Performer of the Week: Susan Lucci

UPDATE: Found a clip of Susan Lucci. Check it out after the jump starting at 2.13 in the clip. It is worth the watch.

It has been so long since I’ve been able to say anything remotely positive about All My Children that a scene on today’s episode was like having water poured on a wilting plant in the middle of the desert.

Susan Lucci did an outstanding job as the pressure of life, children and lack of love bore down on her and made her explode in a tirade or tears where she told Ryan she was tired of worrying about everyone else and wanted to get back to doing what she did best, making everything about her. The dialogue was great, Lucci’s delivery was spot on and for the first time in years I can actually say something positive about Cameron Mathison’s Ryan Lavery. His expression as Erica had the melt down and then, as she started to cry, he took her in his arms and hugged her comfortingly, were comical, sad and refreshing.

Susan Lucci’s performance today is definitely my pick for Performer of the Week and as soon as I find a clip of it on You Tube I’ll update this post.

Who is your Performer of the Week?

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    Luke Kerr

    I believe it is a screencap from next week’s episode. Erica has to take a bath after getitng covered in auto oil after their care breaks down on today’s episode. I’m assuming they find a remote cabin near where the car breaks down. lol

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    I loved Erica’s rant, since it highlighted the fact that for some stupid reason, Pratt and the last headwriters have used the charcter to prop Kendall, Zach and Ryan. My only problem is that the end of the rant sounded like the writers were mocking this iconic character, who has more depth and layers than any character that Pratt or any of the last two headwriting regimes have created.

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    I don’t watch AMC (though I have in the past)…but I happened to catch this scene while flipping channels today. It was great stuff and made me hang out on ABC for a few minutes….

    Which is saying a lot because (nobody jump me…) I’ve never been much of a fan of Susan Lucci’s and, aside from the scenes right after Mona died, never really found her acting to be impressive….

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    I haven’t been watching AMC because it sucks, but the YouTube clip of Erica ging off on Ryan was the best thing to air on AMC in months! That is classic Erica Kane! It’s nice to have her back!

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    I love Susan Lucci, but I’d pick any of her scenes with David Canary over this scene with Ryan. It seemed to be making fun of her.
    I actually thought Erica and Ryan might’ve made a hot couple at one point, but with Chuck Pratt writing it, I’m not sure if I want it or not.

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    I’m just happy to see Pratt is utilizing the talents of both actors. I’m also glad he is keeping in mind, both “Erica” and “Ryan” are characters who can/do have comic elements within their characters. :-)


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    I hate this scene because Cameron Matheson is in it!
    HE IS THE WORST ACTOR ON THAT SHOW!They should FIRE him and give Aiden Turner(who has gotten better at acting since he started) ALL of his storylines!!

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