The Young and the Restless: Jill Abbott vs. Katherine Chancellor Food Fight

The feud between Katherine (Jeanne Cooper) and Jill (Jess Walton) is back and The Young and the Restless kicked things off with a food fight, wedding cake and all! We haven't had a good food fight on soaps since the one on Days of Our Lives between Sami, Chloe and Nicole. Who would have expected to see these four veteran actresses on The Young and the Restless in a food fight? Not me. Everyone played it well and I don't know if they enjoyed letting loose and throwing wedding cake at each other, but I loved watching it.
Now if only One Life to Live would get Catherine Hickland back as Lindsay Rappaport so that she and Nora could have another food fight, I'd be in heaven. A lot more food fight photos after the jump.

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    It seems appropriate that amidst all the terrible news in daytime this week, its number one soap was able to deliver some of the greatest material the show has witnessed in years! Amazing, hilarious, and above all, CLASSIC! Thanks, Y&R.

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    As with any episode written by Janice Ferri Esser, the veteran Y&R script writer, Friday’s show was excellent – dare I say a classic. (The editing and direction was stellar also.) Jess Walton was in fine form as Jill when she was spewing her vitriol and Jeanne Cooper continues to prove that, with good writing, a VETERAN CAN BRING IT.

    However, the BEST moment of the show was the silent scene of a despondent Sharon opening the door to find a concerned Nick and then the two falling into each other’s arms. It is so very obvious that they still love each other and belong together. Joshua Morrow and Sharon Case’s acting was pitch-perfect in that scene. As was Michelle Stafford’s as Phyllis as she read Nick the riot act for always defending Sharon. Michelle portrays Phyllis as the desperate woman that she is who KNOWS it is only a matter of time before Nick leaves her and returns to Sharon, the true love of his life. (Side Note: I LOVE the looks on Nick’s face when Phyllis is going off on him. The looks simply say, “This bitch is crazy.”)

    Thank you, Y&R, for capping off a very difficult week, of a genre that is in free fall, with an episode that illustrates what it means to embrace the true tenets of soap opera. Several remaining shows would do well to take note.

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    I thought they did a fine job with the wedding set, although I didn’t recognize any of it to be Katherine’s mansion. But everything was very elegant and beautiful…

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    “forgive me Chole…” Kay says and SPALT, goes the cake in Jills face…so nice to have them back….
    it was a great way to end a bad week of bad news for the soap world.

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    This is classic bill bell style.Worst storyline error was making jill and kay mother and daughter.Todays episode made me realize how much i miss jill and kay as enemies

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    Oh my gosh. Y&R was so good today! I enjoyed that episode. Jill and Kay and the cake fight! WOW!!! They VETERAN actors are showing daytime how it should be done. I loved everything about today’s episode.

    My favorite line of the episode goes to Jess Walton’s Jill when she said, “What a luck break for you. Since she’s the daughter you always wanted. She’s a better match for you. Two dried up old lushes!” LMAO!

    Classic Y&R…I hope the rest of daytime is taking notes!

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    Oh yeah Luke that was a good line too!

    She should be the performer of the week. Jess Walton hit it out of the park this week. She made me hate Jill and feel sorry for her at the same time. You could see her heart breaking throughout the week as she was finally starting to see that this was really Katherine and she wasn’t her biological mother.

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    I just start watching Y&R and I love it! I understand why they are the #1 soap. They have the total package of Family, Love, Romance, Drama, all rolled up into one neat package.

    I especially love that they have stayed true to the core of their foundation, I love their vets and they just a awesome canvas of talented actors & actresses.

    So whatever you do… Please keep Brian Frons far away from Y&R as possible.. He’s the destroyer of everything good….If GH would only take a few pointers from Y&R their ratings might not be in the toilet right now.

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    I want to preface this by saying that the following is both shallow and superficial:

    Besides the incredible writing and acting that helped make Friday’s episode of Y&R an absolute classic that I have already saved onto a DVD, the costumes for both the wedding rehearsal and wedding were character-driven and rich, luxurious, modern and chic. Every single character was dressed to the nines. Colleen, Sharon, Jill, Kay (oh those jewels), Nikki, Chloe and even Esther with her “Sex and the City” style flower pinned onto her shoulder, were all dressed gorgeous and looked flawless. Even the men were all fiercely attired in their finest wearing the most scrumptious ties. Even Murphy cleaned up and looked like a million bucks. I have not seen such a well-dressed wedding on a soap in many, many years. It was a stunning wardrobe for a major, life-altering event in the lives of these people.

    Besides the already mentioned production values (Kay’s estate has not looked this lovely since I don’t know when). The greatest part of the episode was saved for the end. As Chloe and Billy exchanged vows and were officially joined together as husband and wife, across the hall in the other room, Jill was dealt with the reality that she is indeed NOT a Chancellor, thus making Billy NOT a Chancellor, which is the entire motivation behind Chloe wanting Billy in the first place. The cake fight was literally the icing on the Jill’s face. The biggest irony arrived in the form of Mac, who arrived just after vows exchanged, Billy’s jaw dropped and unbeknown to them all, the entire situation changed because Mac and Billy are not related. They could be together. Billy is about to regret the fateful decision he just made. WOW!

    Thank you SO, SO much to Maria Bell, Hogan Sheffer, Paul Rauch and the rest fo the creative team at Y&R for producing one of the finest hours of soap opera to have aired in years. Every single other soap looked simply amateurish compared. Yes, OLTL is on a good run but Y&R is now rising head and shoulders above them all and solidifying not only their #1 ratings position but their current status as the best, most satisfying daytime drama. The episode was full of character-driven irony, pulled together by a single theme and every single line of dialogue and facial expression all added up to the final shot of Billy’s face, stunned, bewildered and regretful at what he just committed to 3 seconds before. My mother even remarked that the acting on Y&R is just about perfection. Thankfully, there are no Crystal Hunt’s Molly Burnett’s or Drew Thomas Bell’s to ruin a dramatic, emotional moment. This is what soap operas are about. Bill Bell, Irma Phillips, Douglas Marland and Harding LeMay are all smiling from above at the one true soap opera that is living up to it’s good name as not just a TV show but a genuine art form. I wish that every soap opera could be this good. I want every writing team from each show to watch and use this episode of Y&R as an example of what a perfect daytime drama is. Obviously, I was blown away and simply excited to watch this episode. I have already watched it 3 times with other soap fan friends, few of which do not even watch Y&R and are feeling down in the dumps because of the state of their favorite story.

    Once again – Bravo! Brava! Bravo! Encore! Encore! “The Young and the Restless” exceeded my expectations and continues to rivet me to the screen as it has for 25 years. Mostly though, I want to thank Bill Bell for creating a show populated with the most dynamic, human, three-dimensional characters that currently exist. It is drama, comedy, farce, tragedy and a little slice of life rolled into one.

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