Take A Tour of the New General Hospital!

Take a look and tell us what you think!

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    Oh Wow!! That is so exciting for the actors and crew!!

    They have a conference room! No more ‘conferring’ in the supply closets!

    how cool. I hope that GH gets a really long run! I hope that all the actors, crew and staff get to keep their jobs for so long! – They are so lucky (blessed I guess, some worked hard to get and keep those jobs, many doing things they didn’t want to do on a continual basis to keep their jobs) to have these creative and lucrative jobs!

    I love Daytime!!

    Becky Herbst is the coolest! What a doll! No wonder peeps love her! I hope her fans and work ethic keep her around forever. and GIVE CHARLSON A dang story already!

    thanks for posting this guys!

  2. Profile photo of KMRDaytime

    I would rather the old sets and real character-driven stories… All the fancy sets in the world can not hide the fact that the stories are an incoherent, inconsistent mash-up of everything we have seen before.

    Flashy, new sets won’t bring this viewer back — let me know when their are new writers and I might consider it…

  3. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    From a production value, yes they are nice, I enjoyed them on NS. It does have a better hospital feel than the old sets. BUT you are right KMRDaytime, new sets don’t mean squat without a good story behind it.

  4. Profile photo of justloveskate

    Re New Sets: To quote Shaina “That don’t impress me much” This former viewer would rather see well writen s/l’s and more of my fav’s. Where’s SKate? Where’s Liason? Lets tone down Scrubs a bit (at least make Robin grow up) Get rid of the Claw for good. That might impress me enough to watch again

  5. Profile photo of snizzle

    Awww, call me sentimental but I miss the old GH set that I grew up with.

    The new set looks nice but I still won’t be tuning back into GH until they get a new HW and put the mob on the backburner. I’m very pessimistic about all the ABC soaps until Frons is replaced.

  6. Profile photo of ladyofthelake

    The new set looks really good. It actually looks very similar to a hospital near me. Really nice. I like it.

    I’m still watching GH, I don’t care about the old GH set. I’m really looking forward to it. Shocking since almost everyone who posted doesn’t watch anymore. I like what I see.

  7. Profile photo of Jenny

    LMAO…..snizzle. I was surprised she was there til the end of the clip. I’m so use to her disappearing after 2 seconds.

    When BH said “Nice colors…..”, I yelled out “….but your show SUCKS!!”


  8. Profile photo of ConqueringBlue

    I think the new set looks awesome. Very much like a “real” hospital, but I agree with those who said the writing needs a facelift, as well. There has been so much focus on the PPD storyline and stupid Claudia lately that I haven’t been tuning in much. I love Robin and Patrick but I hate what this storyline is doing to them. And Claudia is dragging the entire show down with her. I hate her, I could care less if she gets caught I just want her off my screen. Too many characters are being pulled into her orbit now, and the show is suffering big time because of it. She needs to go. Like, YESTERDAY.

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