Rumor Report: Will The P&G Soaps End up on Lifetime?

Buzz is growing that Lifetime could be possibly provide a new home for Guiding Light and As The World Turns after the Proctor and Gamble sudsers end their respective CBS runs. It has already been confirmed by CBS that Guiding Light will air last on CBS this September 18, 2009. As The World Turns was allegedly picked up for another season, however the network has yet to confirm that pick-up.

"TeleNext and Procter and Gamble Productions are trying to work out a deal with the Lifetime to air both Guiding Light and As The World Turns," says a source close to the situation. "If it works out, Guiding Light would go there in September and then when World Turns is done on CBS it would move over also."

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    I have heard this, too. Jamey, did your source say if both shows have to reduce to 30 minutes if Lifetime were to pick them both up?

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    I really hope this happens.. The major networks don’t deserve good shows anymore..

    Lifetime is a perfect fit for this show. It’s possible they could convince actors and actresses with contracts coming up to sign, with a promise for work on some of the other primetime Lifetime orginal series and movies.

    Even with primetime, it’s the cable channels who are providing all the quality. Lifetime has been able to put out some successful serial dramas over the years.

    GL has been so good these past few months, it would be a shame to see it die, especially with it’s recent return to true soap story-telling.

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    I wasn’t told any details about airtime’s Zurge, only that the shows would definitely require some re-configuring.
    So in other words it wouldn’t be Guiding Light or As the World Turns….It would just be the names.

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    I don’t think they would want the show if it’s going to move to far from it’s core. Then what’s the point in Lifetime getting it. But maybe there are things that Lifetime wants to be done to the product for quality reasons.

    To me, what will matter most is the cast.
    Could the show afford to lose Gina Tognoni and Kim Zimmer at the same time, would Lifetime want the show if they don’t have them. How many actors or actresses are going to be will to follow and how many will want to?

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    Jamey Giddens

    I wasn’t told any details about airtime’s Zurge, only that the shows would definitely require some re-configuring.
    So in other words it wouldn’t be Guiding Light or As the World Turns….It would just be the names.

    Elvara, when GL made the jump from radio to TV, they got rid of Rev. Rutledge and the congregation and made the show about the Bauers. Sometimes you have to give a little to get a little. If successful, this might make other cablers consider going into daytime. The network daytime soap opera model is on its last legs. Cable and the web are the future. This could pave the way of other soaps surviving.

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    Jamey Giddens

    If the bigger names decide to opt out, they could always bring back people like Paul Anthony Stewart and Nancy St. Alban as Danny and Michelle or Maureen Garrett as Holly. Plus they could cast Harley and SORAS her sons Zack and Jude. Plus if Lifetime gets the shows, they will be hella promoted.

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    If Lifetime made the show about the Lewis and the Spaldings I’d be fine with that. Olivia & Natalia are an extenstion of the Spalding because Emma is Phillip’s daughter. Dinah is connected to the Lewis’s via her brother and Shayne.

    That would work for me.
    My fear is that GT won’t move with the show.
    I hope she does, because in my view, Lifetime might be a means for her to climb to primetime in the Lifetime family.

    Imagine if the soap actually is rec’d well, then maybe we could be back to the days of special episodes airing at night.

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    I think this is very positive news. Cable television is the future for daytime and GL is going to pave the way and bring 2 million viewers along for the ride. I can’t wait to see what happens with this!

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    Folks, we all have to get used to the fact the some favorites won’t make it if this transition happens. I have heard that Lifetime want Otalia (but not making it “The Otalia Show”), so hopefully that means that somehow P & G find a way to get Crystal and Jessica to continue. I personally do not expect Kim Zimmer to stay on in any way, shape or form.

    Like Jamey, I expect Lifetime to promote both GL and ATWT like nobody’s business.

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    At least there are some positive rumours for a change, lets hope these turn out true like the negative ones did.

    I think it would be a good fit, if they need to get rid of some of the cast, get rid of the Coopers, minus Buzz.

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    Wow, this would be great. Lifetime is a solid cable channel available on most systems at a reasonable price to consumers and GL would bring two million viewers a day over with them. P&G can help shape to future of daytime by moving to cable. The stranglehold of the big three networks will be over.

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    Lifetime is a network that targets Women. It’s perfect fit. I’m not sure why they wouldn’t desire keeping Kim Zimmer on some level, she is what their target audience wants. Same thing with GT.
    Army wives is a Lifetime original series and they have had others in the past. They are also airing project runway now.

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    Call me crazy……..but……I know Frons works at/screws up ABC Daytime ‘n S-net…S-net which really is so atrocious these days, that I don’t use the full NAME anymore, because that’s not what it is and our Soaps don’t deserve to be associated with it — Well, maybe GH does. Kudos for Lifetime head honcho’s for thinking outside the box and having the discussion of picking up GL. I’m not even a GL watcher and I would think it SHOULD BE SAVED by network formerly known to carry soaps! I’d PROBABLY START WATCHING IT!!! BUT NO. The Gilmore Girls (??!!) and Saving Erica (???!!) and SOUTHERN BELLES (!!!!!) have to be aired someplace, RIGHT!?? We gripe and moan about executives at AIG and General Motors. Sometimes the “lingo” of what they’ve done is too much for my brain to absorb. THEREFORE, for MY laymans terms I use Brian Frons as THE BIGGEST MORON RUINING A ONCE FINE COMPANY. SHAME on S-Net. They could save the day instead of ruining it.

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    Fantastic news!! I like Lifetime. GL has been on a lean budget and if some of the “old guard” weight was shed then it would thrive even more. Mix it up with a great Lifetime website and GL will continue into the future on this upswing.

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    Melvins mom

    I also think Lifetime would be a perfect fit since it’s part of most people’s basic cable and it targets women. I would think the number of viewers these soaps attract would be good ratings for a cable channel during the day. I’d hate to see either soap finished for good.

