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Here’s the Scoop! 04.07.09

The new digs debut next week!
General Hospital got an update. It’s all set up and ready for the ribbon cutting just waiting for Helena to drop in and put a damper on it. I know I was not all for the new sets but they look good. Now let’s hope they’re used as GH has not focused around the hospital as much as it should.

Helena reveals herself on the hospital monitors. Dedications and speeches are being shown and then the lights go out. Another black out hitting Port Chuck? Nope! It’s Helena making her grand entrance. Alexis believes Rebecca is a Helena implant and it APPEARS her fears are validated when Nikolas sees Rebecca meeting with Hells.

Claudia… Jerry… Is he done with his games? It looks like Sebastian Roche will only be around for a handful of episodes but will it tie up his storyline? When Ric goes to burst Claudia’s bubble, the evidence he has is tampered with and Claudia is in the clear for the time being. What about that extra copy Ric made? Jerry is RUMORED to tell Claudia she may have escaped that one but she’ll never know when the next reveal will be dropped. Is Jerry hip to Ric’s games? SPOILERS say he tells both Ric and Claudia he’s calling all the shots. Is Sonny getting a DVD of his very own? Looks like he is but what will stop him from seeking revenge on his wife? Will it be a baby on the way? Will it be an innocent bystander getting caught in the crossfire? Or could it be something else entirely?

Some are suggesting that Sonny and Company are so preoccupied with Michael waking up that Claudia becomes an afterthought. Somehow I don’t see Jason forgetting. Could all the mob stuff finally be catching up to the mobsters?

The truth always comes out and what may not have Sonny and Jason reaching for their guns will have an effect on Carly’s marriage. Jax knows the truth, he’s already spilled to Olivia, destroyed the evidence he had and RUMORS still say he’ll learn that Kate has known all along. When Carly learns the truth, will that mean the end of her and Jax? What about the baby? I’m still seeing RUMORS that Dr. Lee advises against Carly getting pregnant only it appears Dr. Lee is a little too late with her advice. Is a baby enough to keep CarJax together? Is timing everything?

Scrubs drama continues… I mentioned Patrick airing their dirty laundry yesterday. He’ll accuse Robin of cheating on him in front of their colleagues. Kelly Lee suggests that Robin try to make things work with her family and a great first step is to actually spend time with them. That’s what has Robin heading to the park where she sees Patrick and Emma with Elizabeth and the boys. Robin decides to stop taking her antidepressants. Is this when tragedy strikes? There are RUMORS that something happens as a result. One was that car accident I mentioned yesterday but it COULD be direr than that. RUMORS still say that Robin and Patrick try to get back on track. Will her leaving for treatment make things better or worse?

CRAZY and RANDOM RUMORS… Is Rebecca getting the all clear? RUMORS say she and Nikolas celebrate her test results but is it Lucky she’s getting close with? A fan event had Tyler C. spilling a little dirt in which he did say it looks like Rebecca is getting pushed towards Lucky right now. So are the CRAZY RUMORS/POSSIBLE FANFIC true? One has Lucky and Rebecca doing the deed and someone being a witness to the aftermath. Is Johnny heading back to the mob? If it’s the only way to protect Claudia, he will. Olivia and Carly confidantes? Carly needs a female friend. Tracy tells Ethan she’s on to him. Will she be desperate to keep Lulu and Ethan apart when she thinks Ethan is Luke’s son? More Ethan vs. Lucky and it APPEARS Lucky is the loser once again.

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    Regan Cellura

    I can only report on what’s out there. As far as Helena goes, so far that’s all that’s been revealed. She’s making her entrance at the hospital opening and is connected to Rebecca.

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    Regan Cellura

    Thanks T! And I have no faith that they’ll use her properly… I think I gave her a mention in yesterdays post too D. TC said Constance will be around for "a while."

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    Thank You Regan!!!!
    I read a rumor that Jason is planing a hit on Claudia and that Carly is in the cross fire, and she losing that baby , Do You know anything about that???????

  4. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    “I read a rumor that Jason is planing a hit on Claudia and that Carly is in the cross fire, and she losing that baby , Do You know anything about that???????”

    Someone please say this one is fan fiction. Does Jason need more guilt? I don’t think I can take it, And, kill another baby? Guza sucks!!!

  5. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I am with you sueboo I really hope that it’s false , I just want Regan to tell me that it is.
    I don’t Jason to be the cause of Carly losing the baby, I don’t want to see him in any more pain and guilt, Please Regan tell me it isn’t so……..

  6. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    I saw it… most likely not true but ya never know. Guza did put a bullet in a kid’s head. There are RUMBLES that whatever is coming mob wise is a gut check for Jason… That I know has to be Fanfic. LOL

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    Well, the new set looks nice.

    That’s all I got.

    Thanks Regan for all that you do. We know that you can only post what’s out there.

    *sending a big hug your way*

  8. Profile photo of Frons-n-GuzaSuck

    I read a rumor that Jason is planing a hit on Claudia and that Carly is in the cross fire, and she losing that baby , Do You know anything about that???????
    I have a hard time buying that the writers would let Jason look bad. The only way that I would buy it if its used to make what Claudia did to Michael look better.

  9. Profile photo of kgbmc

    I am so hostile to TPTB,especially after I read that Lucky is trumped by Ethan. That sounds disgraceful. Lucky can be written any way but GH chooses to write him incompetent and angry and unsuccessful even to the low character on the totem pole.

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    I am so tired of this Scrubs crap. I do hope they let Monica cut the ribbon on the new hospital. She is the one veteran along with Bobbie who deserve to cut the ribbon.

