Will May Be Wedding Season For Two Y&R Couples?

Fans of Lane (Cane and Lily) get ready to throw some rice. A little birdie told me on May 15, Cane (Daniel Goddard) and Lily (Christel Khalil) will finally tie the knot. The scenes, from what my snitch er birdie has told me, are being shot right now. I guess this means that Lily either gets Cane to fold on his idea of taking Delia away from Billy and Chloe,  or she will decide to jump on his quest to claim the tyke. Meanwhile, the birdie also says Murphy (Michael Fairman) and Katherine (Jeanne Cooper) will get hitched on May 1. Hmm… Could this be the reason why Nina (Tricia Cast) will be back in Genoa City? Stay tuned kids!

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    Ahh, the grape hatorade abounds! I guess we’ll have to see how the ratings go. Since MAB killed their love story and both characters, they will probably be as unpopular as the rest of her stories in the ratings right now.

    Lord knows the stories you guys love don’t seem to fare much better.

    I guess you guys are waiting with baited breath for May 1st for Methuselah’s wedding…can’t wait :~

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    Much discussion on the anticipated wedding that noooooooobody will be watching (so you claim). But I can’t wait to see all that beauty, romance and love on my screen. We want more!!! :)

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    REALLY excited about (formerly) celebrating the love that hooked me back into the show again! Finally, after a year-long excrutiating story, I have something wonderfully exquisite to look forward to!!! *swoon*

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    Jamey Giddens

    Since MAB took over, Y&R has hit a 4.0 twice,  When LML was penning the show Cane and Lily, aka Kill-Me, was front and center and the ratings continued to freefall. I get they have their fans, but to act like they are this soap opera’s big draw is insane! LOL Lane isn’t some star-crossed pairing. They were rebounding from their respective exes. It was cliche and been there done that. If this is the modern day definition of a supercouple, it’s no wonder this industry is in such a sad state. Luke and Laura, Victor and Nikki, they aint.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I guess you guys are waiting with baited breath for May 1st for Methuselah’s wedding…can’t wait Puzzled
    See, that right there, the disegard and disdain for veterans is why daytime won’t be around in five years. Madison Avenue, Brian Frons and Barbara Bloom agree with you. They don’t want to see old people in love either, and look where it has them. The all-fired quest for youth, at the expense of veterans is what is killing this genre. We had these same debates with fans of Jammy and what not from GL. That show actually gave them what they wanted, they wrote the entire show around one young adult couple, then when one of the actors decided to bolt, they were left with no story development for the other 30 odd people. Say what you will about MAB, but she is getting this show back to the basics. I can tolerate Kill-Me in small doses, but if this show revolved around them, the way so many of their fans wanted, it would be on cancellation watch in 10 seconds flat. Long term fans tune in for the continuing sagas of Victor, Nikki, Ashley, Jack, Nick, Sharon and Phyllis, not Kill-Me.

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    Finally love and romance instead of chipmunks, average teens having sex, and repeated SLs. No one is saying Lane has to be front and center, they have their niche and it is romance. They definitely have a place on this show despite the incessant whining of the know-it-alls.

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    Finally, my fav Y&R couple will tie the knot. May 15 could not come soon enough. I will be watching my supercouple celebrate their love for each other as so many others will.

    BTW, in regards to ratings, the Lane reunion episode received a 4.1 for March 2. Just sayin.

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    Can’t wait for May 15th finally some progress on this show. It is hard to ignore all the negative comments regarding this couple but ignore i must because the reality of the matter is The show is named The Young and The Restless, to me that would indicate that not only veterans are important to the show but so are new people. I was reading that the Emmy’s will be on CW network and that network caters to young audience-the demographic that sponsors are trying to gain. They know where the future lies and most of the haters know where the future lies-in youth. Why in the H**l do they think that the show will survive with all the veterans is a mystery to me. I don’t care if you bring John Abbott back from the dead you still need young people on the show because how are you going to get that demographic if there is no one that they can relate to. I am not against the veterans it is just disgusting to read post that express such disdain for the young people on the show, yet they want young people to buythe sponsore products. It is enough to make you want to turn off you set and let the Vets have it. Maybe that is why the rating are down- no respedct for all of your demographic. to thin it is such a great thing to bring back all those people that we have no clue of who they are.

