Bryton McClure Now Staying “Restless?” has reported that The Young and the Restless star, Bryton McClure has not been taken off contract. The actor contacted the site to say that the news floating around is a rumor and he’s not going anywhere.  Who is he Effie White? Seriously folks we’ll keep you updated on this latest development.

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    Yeah, now I’m one step closer to my dream couple…Chevon: Chloe/Devon!

    Thank goodness, they should at least try to cut the POC firing down to one a month.

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    I’ve been enjoying Devon as of late. He appears to be the voice of reason in the family. Today’s US episode offered him serving up Tyra a plate of confrontation while attempting to help Karen diffentiate between Tyra’s role in the deteriorating marriage and Tyra’s role in Ana’s life.

    Ironically Olivia makes appearances to meddle (“Lily, are you sure you want to be with Cane again”? and “Ashley, are you sure you want to be with Victor again?”) as well Devon appears to shake sense into the minds or verbally kick the ass of his family members.

    I’m siding with Monamis – bring on the Chevon! Since its just a matter of time before Chloe and Billy split.

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    They need to keep him. It’s hard to find a young, sexy man of color who can act. Since they wanna write Chloe as the interloper for Billy & Mac, maybe Devon can give her some jungle fever…

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    THEBEST, I disagree, there are plenty of young, sexy MOC who can act. The problem is Y&R isn’t looking for them. And once they do get them, what do they do with them? Use them as extras.

    Dru was necessary not only because she was the center of the Winters that made the storyline interesting, but because she could offer tutelage on how to write storylines for the Winters, which this chick MAB and her team of merry men have proven they cannot do.

    Look at how many impressive MOC who have done movies line up to audition for a soap, or commercials. If they want them, they will come. They are available and not as hard to find as one might think. This is the same excuse corporate america gives, and because they haven’t built the relationships to attract qualified, candidates, they hire the first person of color that comes to mind, whether qualified or not. e.g. Eva Marcille, Clarence Thomas, etc. This becomes a self fulfilling prophecy that proves to them, talent among people of color is scarce, when its a fallacy.

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