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    I would love to see Guiding Light on Lifetime. Jamey is absolutely right, you have to give a little to get a little. Or in this case to get a lot. It would be hard to say goodbye to some of the residents of Springfield, but I love Guiding Light as a whole show. I would love to see Otalia continue, as I think they are the story bringing in the most viewers. I could get behind Dinah/Shayne, Bill/Lizzie, and Remy/Christina being the other featured couples on the show, with it centering around Lewis/Spauldings. I also love someone’s idea of the actors doing Lifetime movies and other specials. I would definitely watch those then too!

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    This is definitely positive news. If GL and ATWT are successful on Lifetime this means there is life for soaps after the networks give up on them (which sadly I feel like will only take a few more years) this could also be a way for P&G to pioneer once again. Yes the show would have some restructuring but its not like the show hasn’t needed some restructuring for some time now.

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    I would love to follow Guiding Light to Lifetime, I think they’re an excellent choice!

    This show will really do it once again, break new ground, move the genre forward, both in the creative (Otalia) and the production/broadcasting department.

    Lifetime, we want you.

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    This would be great for GL. I hope it works out.

    I hope that if/when ATWT joins, it will have been after a regime change. They’re killing this show. Today’s episode was the latest massacre. :(

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    Jamey do you mean we would use the old fashion camera’s and get more sets: Like Spualding and Lewis’s offices, Bauer Kitchen back, Spualding Machine, and other houses??

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    I think more actors will make the move than we think, perhaps it’s going to be an issue of who they really want and who they want to write for.

    Today’s GL was a great episode and many of the people minus Natalia & Olivia have been mentioned as cast we would want to see make the leap over.
    If Network daytime is dying, which it seems to be.
    I’d think some of the actors are going to look at this as a positive move, some job security for the next 2yrs while the big three continue to cut cast, trim salary and write horrible storylines.

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    I enjoy Lifetime and if GL finds its new home there, then all the merrier. Otalia is my favorite storyline but I’m invested in the Remy/Christina, Shayne/Dinah, and Bill/Lizzie couples. I know there will be some sacrifices to make such a move, but I think the end result will be worth it. And it is great to hear positive rumors over negative ones.

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    Jamey Giddens

    RevaFan, I don’t have any intel, but to be honest, the show’s streamlined production model might serve it in good stead. I predict they would keep it, at least for the first year or so, if the show proves to be a hit for cable, then who knows? Maybe we will see stronger production values?

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    I am thrilled beyond words to see that the powers that be at Lifetime are willing to take a chance on the two million of us who are loyal to this show! I am new viewer since October, first in love with the Olivia/Natalia story (coming to a head this week), and have been completely won over by the rest of the cast and the thrilling writing! It is old school angst at its best… love it!!!

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    Duuuude! (and Duuuuudettes!) That would be saweet! Provided everyone from the cast makes the transition. Honestly, I think this would be great news since Lifetime’s demographics match those of GL. And GL is on such an upswing, both creatively and in buzz.

    And the buzz is just going to get even hotter starting next week’s awesome Otalia-fest madness!

    C’mon, Lifetime. Two *million* viewers ain’t nuthin’ to sneeze at; Save Our Soap!

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    I used to hate the outdoor filming and now I love it.
    They could use a few new sets, but they are really working with what they have now, the effort is there and it has been showing up on the air. Perhaps if they cut some of the cast they won’t need certain sets and can revamp them for other storylines.

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    Lifetime would be fantastic. They were the first network for women, now with a few more out there to compete with, I think this would help to bring in new viewers and keep them locked in as the #1 network for women.

    I hope they can find a way to make the numbers make sense.

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    this works for me! i love the idea of Guiding Light on Lifetime! as a show built on family, i think it might be time to refocus on the core families that brought the show to the upper echelons of daytime drama in the first place- the bauer’s, spaulding’s and lewis’s. GL can’t successfully make the move without Otalia, Bizzie or Shaynah but it might be time for some other players to hit the road.

    i agree with phoenix that sometimes you have to give a little to get a little. while i would miss justin deas, kim zimmer and robert newman, the show is inevitably gonna have to shed some extra weight. a slimmed down version of GL can focus on what they’ve been doing really well as of late- telling great, slow building love stories- regain their audience and then think about slowly expanding their focus to stories that could encompass previous stars and storylines. my hope is that the GL team learns how to make this work. i think they’ve already shown they have the desire to do what must be done to stay on the air because the story arcs being explored – especially Otalia – need to continue.

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    They can let the Coopers go, as contract players anyway and Jeffrey, Cyrus, Mallet… I’d love for Reva to stay on the show, I think she would be needed.
    I also wouldn’t be opposed to adding a few new characters as long as they’re interesting, think of GL introducing Alan, Elizabeth and Phillip Spaulding the day it was extended to an hour (November 7th, 1977)
    And no matter what they do with the cameras, keep Peapack!

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    I’m not sure why they wouldn’t desire keeping Kim Zimmer on some level, she is what their target audience wants. Same thing with GT.


    It all depends on the budget allotted. Don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to see most of the cast migrate to Lifetime, but I can’t see it happening. Kim Zimmer isn’t willing to take a pay cut now, and I don’t know if that will change depending on where GL may end up (obviously this is still a rumor, not a done deal).

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    Jamey Giddens

     I am thrilled beyond words to see that the powers that be at Lifetime are willing to take a chance on the two million of us who are loyal to this show!
    Hold your horses now, nothing has been confirrmed, LOL. That’s why I ran it as a rumor, but strong sources, including the one who told us the show had until April to get right church or go home on CBS, are saying it’s possible.

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    Thanks for your info, I hope it works out.

    I just want to say that I shifted over from GH to GL in December and I cannot believe how good the writing is, especially recently. I have always followed GL thru the years, storyline and actors have always been the key success to the show. Fans of other shows should really make an effort to catch this show.
    You won’t be frustrated by plot points and agenda driven storylines. Right now on gl they are developing storylines and allowing them to linger and playout and then dare I say giving you payout.

