David Lago Back to Y&R!

It appears that most of the gang’s back in Genoa City these days. In May, former The Young and the Restless star David Lago will return as Raul Guittierez, according to CBS’s Soaps in Depth. No word on how long the Emmy winner’s sticking around and what brings Raul back to town. So much for him being Dante Corinthos on General Hospital. Now if we can close our eyes and open to see my beloved Heather Tom as Victoria and Raul’s brother Diego (Greg Vaughan) back onscreen sweating up the Newman barn when JT (Thad Luckinbill) enters, while Drucilla’s slapping the taste out of Tyra’s mouth….

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    I am really hope that Drucilla comes back and Maria Arena Bell gets rid of that “can’t ACT to save her life” Eva (Tyra). I cannot stand to watch when that wretch on the screen. Poor Kristoff St. John to be stuck with that idiot. Eva should just stick to modeling because she doesn’t have to speak. I cannot understand what overcame Maria Bell to hire a person who did not pass Acting 101 in school! Can someone please grant my wish and contact Maria Bell and tell her to get rid of Eva because she is making a bad example for black people. Its bad enough that the black folks on Y&R dont have a good storyline, but that wretch is just bringing down the people of color.

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    The only interesting thing about Raul in his many years on the show was David Lago’s Emmy acceptance speech.

    “Now if we can close our eyes and open to see my beloved Heather Tom as Victoria and Raul’s brother Diego (Greg Vaughan) back onscreen sweating up the Newman barn”

    Victoria doesn’t even have a pulse, much less sweat glands.

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    disillusioned GH fan

    I don’t think there is an actor out there that would take the role of “dante” right now. It’s widely known that people are tuning out GH and their ratings are dropping. Not to mention that the viewers are over anything mob related. It’s not a good career move to become part of the Sonny-Jason-Carly mobhospital hour no one is watching and everyone is panning!

    Now, if the casting called for someone not related to the mob, thats a coup right there!! …unless your name is “ethan” or “notemily”. LOL!

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    Melvins mom

    I actually wish the writers would try to bring back Lauren Woodland, aka Brittany Hodges instead. I’d love to see JT’s “princess” go head-to-head with Victoria at business and over JT. Besides, that guy desperately needs a story. Better yet, maybe she spark some life into Cane if we have to keep him on our screens.

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    AWWWWW! The Glow By Jabot gang is all here! well, sadly, everyone but Brit. That was the storyline that got my hook, line and sinker in love with Y&R! And yep, I going to second (and 3rd and 4th) the motion to get rid of Tyra. Writing Karen as a wretched shrew these days is awful. They want us to think Tyra is better than Karen?! No way. KSJ DOES deserve better than this current storyline. But again, very glad Raul is returning. Let’s hope he’s around at least a week before Sharon hops in bed w/HIM too……..uuuuugh. (This coming from a Sharon fan….sorta….)

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    Hopefully they can get Ausileen to fall for someone that will leave town with her in tow. Perhaps Raul will be the one… crossing fingers!

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     Well I’m excited for his return! I always like Raul! But I think there’s another person who needs to come back for good! Brittany Hodges! Lauren Woodland! Then JT would have story! It would be a Glo by Jabot House reunion!

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    Jillian Bowe

    Mel I’d like for Brittany to come back but sorry it can’t be via your beloved Marcy. Marcy can go to OLTL as Sarah Roberts. She’d kill in that role. Lauren should come on back to the nest. *LOL*

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    Intriguing idea – Rafe & Raul.

    I do think that Rafe leaned towards flirtatious with Adam in the scene in which Adam learned Estella was Rafe’s aunt. Having Rafe be the character who reveals their homosexuality, though not as provocative as either Adam or Abby, would offer Rafe a storyline other than being lawyer to the Winters, Billy and Adam.

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    Wow, he looked way better back in the DAY. ;-)
    He doesn’t age that well. But he’s still cute.

    Gotta love the latins.

    And I love that lawyer dude that is Adam’s friend from college. He’s cute. They need to give that boy a story.

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    Can anyone say……Nina’s long-lost son? LOL

    Rowell doesn’t deserve to return to Y&R after what she said about some of her colleagues (namely Peter Bergman) in that very public radio interview. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to work with her.

    She really wants to WRITE for the show, anyway, and not act. She wants complete creative control over her character.

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    I hope Raul’s return, will not only be with Billy and Mac. I hope JT figures in there too. I wish they would bring back Brittany too.

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    Jillian Bowe

    Coffee_Junke to be fair though, Peter did speak out about Victoria BEFORE the DC interviewe and Tony Geary gets to write on GH…. Raul’s not Nina’s long lost son, there has been no indication that he’s adopted and did she have him for someone Spanish?

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