Wishful Casting: What if Vivica A. Fox Returns to Y&R as Stephanie?

While discussing Bryton McClure being bumped to recurring on Y&R, a bit of inspiration hit me. Why doesn’t the CBS sudser simply bring back Vivica A. Fox as Stephanie Simmons? Back in the mid-90’s, the late Dru (Victoria Rowell) convinced her sister Liv (Tonya Lee Williams) to hook Malcolm up with Stephanie in order to keep Malcolm away from her and Lily. The relationship soured because Stephanie was too focused on her medical career, but in real life, Fox landed a role in Independence Day, and the rest as they say is history. Or is it?

Fox has since revealed to both TV Guide Canadas Nelson Branco and later to Daytime Confidential that she would be open to returning to the soap opera landscape. What if Stephanie left town pregnant with Malcolm’s child? She could bring the kid with her back to Genoa City, where she strikes up a bond with Malcolm’s brother Neil. Fox and Kristoff St. John sizzled opposite one another on the short-lived, groundbreaking NBC cult soap Generations. The star of film (Soul Food), television (Curb Your Enthusiam) and Direct-to-DVD (Motives) hits could garner the sudser much-needed mainstream buzz.

Urban audiences would line up to see a diva smackdown between America’s Top Model Eva Marcille and Fox, not to mention Larry David fans who have enjoyed Fox’s hilarious turn on Curb. Imagine if Y&R could also lure Shemar Moore back for a six week stint, ala Tuc Watkins on OLTL, to learn that another one of his baby mamas was getting coozy with his big bro! A high-voltage chocolate diva like Fox would be just the jolt of energy Y&R’s black storyline needs. Just a thought…

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    Jillian Bowe

    Jay you know I loves you but I’m soo praying to Bill Bell that he’ll haunt his daughter in law to cast Viv as Dru….. I can get into this but I think she’d be a badass Dru. Can you imagine she and Michelle, "The Staff" Stafford going toe-to-toe?! LORD mama’s about to speak in tounges again!

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    I could by that. Either bring her back as Stephanie or Dru. She could teach that Eva Marcielle how to act. I could even see her reading Chloe for messing with Lily. OH gosh.

    ***praying to the soap gods, if you hear me please get us VR or VF***

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    Sorry Jillian. You and I are usually in lock-step in reference to all things Y&R, but Vivica A. Fox can NOT be Drucilla Winters. There is something that is just not there. If Victoria Rowell is not “voted back onto the set”, Drucilla could successfully be recast with Jasmine Guy, Lisa Raye or Sanaa Lathan. It’s only my opinion. ;-)

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    Jillian Bowe

     Oh SoapSnob how could you! *LOL* Lemme start from the last chick on up..

    Sanaa: No too young and she’s not coming to Daytime anytime soon. Yeah people will say the economy but her daddy’s Stan Lathan so she has $$$ to kickback on and he can hook her up with a show if wants to.

    Lisa Rae: Uh how would we explain that midwest accent of hers? Unless she pulls a Vicki Wyndham. *LOL* (Sorry Jamey I couldn’t let that one go)

    Jasmine Guy: Too short for Dru. She was a model remember? No seriously I just can’t picture her as Dru… Just can’t.

    Vivica is the best solutiion imo. What’s not there as Dru? She can pull that off and more..

    Smitty you and I are on the same page, lets hold a prayer vigil for Viv to be NuDru!

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    Jamey Giddens

    Jillian, I aint tripping on Victoria Wyndham, LOL soap history stands on my side, she is one of the most popular, well respected actresses in the history of the genre. Two or three years of a faux-British accent did not negate that. While my Vicky Wyndham was roaring ferociously through dialogue with the precision of a trained, theater thespian, your Melody Thomas Scott was asking someone to put those menthol tears in her eyes so she could cry!

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    I could see Vivica as an entirely new character, but NOT Drucilla Barber Winters. Victoria Rowell left an indelible mark on that role. Jasmine Guy and Lisa Raye could do it. Jasmine is a dancer and she has the classy and sassy element that became the essence of Drucilla down pat. Lisa Raye is strikingly beautiful and can bring the classy and sassy too. Plus, both these ladies would have great chemistry with Kristoff St. John. Sanaa was definitely my long shot suggestion, but when I saw her on Nip/Tuck, all I could think was, “She is channeling Drucilla Winters from Y&R.” Sanaa has really grown as an actress and she would definitely bring a different interpretation of the character while keeping her real. In much the same way that Jess Walton did when she became Jill Foster Abbott after Brenda Dickson. (However, allow me to be VERY clear, Brenda Dickson will ALWAYS be Jill Foster Abbott to me.) :-) At any rate, Y&R needs Drucilla back on the canvas or a VIABLE love interest for Neil.

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    Jillian Bowe

    SoapSnob, this is where my no good er I mean my good hubby Jamey and I will unite… *LOL* Lisa Raye can not be Dru sorry but she really can’t. The Mid-West accent is one thing and she’s just not Dru period.

