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    Hold up!! Epiphany and that orderly are stalking Patrick. Does Ephinay want Patrick or Liz and which one is the orderly after? What are these people doing just hanging out in the hospital lobby when they know Robin and Patrick need to have this private conversation? How rude!!!

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    Talking about what may or may not happen here…should Scrubs be fighting in public – as i have said BEFORE, obvioiusly NO, however if Pif just stands there and doesnt turn away or whatever, that it is being nosy. And if Pif had the history of stalkerish behavior that lizatard has, then I might wonder what the deal-io was.

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    Regan Cellura

    Well on most occassions, Scrubs is fighting in public. They seem to prefer that over the privacy of their own home and they have been fighting in public pretty much from the first second they met. So, based on that, they should have learned their lesson by now. Furthermore, if you can’t keep your business behind closed doors, where it belongs, it’s fair game IMO. And to me that’s not nosey, it’s human.

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    Sonyab1974…I wasn’t referring to the blackjack table sex with Zach, which I happen to think is disgusting. When I look at the woman in the promo, it is just not Liza Colby. The red hair and the de-aging just throw me off. Pratt had an agenda when he hired JL and he didn’t care whether she would fit the character or not. If MW came back to the role I doubt they would have her hooking up with Zach.

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    That is NOT Liza!!!
    Gossipgirl you mean the way she is acting by kissing Zak? Well that used to be her and then she changed and now Liza is back to her old ways it seems. :)

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