RUMOR REPORT: Is Chrishell Stause Leaving All My Children?

Numerous sources are saying the strikingly-beautiful Chrishell Stause and her popular character Amanda Dillon could be on their way out of Pine Valley.

"It’s no secret Chrishell is leaving that the end of her current contract," says one source.

Reportedly the actress extended her pact with the sudser until July and has told people on the set she doesn’t plan on re-upping with the show.

"They offered her a four-year contract," says another mole.

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  1. Profile photo of dellygrim

    Good for her, that show stinks.

    I enjoy her as Amanda but can’t think of a reason she should stick around. In spite of not loving the show these days I do like having the character around as a link to the AMC I did love so I hope they recast.

  2. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    The bottom line is she likely wouldn’t leave a show that was creatively rewarding. It’s AMC’s (Pratt’s, Frons’) fault that this show is unwatchable and bleeding good, talented people. With acting roles on TV drying up at the pace they are, no actor would leave a show for the uncertainty that’s out there (not unless she wants to go off and teach bible stories to children or something, but how believable is THAT!?) ;-)!

  3. Profile photo of dellygrim

    Well it’s not like a 4 year contract with a soap covers any bases. They can still cut you at the drop of a hat it just binds you to them. I don’t know why any performer would be interested in a multi year deal with a soap.

  4. Profile photo of elbugten

    I didn’t like her at first, but the character and actress have grown on me. I’ll be sad to see her go; it’s one of the few good things AMC has going for it. Any word on whether they’ll recast or if this is yet another dead baby waiting to happen?

  5. Profile photo of Starrgirlfish

    If AMC loses the CS as Amanda Dillon, then they will unfortunately lose me as a viewer as well. She is basically the only reason I still watch AMC. I love her dynamic with Jake (RPG) and if she know they are going to go the awful way of sticking Jake back with Taylor even though they have zippo chemistry. I hope she doesn’t leave, but I can understand why she would.

  6. Profile photo of elle

    She’s a very sweet girl, but after what Pratt had Amanda do to JR, she’s not a strong enough actress to have me root for Amanda, or sympathize. I now have to skip through her scenes. If JR and Amanda had been written differently and they were paired, I would feel badly about this, if true, but I feel indifferent now. I don’t like Amanda and Jake, and in fact, can’t stand to watch the character in scenes with anyone else. However, she has always maintained that she loves her job, she’s a working actor, she’s been upgraded in status, so this is very surprising. I don’t believe it-but we’ll see what happens. It’s a bit surprising to read that she’s been talking back stage, and without the actress actually being quoted, not sure about sources.

  7. Profile photo of wbl_amc

    NO! lol Amanda is one of my favorite characters and after literally years of being something nice to have in the background they finally give her a SL and now she’s jumping ship??? The girl sat through that to get her SL and now she’s leaving? :(

  8. Profile photo of Dariclone

    As far as I’m concerned, ABC needs to offer her more money right NOW! Her involvment in the baby switch storyline is one of the few reasons I still watch All My Children. Without her, there’s not much point in my continuing to watch.

  9. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    I can think of an excellent possible reason why. Anyone who thinks AMC will still be around in four years is dreaming in technicolor, and if she has a deal with ABC, they may (may!) be inclined to offer her projects when the soap dies. She could parlay it into a nice prime time deal.

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