    Monamis, what’s wrong with tattoos? If they can let Kristoff roam around that set during love scenes tatted up why can’t Vivica? I think her acting would overshaddow any markings no?

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    No doubt Jillian. I’m not into tatoos myself, but I’m only playing. I would Flove seeing Vivica’s handlebars in a scene with KSJ! ROFLMAO! Fer sure.

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    I do not want to see Lisa Raye as a recast Dru. No sir!

    Now I had some ideas for some other actresses that could come on as potential love interests for Neil. How about Vanessa Williams (Melrose Place one) or Nicole Ari Parker…now they can act. I loved them on the tv show Soul Food.

    Speaking of Melrose Place…Jasmine Guy played a great villian on their. I could see her on Y&R.

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    Jillian Bowe

    Smitty I thought we were sharing something special there until you mentioned Vanessa Williams and Jasmine Guy… I’d take Jass over Vanessa. She ain’t Dur at all… Nicole also.

  11. Profile photo of Smitty

    Jillian I am not saying Vanessa or Nicole for a Dru recast. Now I don’t think either of them could pull that off. I think they could be good as new characters and love interest for Neil.

    Now Jasmine possibly for a Dru recast, but I would take Vivica before Jasmine.

    Maybe they could cast Davetta Sherwood as Dru…LMAO…just kidding!

  12. Profile photo of monamis

    The biggest challenge with some of these actresses will be passing the paper bag test at Y&R. Great suggestions though. I propose the following:

    With paper bag test…
    Malcolm: Boris Kodjoe
    SORASD Anna: Journey Smollett/Christina Millian
    New Tyra: Paula Patton
    New Dru: Shari Headley

    No Paper bag test…

    Dru: Tasha Smith/Vanessa Bell Calloway/ Sheryl Lee Ralph
    SORASD Anna: Keke Palmer
    Tyra: Gabrielle Union

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    Jillian Bowe

    LMAO! Smitty your a devil. Nicole for a love interest for Neil…. I can get down with that. I’m going to do that, "Secret," thing Oprah talked about where you visualize and speak on it maybe it will happen that Viv will be on Y&R and possibly Dru… *Sigh* Her squaring off against Michelle Stafford’s Phyllis…. MAN!

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    Monamis, I’m feeling you about Tasha Smith being a possible recast for Drucilla. Did ya’ll see her in “Why Did I Get Married?”? Ms. Smith would chew the scenery on Y&R and I wish Michelle Stafford would spit in her face. LOL!!!!

  15. Profile photo of Smitty

    Tasha Smith as Dru is a HELL TO THE NAW!!!

    She was good in “Why Did I Get Married?” but she definitely ain’t getting an Oscar for her work.

  16. Profile photo of akbad806

    Come on, just imagine Tasha’s gritty performance. I think she’s a hell of a lot better than Jasmine Guy, who is WAY too old and short for the role, or Shari Headley. Headley ain’t got the fire it takes to portray Dru. But who are we kidding, we all want Victoria Rowell back. Don’t we?

  17. Profile photo of Smitty

    I like Tasha Smith don’t get me wrong but as Dru…NO SIR!!! I just don’t think her style of acting would gel with Y&R.

    Shari Headley…definitely not a dru recast. A potential love interest could be good.

    We all want Victoria Rowell back but I would take Vivica and then Jasmine for the role.

  18. Profile photo of akbad806

    Okay, I’ve got an idea that would finally integrate the AA characters on Y&R with the rest of the cast. Colleen, still mourning Brad’s death, throws a party at the Carlton house where Billy, Chloe, Lily, Cane, JT, Victoria, Devon, Roxanne, Daniel, Amber, Kevin, and Jana attend along with other college students from GCU. We start to see Colleen developing a taste for alcohol before this and she begins having blackouts. A black guy named Tim Maddox appears with the intentions of finally getting Colleen into bed and forces himself on her the night of the party. Surprise, surprise, when she names Devon as her rapist!!! A trial takes places while everyone chooses sides and Devon objects to Neil’s attempts to comfort him. Lily and Colleen also end their friendship because of the false accusations. What does everyone think?

  19. Profile photo of monamis

    Thank you for having my back akbad! I’m still feeling Tasha though. My girl is fierce and beautiful! She would light a match under Neil’s behind!

  20. Profile photo of akbad806

    LOL!!! Tasha Smith and Eric Braden in a scene would make my day. I can see it now:

    Victor: Drucilla, now that you’re back, I must inform you that your position here at Newman Enterprises is currently occupied. Jill Abbott is overseeing the cosmetics line.
    Drucilla (played by Tasha Smith) cocks her head to the side.
    Drucilla: I worked my ass off to get to where I am and two years of being presumed dead doesn’t change anything.
    Victor: We’ll discuss this at a later date. Please show yourself out.
    Drucilla: (sitting at Victor’s desk) Okay, you think you gon’ dismiss me? Well, I don’t think so. I’m gettin’ my job back as director of Newman Cosmetics whether you like it or not.

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