Lindsay Lohan’s eHarmony Profile!

Lindsay Lohan (ex-Alli Fowler, Another World) may not be so lucky in love at the moment, but that isn’t preventing her from searching for it. Lindsay and the laughtastic folks at Funny or Die put their brains together and created an eHarmony profile video for her. It is hilarious!  Could this be the beginning of a comeback for Lohan?

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  1. Profile photo of Scout

    I think the talent itself turns them into train wrecks, especially when a star burns as brightly as LL once did; and the fact that her entire family is f***ed in the head probably didn’t help.

  2. Profile photo of cornelison

    If she only understood how much she has thrown away. She rebuffed anyone who tried to help her and she’s too immature to understand how she has ruined her own life. Unless she recognizes what she needs to do improve her life she’ll always be a risk to herself and others.

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