Wishful Casting: A Martinez as Rafe’s Father on DAYS

Okay I am going to go on the record. I am not sad to see Ray Montez heading out of Llanview. A Martinez is one of my all-time favorite soap actors, but that character, complete with that goofy accent, is beyond ridiculous! Sure, he is starting to heat up opposite Dorian (Robin Strasser), but it’s too little, too late.

One Life to Live has too many characters anyway. Now I know what you’re thinking. Why the h-e-double-hockey-sticks can’t that hot mess Stacy (Crystal Hunt) kick rocks on her way out of town then? Trust me, I, and everyone else here at Daytime Confidential agree with you, but since Martinez is on his way out anyway, I say he return to the network that made him a soap superstar in the first place. Days of Our Lives should bring Martinez on board as Rafe’s father. Just think of Galen Gering as Cruz Castillo’s son, it would be epic!

Maybe Rafe isn’t his real name? Maybe he’s Cruz’s son Chip Castillo, the one he had with Mason’s wife Victoria, and later raised with his beloved Eden (Marcy Walker), until Eden went bat shit crazy and split into 20 or 30 alters? When Cruz left town, he took the rap for a crime he didn’t commit to protect his daughter BJ (Sydney Penny), leaving his younger children, Chip and Adrianna in the care of his sister-in-law-turned-lover Kelly Capwell (Eileen Davidson). What if a rebellious Chip ran away as a teen? He could have changed his name to Rafe. What if Cruz has been looking for his long lost son all these years? If anyone knows what Martinez could bring to the table at DAYS, it’s Gary Tomlin. DAYS executive producer wrote for Santa Barbara for three years (1987-90).

I have to admit I was too hard on Gering and his former Passions costar Eric Martsolf. Both actors have proven good additions to the DAYS canvas, it just irked me that at the same time so many of my beloved favorites were being shown the door, they were coming in, but that wasn’t their fault. To further cement Gering’s Rafe to the canvas, however, the character needs a family of his own, and one of NBC daytime’s most popular heroes ever as his dad would be a good start. I don’t know if NBC owns the rights to the Cruz Castillo character, or if those rights are retained by the Dobsons—seriously, it would take Perry Mason himself to understand what went down with that messy lawsuit—but if Martinez can’t come on as Cruz, then DAYS should create a new role for Martinez, and still have him turn out to be related to Rafe. Imagine Martinez sharing hot, sexy scenes with Lauren Koslow (Kate), or Suzanne Rogers (Maggie). Martinez would be just the nod to the past NBC Daytime needs as it heads into an uncertain future.

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    i love A as cruz i hate him as ray that PHONEY accent
    sounds like some one from TJ

    i like the idea of him as rafe’s dad as long as he has his normal voice

    funny side note before galen got the part
    on days he was in talks with oltl for a hispanic story line
    i am SOOOOO GLAD HE did not get any part of the montez storyline LOVE MY GALEN AS RAFE ;)

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    Anything that brings A Martinez back to daytime i’m all for!!! The fact that he,Forbes March,and Victoria Rowell are not on daytime is an enigma wrapped in a riddle for me. When A leaned in to kiss Robin Strasser yesterday I just about had a heart attack. The man is at least 20years older than I am, but he oozes more sex appeal than Jared,Sexy Rexy,and Cristian combined. The only down-size to your wishful casting…..i’d have to watch DOOL…ugh! I’ve already weaned myself down off of AMC and GH(Down to Y&R and OLTL)The thought of the talented A Martinez working for Ken Corday is painful to even think about. The thing is Mr.Martinez is just talented enough to drag me into a DOOL storyline and sell it to boot,and i’m starved enough for good acting that they would probably pull me in.

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    Hmm interesting idea. If I remeember correctly Cruz had a brother named Rafe in the later years of SB. They could be brothers or maybe Chip was raised by his uncle thanks to Cruz running off and took his uncle’s name to reject his father and accept the man who did raise him.

    I think I’d rather him as a new character though. I like to think that Cruz and Eden are living happily ever after.

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    Good one, I’m all for it! Rafe definitely needs a family and more background. I haven’t seen A Martinez only once or twice on screen since Santa Barbara and would love to see him, again. What a wonderful addition would be to DAYS.

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    TPTB need to take note that fans want A to stay as Ray on OLTL. He was never on contract so he can be invited back to the show. Now that the character is given the material to flesh him out, fans are liking him, especially with Dorian. In fact, ABC needs to offer this fine actor a contract!

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    ‘ I have to admit I was too hard on Gering and his former Passions costar Eric Martsolf. Both actors have proven good additions to the DAYS canvas, it just irked me that at the same time so many of my beloved favorites were being shown the door, they were coming in, but that wasn’t their fault.’

    Being one of the few Passions fans here, it does my heart good to read those words. Thank you Jamey! You made my Good Friday….LOL

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    As a long time fan of Days, here are the casting changes that the soap should make that wouldn’t leave the show with an empty bank account, but might keep long time fans from tuning out. The show should bring back Wally Kurth and Judi Evans as Justin and Adrienne Kiriakis. They were a popular couple in the late 80’s and both actors are solid. It’s obvious to me that Dena is liking the DiMera and Kiriakis feud, so since that is the direction she is going, maybe bringing back these two characters and actors would get long time fans like me to watch more often. It would be smart of the soap to also bring back any of their children: Alexander Neil Kiriakis (son; with Anjelica) ,Victor Kiriakis, II (son; twin; adopted) ,Joseph Kiriakis (son; twin; adopted) or Jackson Kiriakis (son; with Adrienne). The storylines are endless and both actors have worked on other soaps, so they might just bring a few new fans with them as well. Perhaps the mystery character Wes Ramsey is playing will turn out to be a Kiriakis!

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