Billy Dee Williams Checks Back In to General Hospital

Welcome Back Billy Dee! is reporting Billy Dee Williams will reprise his General Hospital: Night Shift role, Touissant Dubois, on ends. Will Epiphany (Sonya Eddy) and Touissant rekindle their romance?

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    Why? Why? GH needs diversity, but they need young actors. They find a love interest for the gorgeous Lainey. I’m not holding my breath. People of color got no place on GH beyond the stereotype.

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    disillusioned GH fan

    I miss the Ward family during their heyday!! Loved the interaction between them and the Quartermaines!!

    Touissant Isn’t mob related, how WILL Guza and co. work with THAT?!? They can’t and Billy Dee will be having even more “rumored” hissy fits off camera!

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    Great news! I enjoyed Billy Dee and Sonya interacting on NS 1 & 2 and look forward to see how they’ll work Touissant into the GH canvas. I hope Touissant and Epiphany can develop a storyline; my fear is they’ll be relegated to window dressing.Yesterday’s episode gave many characters a chance to contribute dialogue regarding the hospital reopening; I hope this practice continues.

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    Jillian Bowe

    The last time GH had a younger black person on the screen they got knifed LITERALLY in the back. Bring on Billy Dee, I betcha he’d shut Guza and co down when they want to peddle something stupid to him.

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    Jamey Giddens

     I betcha he’d shut Guza and co down when they want to peddle something stupid to him.
    Girl please! Billy Dee better get somewhere and sit down and cash that check! He was already acting a fool on the set of Night Shift, being grumpy with sweet Sonya Eddy, like he was still getting calls from Aaron Spelling to appear on Dynasty. These actors better realize it’s a new day. Go to work, recite your lines, cash your check and close your mouth!

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