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    I think this is a good way to go. Guiding Light is in a great place right now, especially with the Olivia/Natalia story line as well as Shayne/Dinah, Bill/Lizzie. I definitely hope they keep story lines that we love. I know they keep me tuned in every single day.

    Lifetime, we could be your next biggest fans and believe me Guiding Light’s fans are nothing short of amazing!

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    I’d love for Guiding Light (and As The World Turns) to find a home on Lifetime. I started watching GL for the Otalia storyline, but I’ve been completely sucked in starting with Coops death. Now I’m a serious Dinah/Shayne and Bill/Lizzie fan. And, I’m loving Philip’s creepy redemption(?) Lifetime is on most basic cable packages — that would give it good clearance to reach the most homes — and it’s very female and social issues friendly. I think both GL & ATWT are trying hard to get back to emotional storytelling — that’s what Lifetime was built on.

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    I know that we can’t hang our hat on every rumor that’s coming out about GL’s future, but I actually like this idea. Guiding Light, particularly how the Otalia storyline has continued to build, has me so completely twitterpated, that I can’t imagine having to close everything out by September. Plus Otalia is founded on a story of strong female friendship (Army Wives anyone?)
    Most of the fans that are just coming to the show, like me, are a desirable demographic (professional women, age 21-49, who have disposable income and have access to cable/satellite tv) A move to Lifetime, which I have to say has really turned a programming corner over the last couple of years, seems like as good an idea as any. I would hope a home like this could also attract more of the major stars to stay, with potential to bring in not only grateful established viewers but continue to attract new ones. Could be a win-win. Best of luck GL!

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    The three key couples are Otalia, Bizzie and Shaynah, they are creating the buzz. They have to keep most vets like they are doing now but there are quite a few characters that could be cut a long time ago.

    Should we all contact and write letters to Lifetime now?

    Jamey, We know it is just a rumor but it is better than nothing.

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    As a fan of lots of Lifetime’s original programs this is such good news. I hope Lifetime does pick this show up. They would be breaking new ground and their demos are about the same. With the buzz surrounding Otalia they would be smart to jump on the bandwagon.

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    I think Lifetime would be a great place for GL. I love Liftime. There may have to be some restructuring,but I would think that if they have been paying any attention to what ahs been happening this past week on all the message boards they would not change too much. The Otalia s/l is the buzz right now and has brought new viewers to the show,many of which have become invested in the other storyline also,but it is this storyline that is the selling point right now,that and the return of Philip. As far as who stays and who doesn’t,I would have no problem with no more Reva,don’t get me wrong I have always been a Reva fan,but her story is getting old along with the Kim Zimmer drama every year or so at contract time. Just my thoughts,but I would be very happy if it made the move to Lifetime.

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    Natalia/Olivia, Dinah/Shayne, Bill/Lizzie, Remy/Cristina
    The Spaldings and the Lewis’s are what I would build the show on.
    I love Josh, I think his scenes with Shayne are essential and Olivia needs a goto guy from time to time.
    I think the actors would be making a good move to follow the show to Lifetime. Lifetime is nothing like Soapnet and it’s not run by the same jerks. They have original movies and series, and as many have stated before they promote their products.

    The Natalia/Olivia stuff for the last week has been outstanding and I’m not somebody who would normally watch the L word. But I can appreaciate a well written and acted lovestory.

    Shayne/Dinah.. outstanding and moving into a romance they have lived upto the storyline and investment.
    It’s amazing to see all the levels Gina T can and does take Dinah.

    Lizzie/Bill breath of fresh air

    Coopers can go, Jeff can go, recast daisy to start off.
    Then if it works you can bring on some more of Reva’s kids, add Alan Michael to the mix.

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    I have a question though. If GL and ATWT moves to Lifetime will it be on during the day or at night? Would this mean they would no longer be eligible for the Daytime Emmys? Or would Lifetime be able to air the Emmy’s, since the networks don’t seem to want them.

  41. Profile photo of chris345

    All lifetime would have to do is promote the show in a proper way and the viewership would and will increase.
    And air it at one time across the who country.
    Right now GL is on from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. depending on where you live.

    CBS might have promoted phillip to death, but they have missed the boat promoting the triandle of Olivia/Natalia/Frank and the developing romances of Dinah & Shayne and Bill & Lizzie. A father son promotion wouldn’t have killed them either Josh/Shayne, Alan/Phillip/James, Billy/Bill

    viewers watch soaps for love, romance, angst, family and the villian (alan/edmund)..

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    If this is going to end up happening then yay pt. for the fans and Daytime, but if it doesn’t I would rather P&G and the crew concentrate on the final months of this show and have it be top notch TV.

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    This is awesome! And I hope it’s true! Lifetime would actually care about the show. I loved Army Wives on there, so I am sure GL would be taken care of. I really hope it’s true and ATWT would join later. Time will tell!

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    Think Lifetime is a great fit. I also think there might be some backdoor stuff going on with P&G and CBS regarding ATWT’s renewal. Perhaps they are giving P&G time (say until mid-May) to find a new home for both ATWT and GL THIS fall and are delaying the renewal announcement so if P&G finds a new home for both shows this fall in short fashion, they will “cancel” both shows so they can leave together. This can explain the rumor that this will be ATWT’s “last” pickup and they will be off the air in 2010

    Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they let Kim Zimmer walk. If it is going to a network like Lifetime, they might find Reva’s character (who is the elder female face of GL) to be a bit over the top for their tastes.

    I think Jamie hit the nail on the head about maybe having Maureen Garrett return as Holly. I think her backstory (discarded by her father, victim of marital rape yet still drawn to the man who raped her, established careerwoman from WSPR and The Journal, having a child with Down Syndrome) is more the type of character Lifetime would probably want as the elder female face of the show.

