Who Do You Want Maxie With?

There has been a lot of debate between General Hospital fans about who they want with Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms), so I thought it would be interesting to have a poll, so without further delay.

Who do you want Maxie with?

Who Do You Want Maxie With?

  • Johnny Zacchara - JoMax For The Win! (23%, 552 Votes)
  • Damien Spinelli - Spixie Is The Best! (38%, 909 Votes)
  • Matt Hunter - M&M All The Way! (39%, 912 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,373


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40 Responses

  1. Profile photo of Johnathon

    My vote went to (pauses for dramatic effect) Matt Hunter!

    I love their scenes, they are fun, snarky and really good together (imo) and I look forward to seeing more scenes with them.

    With that said I dont want Spixie ‘destroyed’ but why can’t we have a triangle? or maybe a Quad? 

  2. Profile photo of Starrgirlfish

    Oh my gosh, this is probably one of the more harder polls out there. KS could seriously make magic happen with a paper bag. All three pull at my heartstrings. M&M because I’m a big time lover of Classic Shelle. Spixie is great because they are such a natural couple that grew overtime they are a really great duo. Jomax has amazing chemistry and just the fact that it would mess Lulu up a little gives them potential for me.

    Overall, at the moment I’m excited about Jomax the most so I picked them. But honestly, any of those three couples would make me want to jump for joy if a more deep storyline was explored.

  3. Profile photo of elvara

    Johnny….I love my JoMax!!! I can’t stand Spinelli at all. He has become such a nuisance on the show. And I have absolutely no interest in Matt.
    But knowing GH, I’m afraid that JoMax will not be more than a passing thing. :(

  4. Profile photo of pecola

    At some other time, I think I would’ve said Spinelli and Maxie, but I didn’t for three reasons:
    1. Johnny and Maxie have great chemistry together.

    2. Maxie and Spinelli have confessed their love for each other and, yet, their relationship remains more of a strong friendship and not a genuine boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.

    3. It’d drive Lulu crazy, which in my book, is enough justification to do anything.

  5. Profile photo of Courtney fan4life
    Courtney fan4life

    Jason cook needs acting lessons. He’s just not a strong actor to be paired net to KS. Spixie all the way. We have the story and the fanbase. Give us our couple. Plus Matt is a total bore. Hes only shown 5 times a month and its always the same. he will nail maxie then be done with her. He just is interested in the chase.

  6. Profile photo of pchca

    Matt is the only long term potential here. Spixie are great as friends, why ruin a good thing (plus, they kind of already did anyway)? Johnny is just a rebound way to get Lulu pissed off. JC and KS have so much chemistry – they can’t even stop smiling at each other in their scenes. M & M for the win!

  7. Profile photo of Johnathon

    Hes only shown 5 times a month and its always the same. he will nail maxie then be done with her. He just is interested in the chase.

    But isn’t that just due to bad writing? If the writers were to show him more then 5 times a month and actually give him a storyline that would change things.

  8. Profile photo of Courtney fan4life
    Courtney fan4life

    No pchca jason cook cant stop smiling. thats all he ever does. New facial expressions Jason Cook!!

    And how does Matt have the most potential. First Spixie has the fanbase. Second Matt has no storyline other that his 10 seconds of airtime. Its obvious that the writers have no idea what to do with matt.

  9. Profile photo of krismiss567

    “this is probably one of the more harder polls out there. KS could seriously make magic happen with a paper bag.”

    I totally agree.

  10. Profile photo of Courtney fan4life
    Courtney fan4life

    And maxie treats Matt like crap as well. maxie treats everyone like crap. To YOU spixie is not working but to the MANY Spixie fans they are.

    Matt has the same 10 second scenes everyday. This plus Jason Cooks horrid acting.
    A. prop Scrubs.
    B. Flirt with maxie to add angst.
    Thats it. TBTB are not invested in matt. He was brought on to be with Maxie but the fans wanted Spixie so now theres nothing to do with him. There stuck. The recent M&M scenes were not to prop the couple it was to add angst to maxie and Lulu.

    Spixie has the story, the love, the fanbase. The character and couple development!

  11. Profile photo of Johnathon

    Well going by the votes so far all three have a pretty big fan base.

    And I don’t really think Maxie treats Matt like crap in the same way she treats Spin like crap.

    Matt/Maxie just have this snarky relationship and they play off each other, while she kinda talks down to Spin, I mean the writers treat the couple like crap.

    Spixie while they are okay, they are constantly being written like they are a ‘mistake’.

    "Oh come on Spin you have to stay or then I will hook up with Johnny!" Spin stays and are we getting Spixe? No we are getting Maxie flirting with everyone and again no pay off for the Spixie fans.

    I feel bad for that fanbase, but I think M&M / JoMax have a pretty good size fanbase as well and one that shouldn’t be ignored either.