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    Cane and LILY is what brought me to Y&R. They are the reason i have stayed so long. I gave up my other fav GL when it got ridiculous for Y&R because of Cane & LILY. A lot of other young people will attest to the same thing. How did the vets become vets because they started on the show when they were young so the same thing can happen to the young people that are on the show now. Grant you there are some you g people S/L on the show that bore me to tears but Cane and LILY is not one of them. I like romance and that is why i watch them. I just don’t care for the bed hopping, the gone looney tunes kevin, the Noah/EDEN saga they just don’t do it for me but i am not on here slamming them every chance i get. They have to work too so let them.

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    Since MAB took over, Y&R has hit a 4.0 twice, When LML was penning the show Cane and Lily, aka Kill-Me, was front and center and the ratings continued to freefall

    Actually, this statement is not entirely true. When it came to total screen time, Cane & Lily’s screen time was rather stingy. But when you compare the ratings from the days they aired to the days they didn’t, it was quite the difference. It was those Lane days that saved the show from a fate worse than they had (ratings wise). What really killed the show during LML was the overdose of Gloria, that awful Reliquary story and the once Great & Mighty Victor Newman being reduced down to clipping snowflakes & paper dolls. And every since Lane was made the sacrifical lamb by reducing the quality of the writing for both characters, stopping all character development for them (combined with a few other factors), the ratings have continued to slide even further than they were this time last year. I follow the ratings also and have regularly compared this year’s ratings to last year’s ratings week-by-week (starting with last August when MAB claimed that her and Hogan’s stories began to fully air). Clearly, the fans that defected during the summer haven’t quite fully reinvested into the show. During LML, Lane days – like it or not – equaled ratings gold. I know this because when I compare the daily ratings, I keep my trusted recaps nearby so that I can remember what storylines were showing.

    What MAB and her crew have done so far is nothing new or original. They have merely dusted off old scripts previously penned by Bill Bell (and even Hogan Sheffer) and have tried to pass that recycled stuff off as new. And while the soap press are singing their praises, long-time soap viewers are feeling like Deja Vu.

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    Brava, Monamis. I just returned home from work and was about to post the numbers myself, but I see the work has already been done! I’m soooo glad that somebody else was familiar enough with the ratings to separate facts from non-facts. Thank you for posting up some facts!

    People come up with all kinds of bullsh** excuses when the ratings come out and they gloss over the one reason that would explain why hundreds of thousands LESS people watch now than one year ago: And that is, nobody wants to watch this sh**.

    Rather than listening to the soap press blow smoke up their asses and push their own agendas, and listening to a handful of posters who repeat the same thing on multiple message boards over and over again, perhaps soap executives and writers should start making linkages between what kinds of stories actually brought in ratings and what didn’t.

    Repeating the mantra “I hate Lane” over and over again won’t make it a reality for the rest of us viewers – the ones who post and the ones who just watch without all the message board drama.

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    It’s about time! Hopefully, MAB & Co. will have the good sense and foresight to pull out all the stops for the much anticipated Wedding of Lily Winters and Cane Ashby Chancellor! Y&R should spare no expense, and definitely AIR the Honeymoon as well, because we all know a LANE Wedding Night has to be off the charts! Christel and Daniel will bring the LANE LOVEMAKING, so C’Mon Writers–do your job!! Fans Worldwide will be watching LANE tie the knot!

    Katherine and Murphy remind me of my Great GrandParents–congrats to them too! I hope Jill attends because to me, she will always be Katherine’s daughter!

    Isn’t Nina that older chunky chick at the funeral? What is she coming back for? A bit of wedding cake?

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    A few more interesting facts:

    I averaged the ratings since LML joined. I think this is appropriate because each rating equals 1 week.

