Vivica A. Fox “Welcomes” Idea of a Young and Restless Return!

Remember my Wishful Casting about divalicious Vivica A. Fox reprising her role as Stephanie on The Young and the Restless? It appears the actress would be up for it! TV Guide Canada‘s Nelson Branco chatted with his BFF Fox, who had this to say:

Fox, who is hosting TV Land’s new reality series, Cougar, and will once again be featured in the upcoming season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, tells The Suds Report that she would welcome “any opportunity to re-join the Y&R family. I loved my time there. It would be fun to work with Kristoff St. John [Neil] again. My time on Y&R was cut short because after debuting, I was cast in Independence Day with Will Smith. I would never say never to daytime. I will always have fond memories of my time in soap land.”

Here’s hoping Auntie Maria and Uncle Paul get Fox’s people on the horn pronto! Y&R is darn near perfect, in fact the soap’s only major flaw is the panful-to-watch snorey-line featuring the Winters, Tyra and Ana. After almost two decades on this show, Kristoff St. John‘s storyline deserves the same kind of restorative care that has been applied to the rest of the soap opera and the Curb Your Enthusiam beauty, whom he smoldered opposite on Generations, would be just the ticket!

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    Always closing Jamey! Your Auntie and Uncle are trying to get rid of the Winters, not add to them. That’s why Lily hasn’t had a scene with them in 2 months! they are hoping we forget where she came from.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Monamis, I know a lot of you guys think we are "drinking Maria’s koolaid" but that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you listen to the podcast, or read the blog, then you know we take them to task about the Winters storyline, and how long the Kay/Marge story dragged on, but yeah, for restorting 80 percent of the show, she get’s to be my Auntie Maria! LOL Not ashamed of that one bit. I wish the other soaps would take a page from her playbook.

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    Jillian Bowe

    *Sigh* Jamey this is why our love affair is so strong! *LOL* I think I just fell in love with Nelson though for asking Vivica about coming back. Its been put out there so they can’t say she ain’t down with coming back to Y&R!  I hate when people think we’re in some cult ran by Maria and co. We all call them out on their shit but if the show’s good, I’m going to give you your props. Maria and co need to do that cupid shuffle on over to Vivica’s pees and snag her as La Diva Dru since they are not trying to get Victoria Rowell back there. As for forgetting where Lily came from, hell I do on a regular basis because no kid of Malcolm and Dru’s would be acting the way she does…

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    Vivica could pull it off as a Dru-like character and then maybe there would be a little life injected into that family. It seems like Tyra’s fan base is about the size of a pea so I can’t, for the life of me, figure out why she is there. There is just nothing interesting about Neil’s and her relationship. IMO.

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    Jillian Bowe

    Exactly Westerndeb! Vivica would bring #’s to the show and get Y&R mainstream media coverage. The storyline would be more interesting with  Viv thrown in the mix and then branch her out to other characters. I’m just DYING to see Viv and Michelle Stafford in a scene.

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    Jamey, you know I don’t completely believe that :love: , and I’ve said as much. I just don’t agree that your kin are going to put any effort into the Winters or Cane. I love your optimism, but we have no reason to believe that anyone named Winters or Ashby is getting anything other than the short straw from “Auntie” Maria.

    It hurts my heart, but I can see what she is doing to them as clear as the hand in front of my face. For whatever reason they are not part of her plan. I know you love what’s happening on Y&R but I think a lot of these storylines are falling flat. I so enjoy GR, BM, JC, and CLB. They are my favorites, and I can’t watch what she is making them do anymore. The only watchable character for me right now is Billy.

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