    If they did an hour, the core families can be the Spaulding, Lewis and Marler clans with a dash of Bauer – what if it was revealed that Annie Dutton was playing god and Kevin was really Rick’s son. They could age Blake’s kids (who can be young, inexpensive actors) and really delve into Blake’s struggle as a single mother raising three unruly teens after the death of their beloved father, who was the anchor of their family. Again, the type of story that Lifetime would probably like to tell as opposed to the Coopers who are pretty bland at this point and are probably not the type of family Lifetime would want on the “New” GL canvas.

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    This is great news…I think Lifetime is a great place for GL to land. I came to watch GL only a short time ago, pulled in by the Otalia storyline and the terrific performances by Crystal and Jessica. I have to say though, I have now been drawn into the other storylines, especially Phillip, Shayne/Dinah and Bill/Lizzie. The GL writing team is fantastic and from watching past shows on Lifetime, I know they’d treat GL well and let them continue to strut their stuff!

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    I hope ATWT is not canceled. If it is, then I hope Lifetime takes both shows. If they are interested in Otalia, I hope they are also interested in Luke and Noah too. Luke and Noah generate so much buzz for ATWT! Luke and Noah have very passionate fans. I just hope they would not be afraid of showing two men together. They have Will and Grace on, but they are not a gay couple. I’m a heterosexual female and I watch lifetime too. I want to see Nuke continue.

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    Jumping Jellybeans!!! Did I just say that? though this is a rumor, this is the best dang rumor I’ve heard in a long time and gives me that lil nudge I need to keep fighting to Save the Light! I agree Guiding Light would be HUGE for Lifetime, and I definitely think that Lifetime would appreciate 2 million consumers! An extra incentive to the cast could be doing Lifetime movies of the week/month. I will follow the Light wherever it goes! Revolving around the Spauldings/Lewis’/Otalia would be FANTASTIC!

    Okay Team Fight for the Light it’s time to put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard and dial those phones again!!

    Continue calling P&G/Telenext and here are some links to Lifetime. On the Lifetime link “about us” all you have to do is click on the ppls name and voila you get their email addys!!

    We will Save the Light!! Go Team Guiding Light!!

    Thanks Jamey!!

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    Well now, this sounds promising. Otalia is the hottest thing on TV right now and because of Crystal Chappell, Jessica Leccia and the amazing writers at GL, it will continue to be hot for a long time!
    I can’t remember the last time I was this excited about a TV show. What a coup for the station that lands Guiding Light.

  49. Profile photo of roxyforotalia

    I’m so glad that lifetime may pick up GL. The show is so great with the otalia s/l and Phillip is back and things are heating up. Please lifetime save our guiding light.

  50. Profile photo of Martin

    If the rumor is true, I’m afraid we’re gonna have to wait and see which of the actors is going to follow the transition. I remember when NBC canceled “Passions”, it didn’t matter what contracts the cast had, they were all ask to decide which of them wanted to switch to DirecTV and which of them didn’t. I guess pretty much the same might happen with GL once P&G and Lifetime settles the agreement.

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    Is there a contact phone number where the fans can call LIFETIME and encourage them to take our shows away from CBS???? I think CBS will be the biggest loser in all this if Lifetime does pick up these two shows. I feel GL & ATWT fans that watch the other CBS shows may stop watching Y&R and B&B which would push their ratings below DAYS & GH that would be a kick in the ass to CBS that they didn’t take into consideration before fucking with GRANDMA (GL) HMMMM.

  52. Profile photo of Worldturner

    I have to agree that at least it’s a positive rumor for a change. I would expect with both shows some changes would have to occur to give them new life. Wouldn’t it be nice if they said they wanted women portrayed in a more positive and stronger manner. I know PGP has talked about exploring some form of digital on the internet and that to me seems like it would require even more change. I think GL and ATWT could be a good fit for Lifetime.

  53. Profile photo of Ladylike555

    I think it would be awesome if GL could get picked up by Lifetime. Hopefully this rumor is true because i’d prefer to watch it on Lifetime rather than Soapnet. But anyway, i’ll follow GL wherever it goes as long as I get to see Otalia, Remy/Christina, Bizzie and the rest of the Spaulding clan on my tv. Listen up Lifetime…we want it.

  54. Profile photo of liz-lemon

    As long as Otalia, Ellen Wheeler and Jill Lorie Hurts come with the deal then I am 100% behind it. Guiding Light could do really well on Lifetime! I’ll definitely follow it there if I can. Some kind of web viewing in with it would be AWESOME for the international fans!

    Team Otalia wants it! Go Lifetime!

  55. Profile photo of chris345

    DireTV is not the same as going to Lifetime.
    Lifetime is a network, while not a major network it still is and it also has it’s own original programming.

    The people who of course would want to go for sure are going to be the people who know they will have trouble finding work on another show. The people you want to stay are usually the ones that can and would get other offers. I think it will be an issue of how much the network/show have a budget for and who they really want to keep.

    On a new network there has to be some core to launching the show, they have to keep some key actors and actresses and storylines in play.

  56. Profile photo of jtliteshines

    Yeeessss! I realize this is just a rumor so far but I love the rumor. Lifetime would be a perfect fit for Guiding Light as the majority of viewers are women. I hope and pray they work out a deal somehow and I don’t care if we have to trim some of the cast. I just want to be able to continue watching. I think Otalia, Shayna, Bizzie and the Spaulding Lewis families is a great idea. If Reva has to go then she has to go. I think this move could revitalize this soap for many. I’m excited at the prospect.

  57. Profile photo of deb cubs
    deb cubs

    I think Lifetime would be a good fit for GL and this is encouraging news. Soap operas are in trouble on the broadcast networks and its good to see some alternative outlets.

    I would love to see more Otalia, Spauldings, and Dinah/Shayne on GL at Lifetime. GL has continually gotten better in 2009.

