Grading Amber Tamblyn’s The Unusuals

Last night Amber Tamblyn’s The Unusuals premiered after Lost. I don’t know what you all thought, but I really enjoyed it. It was quirky without being crazy. Tamblyn’s character Casey Shraeger is a Park Avenue princess who turned her back on "the sweet life" to become a detective. Now she’s been transferred to the Homicide unit from Vice and her boss, Sergeant Harvey Brown, reveals that he’s had her transferred into his unit help him clean it up and uncover what is really going on.

Tamblyn is paired with Jeremy Renner, who portrays her new partner Detective Jason Walsh. I found them to be an oddly perfect combination. Like ABC’s other new crime drama Castle, both actors anchor the show and had great chemistry. What separates The Unusuals from Castle is that unlike Castle, The Unusuals doesn’t still need to flesh out its "supporting" characters or provide us with their motivation. I love Nathan Fillion in Castle and will be watching it each week, but its supporting characters aren’t quite where they need to be, yet.

All in all I’d give the episode a solid A and will definitely being tuning in next week.

What grade do you give The Unusuals?

Grading Amber Tamblyn's The Unusuals

  • F (12%, 21 Votes)
  • D (5%, 8 Votes)
  • C (11%, 18 Votes)
  • B (29%, 49 Votes)
  • A (43%, 74 Votes)

Total Voters: 170


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13 Responses

  1. Profile photo of elvara

    I just saw the ratings for “The Unusuals”. They are not good at all and they had “Lost” as a lead. I frankly saw nothing special about it.

  2. Profile photo of snizzle

    I missed it..maybe ABC will make it available online?

    Honestly it’s difficult to get invested in any new show these days since the networks have no patience and pull the cord before they can build an audience.

  3. Profile photo of pxlbarrel

    I quite enjoyed it. Lost as lead in may not be the best for this show… (How is Lost doing in the ratings?) I’m not sure the audience is the same.

    It was quirky and it moved fast. Amber finally has a role that I don’t see her as a little girl. LOL I thought she was great.

    Thought it funny when they showed one of the cops watching GH on the station tv. Had Zacrazy Bruce Weitz on screen. LOL

  4. Profile photo of samrocks

    I caught the GH scenes, too! House used to do that as well.

    As for Amber, I thought she was fabulous, and I was relieved to learn that she looked like a hooker for a reason.

    Can’t wait to see more!

  5. Profile photo of kerfuffles

    I really liked it! I agree that all of the characters had good backstories and made me want to learn more. I was also happy to see Jeremy Renner back on my screen. He’s been a favorite actor of mine for a long time, but he’s not been in a lot of things.

    But I agree with snizzle that I find myself hesitant to like it too much with the networks cancelling shows right and left these days. Case in point: I think the show Kings is amazing with great promise. But it has a mythology to it that requires some investment. It’s sort-of like a Dirty Sexy Money on acid. Sure enough, it’s getting cancelled–along with DSM. Sooooo frustrating.

  6. Profile photo of SusieQ

    I love Amber, but does tv really need another cop show on the air? I wish she was in something a little more interesting. I guess I’m not the only one feeling that way considering the ratings. It probably doesn’t help that a lot of Life on Mars fans are probably boycotting the show because they’re mad at ABC and it’s in LOM’s timeslot. Oh, and then you have the Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy money and Eli Stone fans not even bothering with the network at all anymore. ABC sure is making itself lots of fans lately -lol!

  7. Profile photo of kerfuffles

    The ratings for its airing last night weren’t great, but they weren’t really terrible. I think it had 6.8 million viewers, which was about a million and a half more than Life on Mars in the same time slot in its last few weeks. If it loses viewers over the next few weeks rather than at least holding steady if not gaining more, then I think it will be in serious trouble.

    I’m so sick of good tv shows getting cancelled while all of this reality dreck stays on the air, so I’m really rooting for it to succeed.

  8. Profile photo of Johnathon

    I didn’t tune in, I didn’t like the promos for the show (they just seemed….kinda dumb lol) so i didnt tune in, also with it being a mid season show I am nost holding my breath for it to survive.

  9. Profile photo of kmk137

    i agree with a lot of what you all said…. its hard to start watching a new show when who knows how long it will be around. But I really liked it! It really is the first thing since GH that I see Amber as an adult not a little girl! And I thought the GH is the background was funny but they should have bugged him about watching a soap more….no cops do I know that would let that slide!

  10. Profile photo of timepass

    I watch it because of AT, I love her and she is believable.

    I must be the odd cuckoo, because I did NOT like Jeremy Renner, at all. I did not buy him as a cop, I thought he was a bad actor and frankly he ass nothing to the show!

    I thought it was funny in an unusual way, but I would be very surprised if it survived!

    I am starting to think that ABC is incapable of producing good show and may NOT start watching it’s new show, since I invest myself in a new show and get the rug pull under my feet, after a couple of episode!

  11. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I had it on DVR and watched last night. I really wanted to like this show and I think I could like this show, so I gave it a C, but really it left me a little flat. Loved AT in this role. She is the best part of the show by a mile. I liked Jeremy renner well enough and I think the chemistry between the two will grow if the show is given a chance.

    What I didnt like is actually what Luke loved – the supporting cast. I am a fan of HP but was only so-so on his portrayal of a guy afraid to die at 42. Liked even less the guy from Friends that plays brain cancer guy who apparently cant be killed. And then there is the Edgar dude that keeps repeating his name and trying to hog the credit for everyone’s work.

    Lastly, why is half the cast made up to look like they just stepped off the lOM set. I get cops arent necessarily fashion forward during work, but they look like they are trying to revive the 70’s singlehandedly. And the sets – they look like they are from LOM too – and cheap too. Its funny we had all this discussion this week about GH’s new sets and HD format and this show proves the point I was trying to make with GH – when things look off, when the look cheesy, it takes you out of the moment and makes you think about it being a tv show, instead of being in the moment like we are with say Lost or 24.

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