Helena Cassadine Is Back!

Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) is back! I am in Cassadine heaven. Watching Nancy Lee Grahn, Tyler Christopher , John Ingle, Leslie Charleson and Constance Towers all in one scene, even if Towers only appeared on TV and computer monitors was – dare I say it – awesome. The only thing that could make it better would be if TPTB announced that Stephen Nichols was reprising his role as Stefan and that a casting call was going out for the character of Stavros. Here’s to hoping Towers and Helena stick around a lot longer than they are intended. More pictures after the jump.

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    Todays epi was great — and I FLOVEd the new look – the sets, the way it was filmed – good stuff.

    My only real complaint was the makeup department. Is it just me or did some of the people look somewhat orange today (esp. MB and TC)

    Oh and it seems to me that NotEm is becoming Emily again – how else to explain that between waiting for cancer results, hanging on Lucky, calling Helena and working at Kelly’s she still finds time and money to take her hair color one shade lighter every week. LOL

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    Not much to be excited about on GH these days, but when Helena came up on those moniters, I clapped. Who doesn’t love a classic villiness?

    I agree with EricasEvilTwin about people looking orange, especially Sonny. I thought I was watching Willy Wonka for a second.

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    disillusioned GH fan

    I’m watching GH on soapnet right now and yes…. everyone seems kind of orange. Sonny almost looks like he was dipped in Tang!!

    Monica and Nicholas opening the new GH was a great thing to watch and the fact helena is in the mix is very nostalgic and very true to form for a Cassadine. Lets see how long it takes the writers to screw this up!!

    ps: Steven Nichols and Mary Beth Evans (Stephan Cassadine and Katherine Bell) are currently looking for work GH, I suggest you find a way to bring them back!!

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    I want to watch GH again, I so do. I miss Liz. I will tune in to see Nik/Liz kiss but I just can’t watch.

    I love Helena and I miss her but the writers will ruin this. And please don’t wish Stefan to come back. These Sonny/Jason dick sucking writers will just ruin him like they did when he came back before.

    The Cassadine were just excellent. Stefan/ALexis beautiful relationship. Stefan/Nik marvelous relationship. And Helena with her twins…to sexy.

    But these writers will ruin them.

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    I have a question for the consistent GH viewers. Has Helena ever gone after Sonny and Jason? If so, was any harm done? If not, why not? I would tune in, or record, every weekday to see Helena make Sonny and Jason’s lives miserable.

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    Knowing that Helena will eventually try to kill Lucky, wouldn’t it be awesome for Laura to come and asist her boys in their battle against the überbeatch? I mean, Luke had his head up Teethan’s backside, so he can’t be counted on. And doesn’t LuLu need some motherly advice right about now? Another missed opportunity….

    Yesterday’s scene between Luke, Lucky and Teethan was disgusting and disturbing. Luke is a jackass! And TPTB as well for taking Lucky off contract and giving Teethan one.

    The new sets? Not so impressive IMHO. Does it make sense to have stairs, where there were none before? Who rebuilt the hospital, Superman?

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    Sonny almost looks like he was dipped in Tang!!

    ROTFL! DisillusionedGHfan, you made my day. Seriously, though – I thought that the makeup dept was using this time to experiment to see what works and what doesn’t. Becky looked great, as did Jane and LLC – I also loved their hair.

    Matt sliding down the railing was super cute! Even Teethan seemed to benefit from the new lighting – his skin looked great. Now if only they can teach him to stop looking to Johnny Depp/Capt. Jack Sparrow for his motivation.

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    J Bernard Jones

     Then orange-look is because they are shooting with high def cameras but broadcasting the hi-def footage on an analogue signal for the next couple of days.

    I work with hi-def cameras and footage, and the lighting and color correction challenges are very difficult to master when one first starts working with it. If you’ve read some of the other stories and interviews about the new hi-def look, the biggest challenge cited by everybody is working with makeup and getting people to look natural without highlighting their flaws, one of HD’s biggest headaches.

    So expect GH to look kind of wonky for a while until they work out these small, but important, technical challenges of lighting and makeup.

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    Luke Kerr

    Wednesday’s GH that had all the Q’s and Alexis running scared while Nikolas won’t believe that Helena is responsible for Rebecca just keeps making things better and better. Isn’t it interesting that Helena comes back and the Cassadines and the Q’s all seem to fall back into place like they should? 

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