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Here’s the Scoop! 04.14.09

Dr. Patrick Drake as Mr. Mom…
When Robin heads out of Port Chuck for treatment, Patrick takes on the role as single father. Who will pitch in to help him? RUMORS say Maxie and Matt MAY be providing assistance. While I love that Matt and Maxie MAY have some more scenes together, especially ones that have them helping out the fam, Maxie is spread all over the place and I think this would be the perfect opportunity to use Mac (John J. York) more. Let Uncle Mac help out, he did raise three girls. Throw a little comic relief into this PPD storyline cause I need something to chuckle at that isn’t the ridiculousness of this story. We SHOULD see some brotherly time but SPOILERS have Matt making some roots of his own in PC. Finally! Give Jason Cook something to do! We SHOULD still see Elizabeth helping out, maybe not as much, and mentions of Mercedes.

Not a fan of Claudia? Too bad… she’s got tons coming up. Sarah Brown posted a picture of her scripts for the week ahead and she also tweeted about a gown she has to wear for the episode airing May 5th. Apparently it’s not her color. I love Sarah but the character of Claudia has too many problems to count. One of which is staying alive now that Sonny knows she had something to do with Michael’s shooting. Johnny wants her to abort all missions of saving her hyde, namely getting knocked up with Sonny’s child. We all know it’s possible that Claudia could be pregnant with Ric’s baby and while it appears Ric has no memory of the roll in the hay he had the night Claudia drugged him, he will be asking for a paternity test.

Johnny is headed back to the mob.
He needs to protect his sister. Will he bring Maxie into his world? She was helpful when they needed to get Ric out of Sonny’s and she obviously knows how to keep her mouth shut. All good qualities for a mob moll. RUMORS have Maxie lending Johnny a hand but she’s not given up on Spinelli just yet. Has Spin given up on her? Maxie seems to be as torn as I am. I love the Spixie dynamic but I can’t deny the JoMax chemistry. When Maxie backs away from Johnny in hopes to work things out with Spinelli will it be the green eyed monster sending her back to Johnny? SPOILERS say Johnny sleeps with someone and it gives Maxie a case of the jealous jitters.

Guza’s talking… again. When Michael wakes up whom will he blame? Who will he turn to? Will the Quartermaines get some story out of this? "The return of Michael will have an enormous impact on everyone in Port Charles. he will struggle with the news that he was in a coma for a year and you’ll be surprised who he blames and who he forgives for what happened to him. His recovery will have plenty of bumps in the road and will make Jason’s bout with brain damage in 1996 look like a day in the park. The Q’s will play an important role in Michael’s return."

The NotEmily Mess… She’s working for Helena and Alexis is hell bent on making Nikolas realize that. Romantically speaking, who will NotEmily be with? There’s that RUMORED date with Lucky but Rebecca admits to using Lucky as a way to push Nikolas away. Is she having second thoughts about doing Helena’s dirty work? What exactly is Hells holding over her head that has her following orders? Looks like Lucky is getting thrown in the back once again as the story SHOULD circle around Nikolas, Rebecca, Helena and the Cassadine Clan. Guza mentioned Lucky looking back to the one that got away… who the hell knows what that’s supposed to mean.

Will Lucky have any involvement in Luke’s story with Ethan? He MAY. As Luke’s son, he should but these writers are not fans of Lucky Spencer and tend to forget that the “ineffective detective” is a SPENCER. But really, has the Spencer family been a force to reckon with lately? No. Even with Laura’s return the writing was subpar for the once dynamic family. Ethan’s introduction isn’t helping matters and the RUMORS that Ethan is Luke’s son is not sitting well with longtime fans of GH. Tracy seems convinced that Ethan is her husband’s kid and Luke is determined to find out what Tracy isn’t telling him. Adding more fuel to the speculation fire is that Ethan pulls away from Lulu. If they’re not siblings, why would Ethan pull away? Holly SHOULD be answering some of the unanswered when she hits Port Chuck this May.

Speaking of my least favorite character… Who the hell is Ethan Lovett? Luke MAY figure out what Tracy is trying to hide and wonder if the similarities between the con and himself is more than coincidence. Will Tracy come clean with Luke? SPOILERS say she will. The CRAZY RUMOR of the DAY goes to Ethan. One RUMOR out and about is that Ethan is Faison’s son.

