Wishful Casting: Michael Trevino as General Hospital’s Dante

Okay, while liveblogging Days of Our Lives grad Blake Berris on tonight’s episode of The Mentalist, I saw the PERFECT person to play the much-talked about Son of Sonny on General Hospital, Michael Trevino! This kid looks just like a young Maurice Benard, and, he can act, if you don’t believe me, check out his turn as Jamie Vega on the short-lived CBS sudser Cane. He did a pretty impressive job as the son of Jimmy Smits, so I bet he could hold his own with Benard. Plus the kid also looks like he could be Lisa LoCicero‘s son, which sorry, Tom Pelphrey does NOT! 

Trevino also has a recurring role on 90210—we won’t hold that against him. GH casting director Mark Teschner needs to get this boy on the phone PRONTO! Check out the You Tube clips below! Dante has been found!

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    The first time I saw Michael Trevino was on Cowbelles (don’t judge! I watched because it had Jack Coleman, and I support Steven Carrington!). Horrible movie, but he wasn’t bad.

    Then I saw the cast for Cane (being Hispanic, I felt kind of honor bound to watch the show. Decent, not great, but I miss it) and he was there, and that was a good thing.

    I’m forced to watch 90210 with my mother because she has to watch where the computer is and there’s nothing on tv worth watching for me at this time to pull me away. But I saw him again, and it was a pleasant surprise. I had wished that they would have done more with Ozzie, but they didn’t.

    In short, I’m a fan of Michael Trevino. And I didn’t even think about him being Dante, but now that it’s in my head? I say yes. Yes, please.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Gush David Lago is SOOOO overrated. He did nothing on Y&R that screamed ‘break out’. Then he went and showed his behind at the Emmys. I aint trying to feel him. Pelphrey is okay, but I suspect he would ham it up and chew scenery, just like her did on GL. Been there. Seen that. Angry chest beating, loud yelling, etc.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Michael Trevino is 24, Tom Pelphrey is 27 and David Lago is 30. They can play fast and loose with the age, just as long as Dante is older than Michael, Morgan and Kristina. I mean, come on, Maxie was born years before Lulu, now they are the same age.  

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    Given the child actors they’ve had portraying Sonny’s biological children on the show thus far, I’d just appreciate an actor–ANY ACTOR–that tacitly acknowledges Maurice Bernard’s ancestry.

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    he’s hot he’s Italian and his name is actually FALCONE! JOHNNY FALCONE hello?!? DANTE FALCONERI… and he totally looks like Sonny!! can he be more perfect??



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