The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: Phyllis Loses Control

Well today seemed to be the day of psychotic breaks and self destructive behaviors on The Young and the Restless. And with a week starting off like this it’ll be interesting to see how things progress.

First off with some good news…Katherine Chancellor was visited at the courthouse today by her attorney who informed her that her death certificate and will had been rescinded. He also told her and Murphy that Marge was legally declared dead and a certificate of such had been issued. After the lawyer left Katherine remembered what happened the night of the accident where Marge died and decided to put together a memorial service for her. With Katherine now in full control of her estate she graciously offered to cover all of Amber Moore’s legal expenses including the one million dollar bail the judge issued for her.

Speaking of the court hearing today….Heather Stevens came out swinging without even considering the possibility that Kevin was going insane. It would seem to me from past experiences that she would have learned to make sure she had all the facts straight before jumping in like a dog with a bone, but honestly I’m not surprised. Michael Baldwin stepped up as Amber and his brother Kevin Fisher’s attorney. He debated with Heather about his brother’s mental state in front of the judge and at times had to control Amber from creating a scene as she tried to defend Kevin’s actions as well as her own. During one of Amber’s outbursts Kevin snapped and had to be removed from the courtroom. The judge agreed to put Kevin in an institution for psychological evaluation and treatment and set Amber’s bail at the above referenced one million dollars. Amber was released later that night, but when Michael and Kevin’s wife Jana Hawkes went to visit Kevin they learned he had been placed in a padded cell that he had been in the past which Michael knew would make Kevin worse. In the courtroom along with Michael, Jana, Katherine, and Murphy to show their support were Daniel Romalotti, Gloria & Jeffrey Bardwell, and Lauren Fenmore Baldwin.

However Lauren was late because she was busy lecturing Noah Newman and Eden about their little trip up to the Abbott cabin. Noah and Eden convinced her that them coming back to town on their own shows they can be trusted, so Lauren agreed to let Noah drive Eden home. But home is not where she ended up and they both ended up at Noah’s house. They talked about deciding not to have sex and in the process ended up going at it on the couch. You know between them, and Nicholas and Phyllis Newman that couch has seen a lot of action. Hope they have Scotchguard. Nick and Phyllis returned home to find the pair naked on the couch which deterred a much needed and soon to be difficult discussion about their marriage.

Speaking of their marriage, I would say Noah has a better grasp on how to maintain one than his dad. Once Nick and his ex-wife Sharon Abbott got to the Abbott cabin and found out that Noah and Eden had already left they began round two of getting it on. It started with Sharon confessing that she’s losing control of her life and having sex with men pretending they were Nick, and them both admitting that if Cassie hadn’t died they would probably still be together. Then Nick kissed her and you can guess where it went from there. Meanwhile Nick’s wife Phyllis, whom he cheated on ex-wife Sharon with while they were married and is now cheating on his current wife with his ex-wife….(yeah my head was spinning too) broke into Sharon’s room and started ripping up her lingerie with scissors. After that she really lost it and started tearing apart the room bit by bit. After ripping out one of the drawers Phyllis came across all the contraband that Sharon has been seen stealing for the past few weeks including the monkey figurine she stole from Nick & Phyllis’ house. This caused Phyllis to regain her composure and formulate a plan. She wrote "I hate myself" on the mirror and called the cops to come look at the room knowing they would find the stolen merchandise. When Sharon returned to her room the cops were already there and she was unable to explain the stolen goods.

So now that you know what happened this leads me to my daily question….

Who of Nick’s women would you consider the biggest nutjob?

The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: Phyllis Loses Control

  • Phyllis because she keeps plotting to stay with a man who cheats on her and destroyed Sharon's room! (69%, 360 Votes)
  • Sharon because she's turned into a kleptomaniac nympho! (31%, 165 Votes)

Total Voters: 525


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  1. Profile photo of Scout

    Actually the padded cell Michael saw Kevin in was from Michael’s “It’s A Wonderful Life” Christmas episode — which is why it looked so familiar to him but he couldn’t figure out why he knew about the room.

  2. Profile photo of dellygrim

    I had to give it to Phyllis.

    I’m torn though because Sharon is acting without really being aware of it. Phyllis is crazed but has a method to her actions. They’ve both totally lost it but because Phyllis’s crazy is more showy I voted for her.

  3. Profile photo of Jorpa

    I think they’ve both lost it. I was waiting on Phyllis to stab herself with those scissors. That would really put a guilt trip on Nick.

  4. Profile photo of goyankees

    I would have liked seeing Phyll tear up Sharon’s cootie undies much better had I not seen it just a few years ago with Dru and Carmen MESSta. I STILL can’t decide which of Nick’s ladies to pull for ?(Neither, I guess -for their sake!!) but watching Phyll yesterday was pretty brutal. Who does that??!! Noah ‘n Eden are more mature than Red.

  5. Profile photo of snizzle

    Yeah, JM is still around because of his looks..certainly not his acting skills.

    As far as Sharon and Phyllis are concerned it’s sad what they’ve done to both characters because of Nick.

  6. Profile photo of cornelison

    Phyllis is “crazy like a fox.” She formulates plots, their execution & tries to second-guess people. Sharon fits the definition of mental illness. Sharon needs a doctor and Phyllis needs a very strong man who knows how to channel Phyllis’ socially ambitious personality.

  7. Profile photo of KingTV

    Sharon is clearly the one who is losing her sanity. The follow up conversation between Nick and Phyllis basically explained all of her motivations. She suddenly realized that she had been taken for a fool by Nick who used her to get over Cassie and now that the residue of that tragedy is pretty much gone, he is free to feel the love for Sharon he always did. Nick is a pig and always has been. He uses women like Grace and Phyllis to comfort himself and get his male ego and other things stroked. Sharon is his perfect Madonna. Phyllis has been playing the whore. Her reaction was visceral, raw and completely human, not psychotic. Sharon going around stealing things, not remembering and contuing this fake, little miss perfect innocnce is a total lie and a sham. She is and always has been an insecure, nutty slut who uses sex to make herself feel better and attractive. Phyllis has never been promiscuous but when she falls in love, she falls hard and does everything she can to save the relationship. From Danny to Michael to Damon to Nick, it has always been a struggle for her to have men love her for her herself and not just what they can selfishly take from her.

    I truly believe this is leading to a boffo revelation about Sharon’s past, a possible DID story or maybe she’s the lesbian who’s coming out of the closet. Whatever it is, Sharon is obviously the truly insane persona and I will revel is seeing her in jail with an ornage jumpsuit on, crying and denying and batting those eyelashes to Jack, Nick or anyone of her many enablers.

  8. Profile photo of glowery

    Sharon is like all southern belles in the bodice ripper novels that take place in the days of old. Can’t you just see her with her hand to her forehead on the verge of a fatal case of the vapors. LOLOLOL The eternal victim who can’t survive without a man to prop her up.

    Nick is just and idiot and always has been.

    Phyllis is a strong, intelligent woman. The reason she can’t keep a man is because most are not man enough for this powerhouse.

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