B&B Caption This: Eyes Wide Open

I wasn’t able to get a wide angle screencap of Jackie (Lesley-Anne Down) watching as Owen (Brandon Beemer) began to strip on today’s The Bold and the Beautiful, but from the expression on Jackie’s face I knew I had to put it up as a "Caption This."
I’m trying to decide if she looks like a deer caught in the headlights, a mosquito mesmerized by a bug zapper or a lioness about to pounce on her prey. Take your best shot.

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    I might have to start watching just to see Brandon with no clothes on. They need to do an ass shot like Y&R did with Don Diamont (sorry I missed that one! Maybe its on youtube?).
    Jackie is a LUCKY lady!!!

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    Owen’s behind is something to behold, and the costumers on the show always show at least half of it when he is shirtless.


    On a more serious note I don’t like what the scene said about Jackie. The company is important to her and I don’t think she would let sex get in the way of her having some control. I know she and Stephanie are on opposite sides of the “lust spectrum”, but Stephanie is serious about working and Jackie just seems to be playing. So, this cougar story that tries to show Jackie in control, really sends a negative message about female sexual empowerment – because it leads to the destruction of their business power base.

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