    Jamey – I have a question about contracts. If Gina T or any other actor/actress has a contract with P&G and GL is moved to Lifetime would they still be under obligation to stay for the rest of their contract while the show is on Lifetime.

  58. Profile photo of myworld

    I do think that if this happenes I wonder if CBS will allow GL to continue on shooting the show in the CBS studios.

    I have been watching this show for over 40 years and if this can happen I am more than willing to give up some characters for this move.

    Now I would love to see GL as an primetime show type feel if this happens and it is not shown 5 days a week.

    Characters i think the show needs contract Dinah, Shayne, Bill, Lizzie, Phillip, Remy, Christina, Josh, Reva(if Zimmer does not drip), Olivia and Natalia, Buzz, recast Daisy, James (Zack Conroy will be great), Marina, Michelle, and Cyrus and Leah. With recurring roles of Frank, Vanessa, Billy, Lillian, Mel, and Blake. Also if Rob stays with the show it would be great to have him. Ron Rains, it would be nice but some may not make it.

    Seeing the show take on more of a primetime feel toward telling shows while still building it slow, only if the show is not on 5 days a week.

    Ok here is why i say those characters are needed,

    Dinah- Gina is great strong actress she will be great as a lead and the writers can do so much with Dinah

    Shayne- Jeff is amazing and there are more stories that could be told with Shayne and effects of losing Lara and possible Army Wives cross overs. YAY

    Bill and Lizzie- young couple trying to make it deal with business stress of the families, pressure with finding Sarah forming new family these are things that can play out in arcs and would be really good to see.

    Grant- Is the man and the show could use a strong leading man to head the Spaulding family and keeping on track with (spaulding being less cartoon and real. Not to mention his romance with Beth.

    Olivia and Natalia- do I have to explain they would be a huge draw and seeing them deal with things and try to accept being a together romantically and also deal with Natty’s faith and Olivia returning to work force, would be great.

    Reva and Josh- could be just like the heads of the Lewis family. I am thinking Brothers and Sisters family drama and still keep plenty of conflict but not breaking up every week. Showing a true marriage and the problems that come from it.

    Daisy, James, and Leah- the show will need young characters and there are plenty of story to pull from kids in college and the stress they feel a and experiences they face in college and young adult hood. Also keeping a tie to the Bauers

    Remy and Christina- you need to young couple who you can mold and also play with because at this point they have not been formed and it also gives you the chance to draw Bordeux family.

    Cooper family is the family i am wondering about, Marina dealing with motherhood, working, and such things while still trying to have her own life could be really interesting Justin Deas as Buzz is brilliant and you should not waste this man’s talent. true foe and could still be useful in older mature yet entertaining stories.

    Cyrus you need someone that islike an outsider not so much troble but finding his way trying to get his life together Marah and Michelle reall interchangable. Cooper family and Marah and Michelle who knows could be scrapped.

    I hope this happens I think most get Lifetime and this would be great Lifetime. GL would be a great fit for the network and will be somthing great to have on the network and the 2 million viewers GL has will be great to help gain new viewers for the network and for the network to expose GL to some new viewers.

  59. Profile photo of RenewGLFF

    Could this be the reason Anne Sweeney allegedly refused to let Frons contact anyone from GL, per wikipedia, she “has responsibility for managing Disney’s equity interests in Lifetime Entertainment Services”? Would make a lot of sense now – I was surprised she cared about daytime. Let me say I thought I was done with daytime last week but hey, things sure got very interesting today!

  60. Profile photo of Soap_Stud

    I wouldn’t mind a 30 minute GL as long as some of the characters on the soap would still be on the show, and I am not talking about Ashlee, Daisy or Rafe! I think a 30 minute GL with 12-15 contract players could easily work! Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this might happen. Lifetime makes total sense.

  61. Profile photo of bizziefan

    Very interesting and good point RenewGLFF. That makes a lot of sense. I’ve been emailing Anne Sweeney since last week, have gotten several “read receipts” back…someone is opening up her emails anyways. I’ll keep her on my list of daily emails.

    Myworld, your post is right on!

  62. Profile photo of Billnave

    This is positive news. But frankly, folks — A cable channel with only one soap-opera won’t attract enough ratings. Even two soaps probably wouldn’t do it.

    If Lifetime wants to get into the soap business, I applaud that! But they need to create an entire daytime (soap) line-up — three-and-a-half to four hours of continuing drama. Now THAT would be NEWS and would shake-up the daytime industry. As much as I want GL to live-on — a singular soap in the middle of the afternoon on a cable channel will not work.

    In the “best of all possible worlds”, Lifetime would air two 60-minute soaps, and four 30-minute soaps. Remember, not all these shows need to be produced by TeleNext (P&G). After a time, if one of the 30-minute shows fails, then the most popular of the other 30-minute shows might be expanded to 60-minutes. Plus, it is easier to experiment with 30-minute soaps, than the 60-minute format. So, there could be all kinds of possibilities!

    I guess what I am saying is — If Lifetime wants to pick-up Guilding Light, they need to commit to an afternoon line-up of soaps. I’m concerned that GL won’t survive all by itself, even for a year.

    If any of the DC bloggers wants to start a thread about possible soap-opera companions to Guiding Light on Lifetime — well, I am ready to contribute.

  63. Profile photo of appleridge

    I believe P&G wants Lifetime to air both ATWT and GL. Supposedly ATWT got a one year renewal offer from CBS but no word if they accepted it yet

    Smart move would be for P&G to work out a multi-year deal for both ATWT and GL with Lifetime and then tell CBS bye-bye and then come fall it would have two hours to fill

    I have alawys thought that CBS only cares about B&B and Y&R since they are rating success and that B&B has international exposure and is a money grabber there

  64. Profile photo of mickey4376

    I REALLY WANT THIS TO HAPPEN, but it doesn’t seem like this could happen. After all, aren’t both Lifetime and Soapnet part of the Disney conglomerate? So, while the obvious choice here would be for Disney to put GL and ATWT in the Soapnet room of the Mouse House, we know that they obviously aren’t interested in soap programming and aren’t going to go for that. So why would Disney then welcome the two soaps into the Lifetime section of the Mouse House? This just seems really odd to me. I know that Lifetime and Soapnet are run by different people, but it’s all Disney at the end of the day, and it would seem that they’d be consistent in their shunning of soap programming. Hell, it seems they don’t even want the soap programming that’s on the ABC network given the crapfests on AMC and GH these days!