CRAZY and RANDOM RUMORS… Carly tells Olivia what risks she would be taking by carrying a child but she doesn’t tell Jax. Is Olivia getting a gut check over keeping Dante from his father? Will we be seeing more of Kate? A different Kate perhaps? NuMichael debuts next week. Is Jax going to fill Alexis in on Jerry’s antics? Will he tell her the truth? Sonny orders Jason to get rid of Jerry Jacks for good. Scrubs in couple therapy? Another death?

A few questions were asked in the comments yesterday. I didn’t have a chance to respond so here we go…

I know today isn’t the "ask away" day, but Regan I am curious as to why you believe Lulu’s character still has a long way to go? What type of growth would be necessary to levitate her to Maxie’s level? I recognize her character as one of your favorites. Although, I do like Maxie and Lulu both, but IMHO believe that Maxie could stand to grow a lot more than Lulu. With that being said, over the past year I believed Maxie grew, only to shoot straight back to the very bottom of the cesspool known as Port Chuck following Friday’s episode. Thank goodness Lulu is away from Johnny. Actually, Maxie and Johnny similarly justified their vomit inducing behavior that leads me to say, they deserve one another. Go Spinlu!!

First, any day is really ask away day. We dedicate Fridays to it as more of a tradition than anything else. As far as my comment about Lulu which was: JMB was good on Friday…the character still has a long way to go. I like both Spixie and JoMax so it’s a win-win situation for me. The character of Lulu has become a shrieking banshee and I know I am not the first person to say so. Friday’s scenes with Lulu, Johnny and Maxie were great in comparison to what we’ve been seeing lately. I contribute that to how good Julie Marie Berman did on Friday but also that the writing in that particular scene was much better than it has been for the character of Lulu. Usually, her scenes come across as annoying and painful. A lot of that is the writing but the actor needs to sell it as well and lately, I haven’t been buying what JMB’s been selling. So while Friday was great, Lulu as a character still has that corner to climb out of and JMB needs to step her game back up. Maxie is one of my faves but more so because I have a history with the character of Maxie. Lulu’s history on GH wasn’t as “present” as Maxie’s was a child. Also, Maxie is that character you’re supposed to love to hate and Kirsten Storms plays it to perfection. Lulu is not one of those characters. She was brought on as the second coming of Laura and they quickly turned her into a bad version of Carly. While were on the subject, kudos to Kirsten Storms and Bradford Anderson for their scenes yesterday.

So I know today isn’t question day, but… From what I understand, RiH, MW and GV are now recurring *sniff* but ReHe wasn’t put on recurring. Does that mean she’s in contract negotiations now? I read on another site that TPTB are holding off on any long term stories with her for now, and they’re going to wait to see if she re-signs. That makes sense to me; it would explain why I have no clue what they’re doing with her, lol. So what’s up with ReHe’s contract? And what about KeMo’s? I know she had to re-sign for another year for them to let her do Peepshow. Do you know when that year ends?

As we reported (despite others saying we were wrong) everyone is now saying what we already told you. Rick Hearst and Megan Ward are on recurring status. It appears that Greg Vaughan has also been dropped to recurring. So far there has been no official announcement and there may very well never be one. The GOSSIP has said that the actors being dropped to recurring will still be in the show’s opening (which used to be a tell tale sign of contract status change) and will still be present on our screens. Financially, this means that ABCDaytime only has to pay for when they play. For EXAMPLE: Say Rick Hearst as a contract player has a three episode guarantee. If they go on one of their ‘let’s backburner the character of Ric’ runs, GH still has to pay Rick H. for three days. Now, as a recurring character that still gets the same amount of airtime as he did as a contract role, GH only has to pay Rick H. for the time he spends on screen. It’s a win for the show financially speaking. In regards to Rebecca Herbst, we had heard she already resigned a contract with a pay cut however, there have been reports that she is still in negotiations. Kelly Monaco’s Peep Show could be extended in June and I believe Frons already gave her the OK if she gets picked up for the additional time, her deal with GH SHOULD be up in the fall.