    These are the average viewers and ratings for each Head writing team:

    LML as head writer 2/16/06-12/24/07. She averaged 5,545,354 viewers and 4.2 ratings per episode.

    MAB+Josh G as co-head writers 12/26/07-4/21/08. They averaged 5,535,941 viewers and a 4.0 rating per episode.

    MAB as sole head writer 4/22/08 to present. She averages, 5,067,208 viewers and a 3.7 rating per episode.

    It kind of makes you wonder where all of this ratings tanking under LML story came from. As far as I can tell, Y&R has been on a downward spiral since LML left and MAB took over. It wasn’t as bad when she was writing with Josh G, but as a stand alone head writer, she was 5 pts off from LML.

    Lies, damn lies, and failure to use statistics to substantiate anything. Someone should be trying to find LML to assist MAB, apparently with all of her lack of historical accuracy, she consistently kept households tuned in.

    Just saying…

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    I think people celebrated MAB because her last name was Bell, rather than celebrating any real talent. Y&R has had a few really great original scenes in the past year, but mostly, they’ve been dusting of old Y&R/ATWT/B&B bibles & recycling old scenes and stories.

    MAB used to write for B&B — that should tell you how great she is right there. *rolled eyes* As for Hogan Sheffer, he’s the reason that my grandma, my mom and I all ended up as “ex” ATWT viewers. He’s also the reason that my sister-in-law, her mom & her grandma ended up as “ex” Days” viewers. While HS was busy winning Emmy awards for “best writing team,” long-time viewers were busy leaving the show. There’s a reason why he keeps getting fired… I just can’t figure out how he keeps getting hired again. Hogan should write movies, not daytime serials. He’s best at standalone projects.

    But, if MAB continues to use Bill Bell’s old stories and showing them to new generations who haven’t actually seen them play out before, then maybe she can pull it off. Young soap press bloggers certainly seem to think they see something new & different.

    PS: I don’t want LML back. Just the writers she had who were assigned to write for Lane.

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    My point is not really to get LML back. My sense of her tenure at Y&R is that despite critical(emmy) and commercial (ratings) success, moral on set was low, and she was not a great manager.

    I agree with you, i would love to see some of her breakdown writers back, the dialogue was so much more real world and witty then the unbelievable stuff we get now.

    As a soap fan, I would love to see this genre evolve and become something greater. I have never seen a higher level of talent in both writing and acting on soaps, or an environment less judgemental about the source of talent and entertainment. If youtube can make obscure “regular joes” a success, why can’t Y&R be a hit show not just for daytime, but period.

    Look at how cable networks are now equal to major networks. Daytime and primetime could become equal if the press and executives were willing to be a little more daring, but also realistic about the state of affairs.

    But when you have press willing to throw the truth out the window, just to be “right” even though they are wrong, in the words of NAS, “how we gonna get up, if this is how we get down”.

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    Good!! Have a good May 15 with your colonoscopy. I will be doing more pleasurable things-like watching LANE get married. LONG LIVE LANE HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN!

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    If the sponsore are only interested in the long term fans then let them but what intelligent business person will only try to settle for what customers they already have. They try to get new customers and you know it. You for some reason do not like Cane Lily but your reasoning is not valid. Who in the world do not try to get new customers and viewers can in this case be considered customers. Read this post. We are not all waiting with baited to see a 100 year old man(Victor) have yet another baby with a 90 year old woman(Ahsley) by the same token we do not care whether Jack can outwit Victor in business for the 900th time, Kevin going crazy GMAB( i liked the sane Kevin) who cares, Now they have ruined him for the sake of cheap drama and just to say that MAB is undoing all that LML did. Mark my words all this undoing is going to bite her in the butt. I like Mrs C, I like the Nick/sHARON/ Phyllis saga but the rest Yuck! That is my opinion.

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    Since MAB took over, Y&R has hit a 4.0 twice, When LML was penning the show Cane and Lily, aka Kill-Me, was front and center and the ratings continued to freefall.