  12. Profile photo of muffin

    I am a little torn. I used to LOVE spixie, but my love for them has waned a bit. I’ve always liked Matt and I like the dynamic between him and Maxie, so I could like them too. Honestly, I wish they would just pick a story and stick to it, because by trying to string all these fanbases along there isn’t really much story at all. I hate Johnny/Jomax, but honestly I’d rather they go all the way for Jomax than what they’re doing right now.

  13. Profile photo of Courtney fan4life
    Courtney fan4life

    In love with BA? Who said I was in love with BA? I am a KS fan. Maxie made me like Spin. In fact I was a huge Shelle fan. Loved them when i used to watch days. BUT I always said Jason cook cant act. hes just not a strong actor. Cute but is not a strong actor.

    And I dont care what Fronz says. Its been said already that TPTB brought him in for Maxie but the fans wanted Spixie. Regan even stated that Spixie fans are getting their voices heard and its been stated that Spixie are third in fan mail when it comes to couples. And they are not even a couple yet.

    And Jonathan when i get confirmation that the Jomax or M&m fanbase is strong then i would admit I was wrong but all I get is confirmation that Spixie is a huge fanbase. I dont think Jomax and M&m are strong at all. And they were a hit at SSW unlike a certain M&M who were booed when the thought was even brought up.

  14. Profile photo of Johnathon

    Wow…I never expected Matt or Johnny to even rate. Where my Spixie fans at, y’all better represent! LOL

    Lol! I know I am really shocked by the results so far, but I have to say I am happy with them lol.

  15. Profile photo of Spins Vixenella
    Spins Vixenella

    Spixie all the way FTW! Hands down, Spixie is the best love story I have seen on GH in YEARS! I can’t wait to get past this current contrived crapola that is tanking the GH ratings, & get Spixie back on track! Spixie is LOVE. :)

  16. Profile photo of CrystalBall

    I choose Spixie. They are kind of messed up right now, but these two still have the most chemistry of any couple that I’ve ever seen. I’ll wait patiently until GH decides that Spinelli and Maxie deserve a chance at a real romantic relationshp.

  17. Profile photo of ashlovesgh

    I voted for Spixie <3. I really want Spinelli and Maxie to be the end game. I love the fact that the geek is able to win the beauty. And I also love the dynamic the have: a friendship like that is really tough to find and I think that if they make that bond even stronger, Spixie will be together in the end. And if Maxie has relationships with Johnny and/or Matt before Spinelli, thats fine by me. But, Spinelli should have other relationships too. That would be a perfect way to make their bond stronger and have them grow from that into a real relationship as a couple.

  18. Profile photo of ashlovesgh

    Somebody said that Kirsten Storms could have magic with a paper bag and they are sooo right. Thats why I think that I will say why I would like Maxie with Johnny and/or Matt, as well as Spinelli.

    I too am a Classic Shelle fan and everytime KS and JC have scenes together, I can’t help but smile and laugh. Their bickering and constant flirting is so adorable and it is obvious to me that they have amazing chemistry. I think that Jason Cook can act, he just really hasn’t been given a chance to do alot acting. And I also think that the fact that he and KS are constantly smiling at one another is not a bad thing. It just shows that they have fun in their scenes. If Matt and Maxie get together for a bit, thats cool.

    As for JoMax, they have smokin hot chemistry. And if they hook up after JoLu breaks up…well, so be it. (I try to make it seem as if I’m not really invested in this couple as more than a hook up, but I secretly want them to be in a relationship lol.) I think they understand each other and have a mutual respect for one another. JoMax have also been good friends to each other. Johnny and Maxie should have a chance to make a relationship work.

    As long as I get my Spixie in the end, I will be a happy camper.

  19. Profile photo of LindaV

    I love Maxie and Spinelli as best friends, but I really like Matt and Maxie. I think Jason Cook is a good actor who has not really been given a chance thanks once again to the writers. Matt is actually a good person, a little cocky, with a good sense of humor sorely lacking in Johnny.

  20. Profile photo of williamjc

    Spixie. Period. Besides, let’s say you hook Maxie up with Yawny or Bratty Matty and then what? You’ve just destroyed the best friendship Maxie ever had and potential love interest and where does that leave Spinelli? Forget Shrew-lu – she’ll be with Ethan. Winnie? Hmmmm… just can’t see it. And… that’s it. No one left, folks. Next thing you know, BA is walking out the GH door never to return and there’s one less reason to watch the train wreck formerly known as General Hospital.

    But the geek winning the hot girl over the two hot guys? At least you have stories behind it and it puts Maxie square in the action of the PI firm.

    Spixie gets the vote…

  21. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Honestly, there’s a big part of me that says “Who Cares?” I like Maxie, and I LOVE KS – but I’m on Maxie Overload and I hate the idea of 3 men wanting her. It reminds me of how they had a bunch of guys fall for Lulu at one point. It’s just too much. When a character becomes a hit, TPTB just overdo it.