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  1. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Thank You Regan
    Do you know what will be wrong with Michael ??
    What brain damage he will have, will it be memory loss like Jason?????

    Also I wanted to know your opinion about Jason on yesterday episode, I didn’t like him , I thought he wasn’t the Jason that I love the one with the brain…
    Even though I did laugh at his facial expressions and his eager to hit Rick..
    And I have to admit That I thought he was extra hot in these scenes – Did I said that I am so sallow ………………………

  2. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Thanks for the info Regan!!

    Give Jason Cook something to do!

    Amen to that!! I’m glad that they pulled back with him for a little while instead of shoving him down our throats. It gave viewers a chance to warm up to him and helped to counteract the initial backlash. But now is the time to start using him more and make him relevant :)

  3. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    I didn’t like that Sonny was the one with the level head in the situation but Jason has been pushed to his limits and is entitled to go off the rails every once in a while.

  4. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I agree with you Regan…
    I think it is time to see Jason acting irrational, and of the rails…………
    And I think we can all understand him in wanting to kill rick…..
    Poor Rick he really was afraid that Jason will kill him……..

  5. Profile photo of BbyBoi06

    Thanks for the spoilers Regan!!
    As happy as I am for Kelly, I miss Sam on our screens and it seems she might be scarce for a while…..

    Helena’s return is all love, but man was there a missed opportunity!!! How great would it have been to see Helena and Anthony Z running around Port Charles??!!

    And I’m a little young so I have to ask who is Faison to Luke and what would Ethan being his son mean to everyone?

  6. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    Wait so this new Ethan guy has a contract but Lucky has been dropped to recurring what the heck GH! Ugh I’m just gonna watch GL instead both soaps are on at the same time were I live and I just officially gave up on GH not even Helena is gonna bring me back now.

  7. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Faison is an enemy of Luke’s. He helped Helena fake Lucky’s death when she kept him hostage and brainwashed him. Luke and Faison’s history goes much farther back than just that though. Check out the wiki page dedicated to Faison. He also kidnapped Robin and Anna. One RUMOR/POSSIBILITY is that Ethan is Holly and Faison’s son but Ethan thinks Robert or Luke is his father. Another RUMOR out there is that Anna is Ehtan’s mom… Faison was obsessed with Anna.

  8. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    I for one have enjoyed the Sam free days but regret that they have filled the void with extra Claudia instead of including Monica, Edward, Liz, and the hospital crew. I have hopes that the opening of the hospital will mean more time for Epiphany, Kelly, Lainey, and Matt. I would really like to get to know Matt. Will we ever?

  9. Profile photo of Courtney fan4life
    Courtney fan4life

    I agree about the Shrewlu bit. that’s it with Shrewlu she has her good days but reverts back to the yelling twit everyone hates! The character is hated and im happy Guza is finally realizing that and trying to fix her. just dont drag Maxie down to do it.

  10. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    If Ethan is Faison’s son, either with Holly or Anna, I am going to just scream. Faison is pure evil and he brainwashed Anna, so if they had a child together, its like GH borrowed a page from the rapemance text book. And Holly may be capable of a lot of things, but she would never knowingly sleep with the man that tried to kill Robert and forced him to live off the grid for years. I cant even imagine how the Holly Robert fans will react. OMG I am getting wound just thinking about it.

    BbyBoy, ICAM that Sam’s absence has been felt, though I think its a good thing that ABCD gives her the opportunity to do outside things, as it might give her the incentive to stay around longer.

    Who will Johnny sleep with?? My mind is spinning??

    Could LL2 be not so dead? Since I tend to believe that the Lizatard as a spoiler to Scrubs is a backup plan in case KiM bolts, I could see tptb trying to keep the door ajar for LL2 so that if KiM does stay, Lizard has a place to land.

  11. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    He is probably going to connect with Claudia because Guza sucks. He should turn to Robin and the Quartermaines. Robin was a big part of his life and tried to hook him and the Q’s up. I would love to see him bond with Monica and Edward. It would be nice if he was able to share scenes with Kristina, Morgan, and Jake. I can dream.