    At any rate, I still really hope that this happens. I’m not even really a GL or ATWT fan, but I have been checking out GL over the last couple of months and have been pleasantly surprised. Plus, we can’t afford to lose even one soap right now, so I really hope Lifetime does pick this up.

  65. Profile photo of GossipGirl

    I think Lifetime would be a great home for both GL and ATWT! I would rather they both end up there than at Soapnet because I do not have any faith in Frons.

  66. Profile photo of SoapSnob

    Though I lean more towards daytime dramas remaining on one of the Big Three networks – CBS, ABC, NBC – I must say that a move to Lifetime definitely has potential. When I think of the possibility of this move for GL and/or ATWT and what this could mean for the future of the genre, I think of one BIG pro and one BIG con…

    The Pro: On a cable network, daytime dramas can get back to what would make them superior once again – total creative control by the Executive Producer, Head Writer and the writing team. This lack of creative control is what I feel is truly killing the shows on network television. Cable channels have become the go-to place for quality television and that is primarily due to the level of creative control that the showrunners and writers have over their shows. On cable, very few shows, if any, must deal with a network executive with an agenda dictating what the show should be or who/what should be front-burner. (Think Mad Men, Nip/Tuck, Damages, The Closer, Breaking Bad, Burn Notice, Monk, etc. – all shows on BASIC cable.) Plus, on cable, shows are rarely at the mercy of ratings especially when they are good, high-quality, water-cooler, “buzzy” shows. Imagine the kinds of stories that creative, talented writers could tell in the daytime serial genre on a cable network.

    The Con: Unfortunately, some basic cable channels do not have the financial resources to sustain the production of a high-quality, 5-day a week, 52 weeks a year show like the traditional soap-opera. (I do not know about you, but I want my soap to be on 5 days a week.) Therefore, we would see streamlined casts (which could be a good thing) and the possibility of a 30-minute format (which I could live with if the writing is very good, the production values are respected and the acting is strong).

    Therefore, IF GL and/ATWT make the move to cable, we will have to accept some adjustments. (However, I do need to tune in and know that I am watching Guiding Light.) Because, if successful, we could be approaching a resurgence of a “Golden Era” of our daytime dramas.

    Just additional food for thought. :-)

  67. Profile photo of Lewis0817

    I wonder if they picked it up, when it would air? I wonder if they would keep it in the day or air it around 7PM or something like soaps in other countries air.I hope if they pick it up, it is more than one year – but this doesnt seem like a idiotic marketing stunt that DirectTV did for Passions. And i wish Lifetime would take ATWT right now, because it doesnt belong on CBS when they kicked its sister soap off in such a untasteful manner after 72 years on their networks.

  68. Profile photo of Lewis0817

    I wonder if they picked it up, when it would air? I wonder if they would keep it in the day or air it around 7PM or something like soaps in other countries air.I hope if they pick it up, it is more than one year – but this doesnt seem like a idiotic marketing stunt that DirectTV did for Passions. And i wish Lifetime would take ATWT right now, because it doesnt belong on CBS when they kicked its sister soap off in such a untasteful manner after 72 years on their networks.

  69. Profile photo of Johnathon

    I really hope this happens, (Part of me is slightly annoyed that none of my international soaps are getting the Lifetime love but we will save that for another day once P&G shows are saved lol.)

    IF the show gets picked up by LT i hope they air it twice a day, and they do a marathon and put it online (LOL i know that seems like a lot) but i just hope that fans get to SEE the show :).

    I just hope that we will get to keep watching this show for years to come, and if LT is where i have to go to see it then LT here i come :).

  70. Profile photo of THEBEST

    This would be great if it happens, I just don’t want the show stripped down to nothing. If I can’t get 5 days a week, it may not be worth it. I certainly don’t GL to be reduced to what Passions was that last year.

  71. Profile photo of JAYJAY

    I really think GL could do well on Lifetime and it could be a good move for GL! As long as the lights on I am happy. GL is such a good show and we can’t lose it! :)

  72. Profile photo of Doobiekat

    I would also be o.k with a 3 day a week program schedule…I think that would be great. I sometimes think 5 days a week is too much with all the other t.v shows I watch…I’m sometimes 2 – 3 weeks behind on GL as it is…so I would welcome a 3 day week if that’s what it would take to make a quality show.

  73. Profile photo of Doobiekat

    I will make sure to call CBS tomorrow morning and rub it in there faces how many people are going to turn off CBS after these 2 shows are gone which will hurt there other two shows ratings. You can talk to a live person at CBS if you call between 2pm – 3:30pm weekdays.
    I will also tell them that some of us in the gay community believe they are turning there backs on these shows because of there current gay storylines….We may even ask the gay community to boy-cott CBS for turning our shows off in the middle of good gay storylines HHMMMM.
    Yes I do think this plays a part in there decisions about GL & ATWT because I surley don’t see any gay storylines on those other two CBS soaps Y&R & B&B. Why is it the two shows with very popular gay storys are on the chopping block????

  74. Profile photo of sillysoapsupporter

    I think Christopher Goutman or whatever his name is, and Barbara Bloom love you as viewers. Isn’t this whole three day a week thinking part of the reason why ATWT is so silly now and Guiding Light was bad for so long just a year ago (but has gotten markedly better)? The higher ups at CBS wanted to dilute these two shows down. I may be wrong but there was much written about that some time ago. So, if it is going to be watered down to just three days, Guiding Light could have stayed on CBS. Just saying.