    Jamey, I apologize for the Methuselah crack, it was off hand and doesn’t represent the way I feel about soap veterans for the most part. I like JC!
    The reason for my venom, is that I have grown weary of misinformation you and your colleagues are spreading regarding LML’s ratings. You are a respectable blogger/journalist, and if you can’t be bothered to do simple research before you start spreading bullsh!t about ratings that are not true, than you should at least say it is your OPINION and not act as if these are irrefutable FACTS.

    I am not an industry person, I am a simple fan, wanting to know the truth, so I went to soap opera network, which has tracked ratings of soaps over decades, to see the actual ratings LML pulled during her tenure as head writer, from February 16, 2006 – December 24, 2007.

    These are the FACTS I found:

    1) In your post you brag that MAB reached a 4.0 twice. You should know that LML spent more than 73% of her 100 weeks as head writer above a 4.0!!!!!

    2) LML’s lowest rating was a 3.9! MAB is consistently well below this mark on a regular basis!!!!!!

    And just so you know, LML heavily featured the Winters and Lane during her tenure, so they may not be the main draw, but they were certainly a big part of it. We both know we can’t say the same for your favorite storylines (Chloe/Billy, Kay, etc) today. You may like them, but they do not pull anywhere near the ratings that LML’s storylines did. Cane and Lily are boring today, because MAB is writing them, not because they are inherently boring.

    I am including the link to this site, so that you will stop spreading this erroneous information, and I am once and for all calling bullsh!t on you and your colleagues who continually blame LML for things that did not happen during her tenure (kay/jill), and continue to act like she decimated the viewership of this show which she did not.


    For expediency, I have pasted the ratings here, but I want you to be able to do your own research just as I did. If I could I would have put my graph in.

