The Bold and the Beautiful w/ Y&R Promo

Hell hath no fury like Stephanie Forrester and Kevin’s finally caught.

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    I was looking for a place to praise Susan Flannery for her acting on the last 2 episodes of B&B and i knew only 1 would do DC: and would you know it Jillian posted me a spot.

    Stephanie has been the only reason I’ve held on hoping they would do reedem this show somehow and now i have seen the light, her reactions to being fired and when she was with Taylor today OMG thank you Brad Bell for giving her the chance to maybe bring this show out of it’s pit it’s been in for a while now. It was nice not to have to see Rick and Steffy for a whole show…

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    This whole storyline of Kevin and Amber is the most ridiculous story and I’m really hoping it goes away really fast. It’s not like we needed to see how good of an actor that Greg is, we already know.
    Really what IS the point????? And if he and Amber are going to hook up at some point for whatever reason, couldn’t he just cheat or something?

    But, on the upside, Jeffrey getting bonked on the head works for me. :bigsmile:

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