    However, I want Guiding Light to live on five days a week.

  75. Profile photo of RoseVioletDaisy

    The mayor of Peapack has told the press in New Jersey that he’s been told by P&G that GL is NOT cancelling it’s shooting contract with the town nor vacating it’s Peapack HQ come September. Could they be that close to having a new home already?

  76. Profile photo of eriklovessoaps

    Well, let’s hope whatever Lifetime has up its sleave with GL isn’t reminisent of its TV movies. I don’t think I can watch a show with new cast and or characters that has bad plot. Yeah, I watched GL for a awhile. Would I have listened to it when it was on the radio or watched it in the beginning? I don’t know. The past is the past, the future is down the road, and I’m here and now.

  77. Profile photo of chris345

    Did anyone notice how the talk about actors heading to other shows just became silent?

    It went from rumor overdrive to nothing.

    Clearly if the show is heading to Lifetime there has to be some desire to keep certain characters on board, otherwise why do it.

    There was talk of some actors going to ABC, then as somebody else said the big honcho at ABC halted that.
    Iteresting that she is part of Lifetime..

    Then there was the story about how CBS would fight to keep certain actors from heading to ABC..

    Now nothing.
    I would think that contracts would and do need to be ironed out now, before an annoucement.

    For me the biggest will they or won’t they are.
    Gina T, Kim Zimmer, Jeff Branson, CC, Grant Alexander.

  78. Profile photo of naughtytomato

    Well, at least they are really trying to find the show a new home. Lifetime would be an interesting experiment. The show has already gone through one painfull transition in the production and lasted a year. This rumor has sparked a lot of speculation on what would happen. Good luck Guiding Light!

  79. Profile photo of gush900

    I would perfer too see these shows on lifetime.Primarily because i know the channel will promote the hell out of them unlike frons on soapnet.

  80. Profile photo of appleridge

    Hey Could Jamey or someone give me some clarification here. That actors on GL and ATWT have their contracts thru P&G and not CBS. So if the show moved to another network say LIFETIME that the actors would have to move with it unless P&G cuts them , right?

    As far as Passions, werent the actors under contract originally to NBC and that is why when they moved to Direct TV they had to renegoiate?

    Jamey sorry to hear on POTW podcast you are taking some time off but its understandable

  81. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Thanks Appleridge, I know you guys will have fun with J Bernard and some of the others! It is my understanding that the contracts are with P&G. Don’t quote me, but I know when AW was cancelled, that is why Tom Eplin was moved over to ATWT, because he had a "play or pay" contract with P&G. So instead of writing him a check for the remainder of his contract, they farmed him over to ATWT to finish out his contract.

  82. Profile photo of bizziefan

    Jamey, just don’t stay gone too long!! You’ll be missed!

    But I do have a question, sorry to beat it into the ground – but would it be safe to say that if an actor has an exisiting contract with P&G that goes beyond September..then they would go where the show goes, and if their contract is up before then (even if they sign a temp. extension) then they would not.

    Also I have a question, what about the writers, such as Jill Lorie Hurst – is her contract with P&G or CBS?

    Thanks for all of your help Jamey!!

  83. Profile photo of Dariclone

    I really hope this happens! It would be a great place for the show to go, it seems like they’re really willing to give soaps a home.
    I just hope Canadian networks continue to carry it, as we don’t have a Lifetime network.

  84. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Bizzefan from what I can gather, all contracts would still apply. However, say if ABC wanted Tognoni, they could always offer to buy her out of her contract with GL, so could CBS. They could try to throw a little extra cash at the big names to keep them on the network, but it will all depend on if and when GL finds a new home.

  85. Profile photo of bizziefan

    Jamey, thanks for clarifying that for me. Money is truly the root of all money talks.

    Who is JLH employed by? if you know.

    And now I’m gonna put you on the spot (sorry:-) but how do you feel about this rumor? Do we stand a chance in your opinion, and if so how much of a chance that we will get a semi-recognizable Guiding Light? I would have to venture out and say that it would almost be a guarantee that IF Guiding Light is picked up by any other network that it would have to be somewhat recognizable or what is the point? I am going with the notion that another network would WANT that, that is what they would take off with and run with – what do you think? I guess I’m just gonna ask you does this rumor have legs or what?

    Okay, I’ll leave ya alone for a while Jamey! Thanks again!!:-)

    Fight to Save the Light!

  86. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    I’m sure Jill Lorie Hurst is employed by Procter and Gamble Productions/TeleNext. The network has some say, in terms of  hiring of writers, but they are employees of the production company. Okay, as for my gut opinion. It looks good. I wouldn’t have ran this story if I hadn’t heard from really reliable sources that the talks are happening and appear to be going well. Lifetime has a history with P&G/TeleNext. Remember Vanessa Marcil’s reality show Blush? It was produced by P&G/TeleNext, so they already have a working relationship. Plus Lifetime just signed a pact with Unilever, anoter soap manufacturer to produce Gigi Levange Grazer’s book "Maneater" as a mini-series. Gigi’s last book-to-mini series, The Starter Wife, was sponsored by Ponds, and aired on USA. It would only make sense for Lifetime to get into business with the company that basically invented branded content, just as Ad Age, Media Week, etc. is talking about branded content is all the rage. P&G has been able to sell their products via their soaps for 3/4ths of a century, they aren’t going to abandon that model without exploring every opportunity.

  87. Profile photo of bizziefan

    Thank you for your honesty Jamey and sharing with me what you think about all of this! I really do appreciate it!..and I’m gonna add I’m going with your gut!

  88. Profile photo of joeyconf

    I would definitely go to Lifetime if they picked up GL and/or ATWT. I wonder if Lifetime would actually be able to INCREASE the budget for sets a little bit. I’M TIRED OF CHARACTERS ON ALL THE SOAPS LIVING IN HOTELS AND LITTLE BITTY APARTMENTS.