    Week Viewers Rating
    Feb 27 – Mar 3, 2006 5,401,000 4.3
    March 6-10, 2006 5,182,000 4.1
    March 13-17, 2006 5,543,000 4.3
    March 20-24, 2006 5,583,000 4.3
    March 27-31, 2006 5,462,000 4.3
    April 3-7, 2006 5,281,000 4.1
    April 10-14, 2006 5,300,000 4.1
    April 17-21, 2006 5,363,000 4.1
    April 24-28, 2006 5,245,000 4.1
    May 1-5, 2006 5,322,000 4.2
    May 8-12, 2006 5,572,000 4.4
    May 15-19, 2006 5,426,000 4.3
    May 22-26, 2006 5,529,000 4.3
    May 29 – June 2, 2006 5,690,000 4.4
    June 5-9, 2006 5,523,000 4.3
    June 12-16, 2006 5,234,000 4.1
    June 19-23, 2006 5,650,000 4.3
    June 26-30, 2006 5,701,000 4.4
    July 3-7, 2006 5,575,000 4.2
    July10-14, 2006 5,469,000 4.2
    July17-21, 2006 5,679,000 4.3
    July24-28, 2006 5,637,000 4.4
    July31 – Aug 4, 2006 5,643,000 4.4
    August 7-11, 2006 5,734,000 4.3
    August 14-18, 2006 5,947,000 4.5
    August 21-25, 2006 5,724,000 4.4
    Aug 28-Sept 1, 2006 5,763,000 4.3
    September 4-8, 2006 5,548,000 4.2
    Sept 11-15, 2006 5,570,000 4.3
    Sept 18-22, 2006 5,504,000 4.3
    Sept 25-29, 2006 5,468,000 4.2
    October 2-6, 2006 5,354,000 4.1
    October 9-13, 2006 5,636,000 4.3
    October 16-20, 2006 5,812,000 4.4
    October 23-27, 2006 5,752,000 4.4
    Oct 30 – Nov 3, 2006 5,863,000 4.4
    November 6-10, 2006 5,874,000 4.4
    Nov 13-17, 2006 5,633,000 4.3
    Nov 20-24, 2006 5,569,000 4.2
    Nov 27 – Dec 1, 2006 5,445,000 4.2
    Dec 4-8, 2006 5,112,000 4
    Dec 11-15, 2006 5,413,000 4.1
    Dec 18-22, 2006 5,847,000 4.3
    Dec 25-29, 2006 5,828,000 4.3
    January 1-5, 2007 5,901,000 4.5
    January 8-12, 2007 5,615,000 4.3
    January 15-19, 2007 5,907,000 4.5
    January 22-26, 2007 5,837,000 4.4
    Jan. 29 – Feb.2, 2007 5,701,000 4.3
    February 5-9, 2007 6,041,000 4.6
    February 12-16, 2007 6,162,000 4.6
    February 19-23, 2007 5,704,000 4.3
    Feb 26 – Mar 2, 2007 5,788,000 4.4
    March 5-9, 2007 5,410,000 4.2
    March 12-16, 2007 5,368,000 4
    March 19-23, 2007 5,303,000 4.1
    March 26-30, 2007 5,210,000 3.9
    April 2-6, 2007 5,379,000 4.1
    April 9-13, 2007 5,655,000 4.2
    April 16-20, 2007 5,463,000 4.1
    April 23-27, 2007 5,498,000 4.1
    April 30 – May 4, 2007 5,404,000 4.1
    May 7-11, 2007 5,299,000 4
    May 14-18, 2007 5,631,000 4.3
    May 21-25, 2007 5,395,000 4
    May 28 – Jun 1, 2007 5,344,000 4
    June 4-8, 2007 5,346,000 4
    June 11-15, 2007 5,421,000 4
    June 18-22, 2007 5,361,000 4
    June 25-29, 2007 5,471,000 4.1
    July 2-6, 2007 5,355,000 4
    July 9-13, 2007 5,327,000 4
    July 16-20, 2007 5,426,000 4
    July 23-27, 2007 5,499,000 4
    July 30 – Aug 3, 2007 5,283,000 3.9
    August 6-10, 2007 5,414,000 4
    August 13-17, 2007 5,523,000 4.1
    August 20-24, 2007 5,388,000 4
    August 27-31, 2007 5,316,000 4
    September 3-7, 2007 5,389,000 4
    September 10-14, 2007 5,462,000 4
    September 17-21, 2007 5,539,000 4.1
    September 24-28, 2007 5,364,000 4
    October 1-5, 2007 5,496,000 4
    October 8-12, 2007 5,703,000 4.1
    October 15-19, 2007 5,597,000 4.1
    October 22-26, 2007 5,799,000 4.1
    Oct 29 – Nov 2, 2007 5,514,000 4.1
    November 5-9, 2007 5,471,000 4
    November 12-16, 2007 5,752,000 4
    November 19-23, 2007 5,464,000 4
    November 26-30, 2007 5,416,000 3.9
    December 3-7, 2007 5,646,000 4
    December 10-14, 2007 5,780,000 4.2
    December 17-21, 2007 5,659,000 4.1
    December 24-28, 2007 5,752,000 4.2
    Dec 31,07-Jan 4, 2008 5,713,000 4.1
    January 7-11, 2008 5,521,000 4
    January 14-18, 2008 5,599,000 4.1
    January 21-25, 2008 5,765,000 4.1
    Jan 28 – Feb 1, 2008 6,012,000 4.3

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    Thanks for posting those eye-openjing rating facts. If we listen to this Jamey person we would think that LML was the worst head writer to come out of the last four centuries. I have only been interested in the behind-the -scene doings of any thing I watch on TV soaps recently when I became a die-hard fan of Cane and LILY(I think LANE would have to murder Delia before I turn against them. I would have to give that some serious thought.)Anyway, it appears that LML had 4 rating a lot more times than MAB. I think this JAMEY person said that MAB hit it twice since she took over. Well it looks like LML has her beat hands down.

    I think that MABs and Jamey Giddeons, and NB of the soap world depend on viewers like me( I am not all that educated with going behind the scenes and sifting out information. Heck i just started watching who writes or produces the show. I just watch what they present. If I don’t like it I turn the station that is why i have left Genoa City on several occasions.

    Thanks to viewers such as yourself to keep us infomed and keep the self-serving in place. They promote whomever they want to promote and expect us to follow suit. Thanks again. I will become a more educated viewer from now on.

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