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Home And Away has recently sparked a bit of controversy down under. After 21 years, the soap is telling its first lesbian storyline between Charlie Buckton (Esther Anderson) and Joey Collins (Kate Bell). The reaction to this storyline is very reminiscent of As The World Turns’ Nuke and their first kiss. Before this kiss aired, family groups were up in arms calling for Seven to cut the scene. Seven held steady however, and kept the scene intact. They will continue to allow the storyline to play out.

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    So Charlie and Joey are the lesbians – cute :)

    I gave up watching H&W just because it’s too darn hard trying to find Aussie soap eps online :( I can’t really comment on the story, but I give the kiss a thumbs up! Though Joey looks *really* young, lol.

    Any thoughts on the story John?

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    it’s so awesome that Seven did not back down from showing Jolie’s (Joey/Charlie) storyline. There’s enough backwards-thinking going on all over the world, they sure did help up the notch. Kudos to Seven!

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    Youtube ;) H&A is easy to find, Neighbours………-.- dang FM lol, I can find it at uk pace but finding aus is a pain -.-.

    Anyways I think this storyline is MUCH better then Otalia imo.

    We have seen Charlie with other men, but none of the relationships lasted long (First with Roman who was still in love with Martha, and then with Angelo who ‘killed’ her partner) Joey came onto the scene, the story slowly progressed but by SLOW i do not mean at a crawl lol. The two devloped a friendship and when Joey was kidnapped by her crazy rapist (…gotta love soaps lol) and almost killed Charlie saved the day and then the above scene happened.

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    @hybridstar –

    Ah so Jolie is their squish! Thanks.

    Also just a note, The kiss will also air in the UK on five when it airs next week :) (UK is two weeks behind on H&A)

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    John, searching for things on YouTube is too hard for me! You know I always get confused about which eps are the latest, even with the ep #s, lol. I swear, I’m always like “Ah this is the latest ep!” and then I click into it and it’s from a year ago :)

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    It’s pretty easy finding the episodes, youtube has them. and backtothebay.com has them in their forum. :) and different torrent sites upload them too. :)

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    They have them in their forums?? Cool! That should be easier than trying to find the most current ones on Youtube :)

    And if anyone knows where I can find Neighbours online – can you let me know?? I’d really appreciate it. John gave me a link to someone who posted eps, but they’ve stopped and I’m missing it. :(

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    Charlie is 25, Joey is 20.

    Joey does look ALOT younger imo, I am glad she is involved in Charlies storyline though and not the reason Adelle has been utterly destroyed -.- dang you DRUGS! Well wait i can actually go back and blame it on the whole cancer cluster mess i guess…

    Anyone here have any big clue to what the ‘year long mystery’ is yet?

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    I kinda think Joey looks a lot younger than Charlie, but I’m really please ch 7 stuck to their guns and aired the kiss – after all the hoo ha over it, I didn’t think they would… so good on them.  I’m not sure it’s the first lesbian storyline on H&A though, I read somewhere else that one of the other characters left the show in a gay storyline – either Tammin’s or Isla Fisher’s maybe? Gah, my memory sucks today!!

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    I read something in a interview with the actress that played Pippa, she said that they did ‘send off’ someone with another woman before, but she left it vauge so I didn’t know if the storyline was as vauge or not.

    By the way i just looked up the actresses age, (the above was characters) Esther (Charlie) is 29, Kate (Joey) is 25 going on 26.

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