  89. Profile photo of chris345

    Thanks for all your information Jammey.

    I listened to an interview that GT did with Michael F, she said her contract was coming up in June. So she could leave once it expires if she wants. All the gossip indicates she is wanted by other shows. Do you think p&G will counter offer to keep her? Perhaps Lifetime will throw in some promises for future projects on their network?

    Any hints at what storylines P&G are really behind and using to pitch the show? Like what you think their top three are right now.

  90. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    I have no clue about storylines, although, yeah come June Gina Tognoni will be the hottest commodity in soaps. I kow she has been fiercely loyal to Ellen Wheeler, and she could have left a few years back, when GH wanted her for Carly, but she stuck it out. Who knows what she will do next.

    IMO GL’s three best bets storywise are the full-blown Otalia romance, front and center, Phillip and Beth vs. Alan and Bill and Lizzie’s young love story. After that would be Dinah and Shayne vs. Edmund. Reva and Jeffrey do nothing for me and I wouldn’t pay to keep it going. If Reva and Josh can’t be together I would write Reva and Jeffrey a happy ending and retire those character before putting Josh with Blake. I would build on James Spaulding and fire Bonnie Dennison and hire a young Beth Ehlers-type for Daisy. I would keep Caitlin, simply because she has garnered the show mainstream press, but I would insist she work on her craft.

  91. Profile photo of chris345

    Thanks again Jamey..
    Even during GL worst time, Gina T has been given and delivered great performaces, so has Crystal C.
    If you watch soaps today, I’d be afraid to goto any of these soaps if I loved my craft. Promises are made and then never delivered. If you don’t want to travel to the west coast for Y&R, then you only have quality in OLTL (that’s getting iffy as well). So I could see why some of these actresses would stick with GL, they are getting great material to work with. Crystal,Gina, Marcy & Beth.

    I so agree with all you opinion about who to keep and who not to, I like Dinah&Shayne over Bill & Lizzie, but I like all of them.

    I also agree, if Reva isn’t getting with Josh then she needs to go, they can keep josh and hook him up with Blake.

    This seems like a ground breaking move for daytime at a time when the industry is under so much pressure.
    I would be nice to see a network carry soaps that truly would respect them at this time.

  92. Profile photo of Blithedale

    It doesn’t surprise me that Otalia would be a big part of P&G’s sales pitch. That story told as it has been (with traditional crafting) is what makes GL something new and different. The rest is great soap but nothing else says “we can tell stories for the new century.”

  93. Profile photo of Boobookitty

    Thanks Jamey for all your insights,
    I’ve tried watching other soaps over the years, but none have hooked me like GL over the last few months. I feel that they figured out that soap formulas had gotten well, formulaic, stale, and at a certain point too crazy for one to care to invest in. What brought me to GL, was this interest in actually crafting believable love stories that felt more human, epitomized by Otalia, and you get human foibles/strengths as part of the angst. But also, the strong through line of love as redemption, not just desire which I’m seeing in Phillip (yes, phillip), Shaynah and Otalia, and that’s what makes this show so resonate with me right now. I hope that ability to craft these visionary stories remains, wherever it lands. At times, I truly forget I’m watching a soap, and its a shame that it takes cancellation for some to finally take notice.

  94. Profile photo of Walash

    I would love to see GL find a home on Lifetime. I have never been a soap opera watcher but was drawn to GL two months ago by the Otalia storyline. I am amazed at the quality of the writing and the acting (the rest of the show is well done too). Lifetime has a history of airing positive LGBT stories, so I feel confident that the network would allow the Otalia storyline to progress unhindered. If Lifetime picks up GL, I certainly will be following it there.

  95. Profile photo of niauoil

    Thanks for the insight, Jamey. It’s great that more and more people, especially decision-makers, are taking notice of the power of the Otalia story line. P&G has a goldmine on their hands with Crystal and Jessica. I also agree with your assessment of the characters who would be strong going forward and which ones they could drop.

    Here’s hoping that going gay is the way!

  96. Profile photo of dmwolf

    I like the new production model. It makes things so much more personal and intimate. The old soap style just seems dated and rather “stagey”. I get so much more from the new production model. I hope they keep it when they go to Lifetime!

  97. Profile photo of chris345

    What’s the buzz on this now?? Not much being reported, sort of silent.

    Does seem that Zimmer is gone and I think she might have been gone before they announced the show was canned. I’m not even sure that she plans on hanging around after her contract ends in June. Which means that Reva would be gone in late July and early August.

    Now there seems to be some rumor that if GL goes to Lifetime it’s going to be a weekly primetime show.
    Somebody said the show will be about the spaldings, return to the Bauers and the younger generation of the Lewis family.

    This is all interesting, especially since there is lots of silence about what stars are wanted on what shows. The only one really being buzzed about is GT to OLTL (it’s in the weekly). But she doesn’t say what she is doing either way.

    I have wondered how this would work, because Sweeney who is Fron’s boss was rumored to halt his efforts to bring on some of these actors and actresses. Now Disney owns 50% of lifetime. Would there be a way to keep some of the desired actors or actress with the show should it jump to Lifetime and then promise them places on the ABC shows should things not work out.
    P&G really doesn’t have lots of working room to keep some actors, because they only can give an actor a 1yr promise, ATWT only has a yr contract.

    If CBS’s Bloom wants to keep some stars it would mean they have to head west. Now you get the rumor that B&B might be going to 1hr. Could this have something to do with …

    Silence never feels like a good thing

  98. Profile photo of Margie LaSala
    Margie LaSala

    I am hoping and praying that Guiding Light will be picked up by Lifetime. The show seems to be getting better and better and I can’t wait for the next episode. I have been watching GL for years and years and I will follow it anywhere it goes. I especially like the idea of it going to Lifetime. I think it would be great. Margie

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