AMC’s Chuck Pratt Blames Rianca Story Bomb on Riegel’s Exit

Another week, another opportunity for All My Children’s head hack Chuck Pratt to stick his foot firmly in his mouth. When last we left Pratt, he was telling AMC’s cast to "watch out" for Jamie Luner, basically laying the cards for another ABC PR nightmare if Luner proves a dismal failure replacing beloved Marcy Walker as Liza. Now, according to TV Guide Magazine‘s Michael Logan, he’s blaming Pine Valley’s sweetheart Eden Riegel (Bianca), for his lazy, shiftless storytelling for the Rianca storyline.

AMC head writer Chuck Pratt blames the mess on Riegel’s exit for pilot season. “I was led to believe we had her for longer than we really did — suddenly I got word that Eden is leaving now,” he says. Meanwhile, Braun had agreed to a six-month stay, so that left her neurotic, sexually confused character dangling in the wind.

“We got to play everything we wanted to with Bianca and Reese but not in the time we’d hoped for — in my mind, it was a two-year story,” Pratt continues. “I guess I could have rushed to the wedding earlier so that they’d have had more time together as a married couple and then had them break up, but I think the fans would have been even more unsatisfied with that."

Wow…just wow. So Riegel’s schedule is to blame for Rianca huh? Whose frequent flyer miles does Pratt attribute to the rest of the show being a dismal trainwreck? Is Melissa Clare Egan visiting the Pottery Barn too much during work hours? Is that why Aiden and Annie’s storyline is so abyssmal? Is David being written as a mustache-twirling cartoon the result of Vincent Irizarry spending too much time in his dressing room playing XBox? Are Jesse and Angie’s story woes due to Darnell Williams taking time off to co-direct Manhattanites? Enquiring soap fans wanna know!

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    He didn’t know the length of her contract???? Bull!

    And I’m still pissed at the line he made Eden utter about the breakup “This is like being raped all over again”. That’s when I turned it off. Your girlfriend kissed a guy right before your wedding and you break up over that and then equate it as being brutally raped again?

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    e’s blaming Pine Valley’s sweetheart Eden Riegel (Bianca), for his lazy, shiftless storytelling for the Rianca storyline.

    Pratt ought to be embarrassed for going on the record with that BS but obviously he has no shame.

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    Jamey, I was hoping you would be the one to call out Pratt when I emailed DC the story because you have such a way with words. :D This article was so disgusting and offensive. And what was with that “Anne Heche” comment? So were they modeling Reese after Anne Heche because I missed the part where Reese is out in the middle of nowhere rambling about aliens. I wish Eden would come out and blast him, but she has to much class for that.

    Eden always brings the ratings up when she comes back. This last time viewers increased by 200,000 the week Bianca returned. I am so happy that both ER and TB are getting the hell out of Pine Valley because I like them too much as actresses to see them suffer through this crap.

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    we all know this is a lie thru & thru…
    …but on top of that, it makes Eden & Tamara sounds unprofessional.

    & we *KNOW* thats not the case.

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    He needs to be fired. NOW! First he bombs a storyline that could have give AMC a huge rating boost, then he breaks AMC favorite couple and now he insult Eden Riegel? FIRE HIM!! FIRE THAT BASTARD!!!

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    Pratthole needs to sit his butt down and look at himself for the “Rianca” fiasco. Eden sign for a short stint and if the show was written well, she would probably stayed longer than the time she been there. Pratthole is nothing but hot air and all he does is stunts like his boy Guza and his stints on Santa Barbara, Melrose Place, and GH was creatively downsliding with him on the helm. So, Eden is not the problem, the problem is the head writer and exec producer, Craputhers.

    PS. They are terms the Pine Valley Podcast guys, Ashley and Jordan came up with.

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    oh my!
    talk about:
    – not taking responsibility!
    – passing the buck!
    – desperate moves

    He must be close to being let go… these are acts of a person barely holding on to a position….

    just a matter of time.

    Thanks Jamey for sharing this information, it really does shed light on the instability at AMC’s core!

    It’s always good to give a person THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT- but the more he speaks the more doubtful fans might become. Of course as par for the course execs at all levels in large business’ blame each other when things are really bad !

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    You know as far as the daytime soaps are concerned, I didn’t think it would be possible to dislike anyone as much as Brian Frons but Chucky Doll Pratt is really starting to work my last good daytime drama related nerve.

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    I seem to recall ER saying, prior to her first air date on AMC, that she was staying for four months. I also remember that time period being re-iterated over and over again. Seems to me that Chuck Pratthole (credit to Ashley Mendoza) is basically calling ER a liar. I hate this for AMC because Bianca is such a core member of the Kane family and the show as a whole . . . but if I were her, I’d be flat damned if I made another appearance on that show until he is thrown out on him unimaginative behind.

