Dean Geyer Singing Happy Birthday

Here is another song sung by the talented Dean Geyer who plays Ty Harper on Neighbours, this time he sang a Happy Birthday song to Mickey Gannon (Fletcher O’Leary), Dean Geyer’s last air date is April 30th.

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    Awesome! I only began watching last year, I love this show so much, I really loved the music from this past year (Dean/Catlin) and I HATE that they both had to leave, I mean i understand wanting to move on to do bigger things/ study but arg they were my favorite characters -.-.

    Hopefully the kiss of death (that is my love for characters) will not result in the death of Ty -.- I already killed Marco on this show -.-.

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    It’s been a long time since I watched Neighbours.

    Wherever I live and whichever soap is on, I watch. When I was little Neighbours was on so I watched that, then they showed Emmerdale and I loved that one, also the first couple of season of Hollyoaks.
    I moved to England and watched eastenders and some Brookside, is that still on? it was so hard to understand what they were saying, that Liverpool accent I tell ya.
    The only soaps I really can’t stand are the latin telenovelas ones. Too much!

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    Brookside was canceled in 2003 ;-/, but that is AWESOME, i would love to see the first couple of seasons of Hollyoaks lol (Probably better then the current stuff -.-).

    @Daisy –

    T______T If Ty Harper dies I will just have to toss my hands up and stop watching soaps because before to long everyone will be dead but the Melanies of the soap world -.-

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    EXACTLY! He has been the guy i have been saying should be ETHAN! He is awesome, he is talented, he can sing, but if he left Neighbours to do GH i would be PISSED lol, because that is like going from a show like OLTL (/YR) and then coming to GH(/Amc) lol.

    Dean Geyer (the actor) is in L.A. trying to get a job now, I really REALLY wish he would be a recast Ethan :) (I would moan about it but still having DG on my screen again would make me happy lol)

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    I think GH fans would take to him instantly. Besides being talented, he’s cute and very likeable (leave it to me to point out really shallow things). And his accent is authentic, lol

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    Dean is actually from South Africa :) 

    You should totally talk to Brooke about him, she knows alot more, but Dean was a former Australian Idol (

    But I don’t think he would do GH, he had alot of problems with the storylines they had Ty do that were against his religion. (Premarital sex, drugs), so I dont see him fitting in as Luke Spencers (possible) son lol, unless he is a Lucky clone lol.

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    Ah Dean…. I tell you, if he goes to GH then I would have to start watching that soap and darnit! I don’t need another soap to watch!!!  He sang quite well there, didn’t he? 

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    LOL, see that would be a reason to have Dean on GH :), then you could see Matt :) And no one really needs another soap, but hey it can’t really hurt….can it?

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