Texas Battle On Sherri Shepherd’s New Show?

The mystery behind The Bold and the Beautiful’s Texas Battle (Marcus) lack of a storyline may be solved. While on Twitter, The View co-host Sherri Shepherd tweeted (that’s messaged for the Twitter challenged folks) about working on her upcomingpilot for her show, Sherri on April 8 and let followers in on a little scene she had. Shepherd said,
Morning everybody! Still working on "Sherri" – woo hoo! Gotta love that name! Got a kissing scene w/hot Texas Battle from Bold & Beautiful!

Hmm.. Maybe he’s decided to spread his, "acting chops," around or is he making his great escape from Bell Studios? Meanwhile another part of the puzzle of his character’s lack of screen time has just come into play. Battle has a movie that has been released today, Dragonball Evolution, which is based off of the Dragon Ball Japanese manga series.

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    There are a lot of soap stars in Dragon Ball Evolution, but ugh that movie just looks painful from a fan of the manga/anime series -.-.

    With that said i will probably still go see it lol.

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