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    Getting rid of Chucky Doll Pratt would be a good start but as I’ve stated several times before, nothing has even a chance of changing at ABC Daytime until Brian Frons’ fat a** is kicked to the curb.

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    Simple C

    You have to admit though…why does Eden Rigel keep on coming back if she knows she’s not going to stay on for long? She might as well not come back at all so he can focus on other stories.

  12. Profile photo of THEBEST

    Chuck Pratt deserves to be shot. Everybody knows that Eden nor Tamara were going to stay long term, so that whole “2 year story” business is bull. He knew from jump how long they were staying. He screwed up and dropped the ball, point blank.

  13. Profile photo of blackwan


    I can’t believe Pratt not knowing how long Eden was going to stay. Eden is to blame for him screwing up the s/l. Pratt lured Tamara with Eden and the pitched storyline. He needs to be apologize to Eden, and be horsewhipped.

  14. Profile photo of caitlinp

    Considering that Pratt didn’t even write for Eden or Bianca in this storyline, how can he blame her for it’s failure? Bianca was nothing more than a plot device; the character could have stayed in Paris and she would have had the same impact on this storyline.

    It’s also pathetic that he pretty much admits that if Reese had stayed, they wouldn’t have created any other lesbian characters, and his qoutes about bisexuals jumping from men to women, and “angry lesbians” pretty much show that the man is just a disgusting joke.

  15. Profile photo of At50

    If I wasn’t already aware of how tactless and ignorant Pratt is I might be shocked by the loaded terms and offensive statements he made regarding bisexuals and lesbians. They guy has not an ounce of class in his body. He’s repugnant.

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    He is the reason All My children sucks these days, and the lame head writer he has!
    Everyone in the business knows the show sucks so with the cancellation of Guiding Light you would think they would try to fix their shows!!!

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    Luke Kerr

    What gets me about his claim is this…His first major storyline was the giant Twister remake that introduced Eden back into Pine Valley. How could he not know her contract length? On top of that he had since that time to write for the character, at least six months. How could he not write a good beginning, middle and end to storyline for six months?
    In addition, it is not Eden’s fault that the show signed Tamara to a longer contract. That is a problem with the show’s management of contracts, not Eden’s fault.

    He’s making excuses to cover up his bad writing and AMC’s poor managment.

  18. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Pratt had absolutely no long story plans for Eden or Tamara. He is making this shit up as he goes along. He had no story bible and Julie Hanan Caruthers doesn’t have a clue as to what she’s doing. Not that it matters, since she is basically a figure head at this point.

  19. Profile photo of Dariclone

    Oh. My. God! If it’s at all true that Charles Pratt had no idea how long Eden Riegel was staying, then he needs to be fired! As showrunner, it’s his *job* to know how long his actors are going to stay!
    If this is all a lie and he’s just blaming Eden to cover his own ass, he needs to be fired for going after a wonderful actress who’s character is a fan favourite!
    Shut up, Pratthole!

  20. Profile photo of n69n

    i think it says *everything* about Pratt’s lack of imagination that he was unable to come up with any storyline for REESE other than “ANGRY LESBIAN” or “BLACK WIDOW”.

    He was unable to fathom ***any*** other character development!!!!!!!!

    what a douchebag loser!

  21. Profile photo of Dulce

    Pratt is such a lousy writer he couldn’t even come up with a better excuse for why this story tanked than that crap. If he didn’t know that ER was on a short-term contract, he was the only one in North America who wasn’t clued in. The Bianca/Reese s/l was filler for Alicia Minshew’s, honeymoon/vacation/Ineedabreak fromthiscrap, timeoff.

  22. Profile photo of lovely12

    Personally, I am happy Chuck Pratt ruined the Rianca story because that lead me to the jewel that is Otalia, I had never heard about them but was posting on the AMC boards and saw someone’s comment about how great Otalia is and have been hooked ever since. I haven’t watched AMC since the last day of Eden Reigel’s appearance 2/24. I love Crystal Chappell’s acting and GL’s writing team! Thanks Charles you where responsible for legions of fans jumping ship to Otalia and boy are we glad. CBS will also learn the error of their ways to, when we all jump ship to Lifetime. (CBS don’t think we will forget because I for one will not be watching B&B Y&R and ATWT again! or any CBS prime time for that matter) PS I happen to be one of your coveted fans with a Neilsen’s box go to heck CBS.

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    MichaelKnight, you and I turned off our televisions at the same time then…that line was infuriating to me. I was mad at the writers for writing it and even mad at Eden Riegel for agreeing to deliver it.

    That said, I find it *impossible* to believe that Pratt didn’t know about the length of her contract. Does he not read the press releases ABC sends out? The stories were everywhere.

    On top of that, Eden Riegel’s been nothing but loyal to All My Children–lord knows she’s probably been offered other opportunities in daytime, but she’s stayed committed to playing this one character…and this is how Pratt repays her.


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