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    disillusioned GH fan

    I rely on D.C. to give me my GH info because I have boycotted the show until things change. Although, I hesitantly will watch the unveiling of the new GH and the arrival of Helena… but so help me… if it sucks and they ruin her, I’m done!! I’ll give the show 2 weeks to pull me back in, or it’s back to reading about it only.

    When they fire Fronz and Guza and his little Phelps too… only then can I see redemption!! (Bitter-party of one!)

  12. Profile photo of Frons-n-GuzaSuck

    I am a Liason and a Skate fan so that pretty much says it all on how I feel about Jason and GH lol, but the writers would probably not let Jason look so blatantly bad by him being the cause of Carly losing her baby. The only way I would by it, is if its used as a plot device to make what Claudia did to Michael seem less horrible.
    In these writers’ eyes Jason leaving Jake and Liz behind is supposed to seem tragic and heroic. It certainly is not coming across that way for me and anyone else I know. If the rumors around the web are true Steve Burton is furious over the shift in direction for his character over the last few months. They are doing this for the reasons that we have talked about for months now, to force other couples on us. To say its failing is an understatement but trust me when I say we agree on how bad Jason has looked over the past few months. Hopefully they will wake up and see what they are doing to the show and they will stop what they are clearly setting in motion.

  13. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I agree with you FnGSuck……..
    Jason in the past few months looks so bad and loser he doesn’t look like the Jason
    I know and loved……………..

  14. Profile photo of Frons-n-GuzaSuck

    I agree with you FnGSuck……..
    Jason in the past few months looks so bad and loser he doesn’t look like the Jason
    I know and loved……………..
    Me neither and its probably going to get worse.

  15. Profile photo of tonyjets02

    I don’t watch GH anymore, but, since there is a new set and new HD production, does that mean the show is getting new opening credits? I had a dream GH returned to their “Faces of the Heart” opening sequence. Presented of course in HD where available. Ha Ha.

  16. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Great question… there were RUMORS that a new opening was in the works in conjunction with the hospital opening. I haven’t heard anything about that recently. We’ll see what we can find out.

  17. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    I probably will watch more if Lucky is giving the first dibs on rebecca, I like the idea of Lucky not always being sh!tted on by Frons well that and any chance to see GV topless works for me.

    If Reb is not Emily then more power to Lucky besides Nik is just plain creepy right now

  18. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Tomorrow’s GH:

    Claudia wants Olivia to stay away from her hubby. Cover your eyes… more ClauSon sex. Carly feels faint, is she stressed or knocked up.

    More troubles for Scrubs and those park scenes are tomorrow.

    Monica counsels her dead daughter’s look-a-like about breast cancer. There’s a PSA… reminding women to get their annual check-ups and monthly self exams. Date night for Rebecca and Nik at the Haunted Star… is that the celebration?

    Tracy doesn’t want Lulu dating her maybe brother.

  19. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    I hate Kate because of the snotty attitude and like her with Sonny, but when she got a taste of the Magic P, she turn into the doormat, shrewd shrill like all of Sonny’s women become when they hook up with him. Now she is stalking Sonny about the damn DVD that I am beginning to hate DVDs because of GH and instead of telling Sonny to go to hell. I wouldn’t be surprise if we have a Carly/Sonny/Claudia hookup. Frons is a pig and he would do something like that. LOL.

  20. Profile photo of justloveskate

    Thanks Regan for keeping me up to date since I am no longer watching. I will not watch as long as they have ClawSon or the Claw in general. There has never been any other character that I dispise so much. I must give credit where credit is due though, Kudos to SJB for her portrayal of the Claw. It is a compliment to the actress that the character is hated by so many.

    “Sigh” Longing for SKate and Liason

    Robin has never been one of my favorite characters and once again the writers have blown what could have been another moving educational story and made it a “silly” “all about me” Robin s/l.

  21. Profile photo of katclaws

    Regan, Thanks, for taking the hit for us fans who can no longer bear to watch this CRAP–NOW IN HD!

    They didn’t need to change the sets, they should have used the money for new writers, to get rid of Frons & to keep the vet actors. jmho

    And, disillusioned gh fan, I’ll be happy to join you at the Bitter-Party of two table!

  22. Profile photo of shayne

    I’m the fan who went to see Tyler, and you may want to not twist what I said. But then again that wouldn’t suit your agenda, would it?

    The story is Nikolas and Rebecca.

    Laura was going on about how Nikolas and Rebecca was predictable and why not push her to people. So Tyler said well they are kind of doing that with Lucky.


    Ya, that’s a definitely a ringing endorsement that Lucky and Rebecca are coming.

    But of course that got part left off.

  23. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Shayne… I didn’t get my info from your recap of the event and I have no agenda. Furthermore… my comment was that TC said it looks like Rebecca is being pushed towards Lucky right now. What exactly is wrong with that or even different from what you’re saying?

  24. Profile photo of Tina

    Hey Danielle …. are you back to watching soaps??? I thought you were done???

    Regan …. No worries about how much you post!!! This is probably the only crap TIIC at GH and ABCD have given her, which is a real shame!

    Props for all you do R, cuz I can’t do it everyday!!!

  25. Profile photo of Danielle

    Tina, I am not watching this show, I just like to read how much it sucks so bad still and how I am not missing a darn thing! I watch OLTL on SoapNet. That’s it. That’s my fix. I am good.

  26. Profile photo of Tina


    I know that you are not the only fan who went to see TC and LW. However, you need to remember that everyone interprets information differently.

    Maybe instead of what you have done by being accusatory and saying we here at DC are agenda driven, you should have done what other fans did and sent your recap directly to us using the great contact page at our site ..   .. other people use it and so should you!  We are always ready to haer recaps and different fan impresions so that when we use these recaps we get as much information as possible!


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