  12. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    Michael thinks he’s damaged goods… holds Sonny, Jason and Carly responsible for how he ended up in a coma for a year. Who does he connect with? GUESS AWAY…

    Knowing the minds of these writers he will probably connect with Claudia (just another way to keep her alive is to have Michael show her compassion)

  13. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Nope to all of the above… at least in connection to what I’m talking about. Michael MAY very well forge a relationship with some of those mentioned but so far, no one has guessed correctly. I saw this and at first thought no way, then I had it confirmed.

  14. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Maybe Johnny? Someone who also grew up in the mob?

    Kate since he shot her?

    Cousin Lulu – cause they’re cousins

    Sam – she was the first person to get through to him after AJ napped him.

    Mike – he’s sonny’s dad

    Olivia – since she knew Sonny back in the day?

    It really could be almost anyone.

  15. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Kewpie doll… no but it is Lulu. DD gets picked up and copied at a bunch of different sites and since they are an anon board alot of fake stuff gets dropped there. When I saw that Michael turns to Lulu I first laughed out loud and then paid no attention to it until a little birdie told me it’s happening.

  16. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    And I was thinking that she COULD potentially end up living at the Q Mansion plus her ties to them – she makes the perfect bridge to the two worlds and she is younger so easier for michael to relate and she dated the son of a mobster. Moreover, if he is mad at Carly, he still loves her and I could see him subconciously related to Lulu as Carly-esque. It makes sense on a lot of fronts – one reason why GH might not have thought of it LOL

  17. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    i don’t know what to feel about it………..
    Lulu can be a bridge between Carly and Michael and the Q’s
    She had troubles with her dad, so she can help him with the anger……
    So maybe it will be good Storyline…..

  18. Profile photo of crazy4gh

    Holy crap, watching GH live today and actually saw Monica and Bobbie within 2 minutes on the show, must be one heck of a GH opening. Oh, and loving Olivia’s hair today.

    Speaking of Lulu, I heard a rumor that JB doesn’t really want to stick around daytime much longer, have you heard anything about this Regan.

  19. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    The RUMORED moment… I’m not sure if it involves anything physical (in the get your mind out of the gutter way) but it MAY be Sam’s concern for Jason and his allowing her to be with him in dangerous situations.

    There was some CHATTER that JMB wanted to try other things.

  20. Profile photo of kgbmc

    I hope Michael lashes out at Jason. I don’t like Jason these days, he is boring and pathetic as he worries about Spinelli’s and Sam’s career paths. Perhaps we might be treated to some magic if Jason lost the adoration of the man, who was the child he loved like a son.

    Yesterday watching Jason put it all on Ric, no matter how much he hates Ric, without even pausing to think that Claudia was the culprit showed me just how lost and pathetic Jason is as a character these days.

    It used to be that Jason was great with Ric in a scene but yesterday was all Ric and Sonny, even Claudia.

    Who is writing Jason these days?

  21. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Ack get that sushi away from me. LOL

    Yeah I am thinking a kiss might have been spoiled already, but you never know there was that chatter a few weeks back about a kiss coming up at the PH. I remain hopeful! VIVA LA JASAM

  22. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    I’ll never understand (and i’m not looking for a debate) why you guys want Sam back with Jason. He threatened to kill her… hell I won’t facebook with the girl who called the cops on me in sixth grade…

  23. Profile photo of roe0824

    Thanks Regan as always for your spoilers. If it means to have the Q’s back on GH again, I am all for Michael moviing back in with them. In my opinion, they are the heart of GH. I am disappointed as always with what they did with our characters. I know they have to bring on new stories and some new characters but my gripe as always is that they never use the characters they have, they never appreciate the talent they have and therefore they get rid of them or put them on “recurring status”. It’s a shame because, did we really need a Winifred or an Ethan? Also, Matt, they never game him a proper storyline either.

    On that note, I hope that KellyMo does leave(contract is up) and then maybe we will get our Liason back and get the “old” GH back again.

  24. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    SOmeone called the cops on you when you were in the sixth grade LOL. That sounds like a story to me.

