General Hospital in HD Sneak Peek

Here’s a new sneak peek of the new HD General Hospital. It includes Rebecca Herbst, Nancy Lee Grahn, Jason Thompson, Kimberly McCullough and Sonya Eddy.

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    This is the first footage of the new set I have seen. So is it me or does it pretty much look like the second season of Night Shift set with some minor changes.

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    YAY GH looks pretty :) and it looks like a actual show and not a ‘soap’ :) I hope other soaps will follow :).

    Anyways I  am excited, I can’t tell alot from the video because…well the video isn’t the best quality (imo) so I will enjoy it when its on my screen, but I can’t wait :) YAYY

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    The one thing I was worried about if soaps went to HD has happened…anyone else notice that we’ve lost the top of everyone’s head? It happens to so many shows going to HD in an attempt to trick the eye to ignore the extra space on the sides by filling the vertical space. It looks great but it will be a learning curve for them.

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    Mrs Adam Carrington

    I liked Robin in this little teaser, Patrick doesn’t know what he wants with regards to her and she can’t live her life on pins and needles forver on account of him. Kudos Robin, get your bitch on.

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    Epiphany needs to get laid!

    And look at that! The Repugnant Troll actually did the appropriate thing for once and got lost. Maybe the writers are going to have her Stalk someone else instead?? No Electrick Pizz after all?

    Well, I admit, I’m *slightly* pleased that she’s just being used as window dressing. :)

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    Somehow, I believe “window dressing” is supposed to be an insult to her. She is by far so much better off. She doesn’t have to be involved in the absolutely horrid plotting on the show.
    She isn’t leaving her baby in a tree.
    She isn’t trying to bring a baby into the mob to save her life.
    She isn’t starting a P.I. agency with Spinelli.
    She isn’t wandering the hallways of a burning building and texting while snapping gum.
    She isn’t Lulu or Lucky.
    She hasn’t had to work with Ethan.

    Truly, she is so much better off just hanging out and waiting for the writing staff to finish that online writing class.

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    Hard to tell in this clip, because youtube video sucks, but the set looks really good. I like it better on GH than Nightshift, really bright. GH looks good. Thank god there is no shaky cam, hated that shit when AMC tried it a few years ago.

    I wonder when AMC and OLTL will go HD, sooner than later I bet. They may be using GH as a tester.

    Looks good to me.

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    Repugnant Troll??? Wow I would much rather be that than the keeper of the Herpes infested Hot Tub, and at least our girl never clunged to a guy who threatened her life. Seriously why does her life suddenly revolve around Jason again because she figured if she barks up that tree long enough Jason can bang her as good as he did Liz and knock her up, that or maybe she missed the ass imprint she left on his couch those three years they were together

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    Jayyyyyysooonnn…please have sex with me…NO….Jayyyyysoooonn you do love me dont you?…BLINK BLINK…..Jayyyssssooonnn if you love me please have sex with me….I am leaving now Lizatard, please stay away from me.

    Sure SOUNDS like how he might treat a repugnant troll…. LOL.

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    Lizard: Pleeeeease have sex with me!
    Jason: Go home and be a mother to your children
    LOL! That was my favorite!!

    Oh and him paying her millions of dollars to stay away from him LMAO!

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