    That said, I put my vote in for Matt. Spixie works better as a friendship, plus if Maxie and Spin are paired, that puts limitations on Maxie, IMO. She’ll always be comic relief. You pair her with someone else and you get B*tchy/Funny Maxie in soapy stories.

    Plus, I just wanted to show Jason Cook some love :) Though if they could find him something/someone else to do, I’d be perfectly okay with that. I just want him to stay on the show and be relevant.

  22. Profile photo of Johnathon


    I Completely agree, I think Matt has a lot of potential on the show, but they just need to give him more then 5 minutes a month and we might get to see something amazing, and with what they have done to Scrubs and every other couple / character on the show I dunno I just have hope that Matt (being a doctor and all) can help save this show and get it out of the Mob.

  23. Profile photo of Jenny

    I honestly don’t care anymore. I’m so sick of TIIC passing time because they don’t know which couple they wanna go with. Just pick one already and then do a triangle.

    I picked JoMax: I love them! This is the couple I want. However, they are clearly being used as angst for JoLu and Spixie. So, I’m not expecting much there. I’m just gonna enjoy them while they last. I’ve been down this road before with GH. I’m not gonna set myself up for a fall this time.

  24. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Hey guys, I just saw that SOD put up a Maxie poll. Here are the results so far:
    Who is the best match for GH’s Maxie?

    Spinelli — they are so cute together and he brings out the best in her.: 33 %

    Johnny — they have a lot of chemistry and Maxie needs to bring back her bad-girl persona.: 12 %

    Matt — Maxie should be with someone totally new to shake things up.: 55 %
    I’m really surprised (and pleased) that Matt is doing so well! :)

  25. Profile photo of pchca

    Spixie has been going back and forth for a year. Clearly it’s not working. Maxie treats him like crap – see yesterday’s episode if you need a reminder. He can do better. They’re so much more fun to watch as friends, their “romantic” scenes are akward and uncomfortable to watch. Even if Matt didn’t exist, I still wouldn’t want them as more than friends.

    Matt has plenty of serious scenes. Watch them. Any time he’s with Patrick, he’s the only voice of reason. And his comments are always serious. Same with when he was telling Maxie she should take Robin’s PPD more seriously.

    If Matt was shown more than 5x a month, we’d get to see more out of JC. He can only do so much with what he’s given to work with.

  26. Profile photo of pchca

    Whatever, this is so pointless to argue about. Just cuz you’re in love with BA doesn’t mean you need to put down JC. Do you see me bashing BA just cuz I don’t like Spixie? No, it’s immature and not necessary. The poll is about the characters, not the actors.

    Try reading the interview with Guza last fall about Spixie – he made it very clear that Matt was NOT brought on to be put with Maxie. He was brought on to be a brother for Patrick, and to start the drug storyline. Granted, the drug thing got dropped, but that’s Guza’s fault not JC’s.

    JC & KS’s chemistry speaks for itself. You enjoy your “couple” and I’ll enjoy mine.

  27. Profile photo of Spins Vixenella
    Spins Vixenella

    IMHO, Matt talks to Maxie like she doesn’t have sense enough to know her own mind, & only he knows what is best for her, i.e. dating him. I cannot stand a cocky, arrogant, know-it-all guy who thinks he “knows what’s best” & appears unable to take “No” for an answer.

    JoMax is just about lying, cheating, plot point to bust up JoLu & re-ignite the Maxie/Lulu feud that is just soooooo done to death & last year. Not interested.

    IMHO, Spixie is the viable interesting story, & I could put my foot up Guza’s butt for not having the good sense to TELL THE SPIXIE LOVE STORY! Such a waste of talent to ignore the Spixie magic when GH’s ratings are plummenting & fans want the “wonderful surprise” that is Spixie.

  28. Profile photo of SummerJay

    Matt has so much potential even if he doesn’t end up with Maxie (which i hope he does) i have really loved watching his scenes this week and it’s a nice change to watch “bearable Maxie” as opposed to the new “whiny Maxie” (when she is around Spinelli). I’m not bashing Spixie but in my opinion they should just stay friends, they work really well that way, alot of people won’t agree with me but to me if feels like Maxie is forcing herself into something more with Spin in order to keep him close to her and to me she comes across like she is scared to lose him in her life and she feels the only way to keep him around is to enter this phony “romantic” relationship. Yes KS and BA have chemistry but it is far from romantic, Maxie and Johnny is pretty hot, but i don’t see it being anything more then lust. Matt and Maxie are really cute together i think if tptb develop Matt and give him a bit more screen time (dare to drea maybe even a story line) people would get into this pairing alot more and see the amazing chemistry that KS and JC have together.

    and really don’t understand why it would be the end of their friendship if Maxie didn’t get with Spinelli, if their friendship is real Spinelli should accept it if she doesn’t end up with him it shouldn’t make a difference to them as friends

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