    As for JaSam, they both made mistakes and the writing for them during the breakup was for shit, so I would consider it sort of pressing the reset button. Yeah, IRL threatening to kill me would not be something I would overlook.

  25. Profile photo of Spins Vixenella
    Spins Vixenella

    If GH doesn’t tell the Maxie & Spinelli love story, I am going to be heartbroken. Spixie is based on hope, faith, mutual respect, & up until a few weeks ago…honesty. JoMax is based on lying, cheating, & self-destruction. I love Maxie, & I cannot support her in a pairing with Johnny who is up to his neck in Michael’s shooting & about to reclaim his mob legacy. GH has a wonderful, romantic, uplifting love story with Spixie. Why won’t they commit to telling Spixie’s love story. Maxie & Spinelli have enough internal angst to keep them interesting for years. No wonder the GH ratings are plummeting. I personally haven’t watched since Maxie told Spin she would love him forever one day & the next she was kissing Johnny in the back of a limo. If GH doesn’t get its act together, hands down Lulu will be the only Blonde One to root for. Oh, & I love Ethan. I would take Ethan all day every day over Yawny Johnny.

  26. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    characters threatening to kill each other is old news. Alan tried to kill Monica once upon a time, Sonny shot Carly, Ric drugged Liz and almost killed her (and she later got back together with him), Liz held a gun on Jason and threatened to kill him, etc… For me, that’s all part of the crazy soap world.

    The one thing that I won’t tolerate are Rapemances. *Almost* everything else is fair game for me.

    As for a possible JaSam reunion, I have mixed feelings about it.

    EDIT: Oh and also…just like I didn’t believe Liz would really have killed Jason, I didn’t believe Jason would have killed Sam.

  27. Profile photo of BbyBoi06

    I honestly think he could’ve killed her. The hate between them was pretty strong. But you can only hate some1 so much that you’ve loved so strongly. :love:

    I wish I could justify my need for a JaSam reunion……..but I can’t. It’s a just a drug I can’t get enough of, like crack……Reese’s….or iTunes lol. :Sp

  28. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Jason did love Michael!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yeaa maybe his choices were not right, but he gave this kid everything he had ……
    When Michael was baby, Jason took care of him, I saw the old clips when he hold him next to the window and talk to him, for me he was a real father!!!!!!!!
    I feel bad for Jake that he doesn’t have this things..
    I know that if Jason would have still pretend to be Michael’s dad , it wouldn’t never happened.
    I AM NOT BLAMING ROBIN FOR TELLING THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am just protecting my favorite character, because I hate that everyone blaming him…………
    And yes I do agree he was stupid yesterday…

    About JaSam, I think both of them moved on from the things that happened , and when I see their scenes it is a feeling that they are reconnecting again, and i have to admit that I loved their last scenes, I thought it was cute ….I like their scenes lately..

    I am still Liason fan , but I don’t mind see JaSam together in short time , i think Jason deserve some lovin’……………

  29. Profile photo of pisces

    I would love for it to be Spinelli that Michael conects with. Wouldn’t it drive Sonny crazy if his son became friends with the one he so lovingly calls Freaky Boy? I would love to see Michael, or someone, ram Sonny’s head into a wall for a change, and to have someone actually stick up for Spin to Sonny in front of him instead of waiting until he’s out of the room and allowing him to think it’s OK for Sonny to mistreat him or making excuses for him. Sonny only knows how to act like a sixth grade playground bully instead of a real man. Damien Spinelli was more of a man on the day he was born than Sonny Corinthos will ever hope to be in his entire life, and Spin doesn’t need guns or muscles to prove it. All he has to do is be in the same room with Sonny for like five seconds.

    Incidentally, I loved hearing Spinelli tell Maxie that if she said “essential person” he would start screaming and never stop! I was getting sick of that phrase because all it really means, in my opinion, is that he’s the one Maxie can manipulate. Don’t get me wrong; I like the Spixie friendship, but Spinelli deserves someone who will treat him better than Maxie or Lulu ever did. At least Winifred was only doing what she did because it was part of her job and she didn’t use sex to get waht she wanted. I’d like to see a SpinWin romance; they understand each other on many levels and I think they could make each other happy.

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