy dog eyes. His facial expressions and his voice were just intense and you could feel what he was going through. He looked so incredibly crushed by the whole situation…

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    It was so great to see a classic wedding in Soapdom. The elegance of a wedding in a mansion, everyone dressed up to the nines (Katherine was absolutely stunning in that dress),the catfight that was comical, yet a little sad when you knew the history. It was wonderful. The writers did a great job. Loved it!!

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    I loved Jill’s line when Kay and her were arguing on who should speak first then she was courteous to her Ex-mother by telling “Age before Beauty”

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