Sydney Brought Back From Dead For Melrose Redux

We Love Soaps is reporting that Laura Leighton has signed on for the CW’s Melrose Place remake. Heather Locklear has already passed on reprising her iconic role as Amanda Woodward, so Leighton does seem like a good choice to bring back. The only trouble is that she died at the end of season five – her character Sydney Andrews was knocked down by a car on her wedding day. It will be interesting to see how they explain that away.  

Series regulars already signed up for the Melrose remake include Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and Colin Egglesfield. Leighton will have a recurring role on the show and her character Sydney is supposedly the new landlord. I hope this doesn’t mean she’ll be playing second-fiddle to the new generation, but that’s looking very likely right now.

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    Oh gosh. I loved Sydney on the first Melrose Place and I am already thinking this is going to be bad. I have tried to watch that mess…i mean remake they did with 90210 and I just can’t follow it. It wasn’t put together very well and I don’t want them to mess up my memories from Melrose. At least leave Sydney dead and have her be a look alike.

    Maybe the CW should focus on moving The Game and Everybody Hates Chris from Friday nights and moving it back to during the week! I will truly be thru with the CW if they don’t renew those shows.

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    Jamey Giddens

    This is my boyhood, fan fic dream come true. Killing Syd was a HUGE mistake. If they can lure Josie Bissett from that stupid teen pregnancy drama on ABC Family I would be in heaven.

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    If we can’t have Amanda (which hopefully we can again someday!) then Syd will be great! I loved Syndey, she was such a little bitch that you loved to hate. I loved her fight scenes with her sister. I was upset when she was killed off, but that’s the best compliment on that show to be killed off in a strange way.
    I think they would be stupid not to focus on the old characters much, like 90210, its not that great when Brenda and Kelly are on.

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    This is the best news on this show I have heard yet!! Laura Leighton on the show and Syndey alive is beyond good news. This puts the show on the map and I can’t wait now for it!! :)

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    I never watched the original MP I hope to ‘try’ and catch up during the summer, but I am still trying to watch the old 90210 so we will see how i do lol.

    The only reason i do not like this news is because it means The CW will be able to say "MP DID IT!" when they bring Marissa back for The O.C. remake lol.

    Anyways in a little more casting news ( I dont think it deserves its own post) Ex-Home and Away star Stephanie Jacobsen (Doctor Charlotte Adams 2001/2002) has joined MP as Lauren, a medical student at UCLA, who moonlights as a high-end call girl.

    Hopefully this Home and Away star will be more loved then the others on US screens now lol (Tammin S, Melissa G, etc) .

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    Okay, love Sydney – so my first response is yay!!!! I mean if they could bring Kimberly back on the old one, why not Sydney on this one. My second response is, oh crap I guess this means I have to actually watch this train wreck now… and my third response is – they better have her doing more than just being a bitchy landlord!

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    Well at least I hope she can actually have some screen time not like Shannen and Jenny on 90210!The original MP brought veteran Heather Locklear onboard but they actually used her not just her name.Let’s hope Syd will have actual storylines!

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    Jamey Giddens

    Kimberly Shaw came back from the dead, so can Syd. Syd was the best MP character EVER! Such a delightful little minx. I loved Amanda, but Syd was bitchy AND funny as HELL! I am so happy! Y’all don’t understand, LOL. My fanboy hat is ON! Sydney is my GIRL!

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    Darren Lomas

    Jamey – I agree Sydney rocked. I have that same fanboy hat in orange. BUT, as she’s recurring, I just fear they’ll have her pop up as a supporting player and base all the "drama" around people like Ashlee friggin’ Simpson. That does not please me!

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