Who Has the Freshest Face?: Lily vs. Colleen

Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) is pushing for Colleen Carlton (Tammin Sursok) to become the next "Fresh Face of Jabot" while Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) is offering former "Fresh Face" model, Lily Winters (Christel Khalil), an opportunity to reboot her modeling career at Restless Style. Which got me thinking…

Who has the Freshest Face?

Who Has the Freshest Face?: Lily vs. Colleen

  • Lily (71%, 603 Votes)
  • Colleen (29%, 249 Votes)

Total Voters: 852


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  1. Profile photo of justangel24

    This is hard, They are both beautiful. I bet this storyline could mess up their friendship. HE HE HE! I remember Lily talking crap about her best friend being the fresh face. I can TOTALLY see it messing up their friendship. Lily might have another enemy in the midst. I would like to see a knock out drag out fight between them. We need a good catfight. And Lily should act more like her Mommie Dearest. So I guess my answer is they should both be fresh faces and watch the claws come out.

  2. Profile photo of purplebraids

    Why not have crossover storyline with B&B and have Steffy be the Fresh Face the only risen I say that is because she needs a job and it would be good for both companys and shows. :star .So Ididn`t vote for Liy or Colleen.

  3. Profile photo of goyankees

    Colleen. She’s an Abbott so it only makes sense. Besides, Lily’s too busy being an Idiot these days to work. Butting into everyone else’s lives is very time consuming….

  4. Profile photo of hunterforrester

    I’m so sick of soaps making local citizens major MODELS/spokeshairmodels. HIRE A REAL MODEL, people. Soaps should offer the prize to AMERICA’s NEXT TOP MODEL’s winner to star on their show.

  5. Profile photo of ktuc

    Between these two hair models, unfortunately, I’d have to go with CK’s Lily. The only pose I’ve ever seen either of these actresses do is the ‘hands on hips’ pose. Neither are model worthy material! You would think that Colleen would be the better choice given that she has always been more spunky than Lily although, with the current insipid actress that occupies the role, she is now a bland character!

    Hunterforrester: you are right, they should let Tyra be the model since Eva at least knows how to model.

  6. Profile photo of Chrystie-Delancey

    I would give the edge to Colleen partly because Tammin is newer to Y&R. However, if I would rather see either Abby, Amber, or even Jana put to more use. I think all three women have more to offer as far as looks. I usually think brunettes are prettier, but Amber and Abby have very pretty hair and Jana is very classy and would make a very good model.

  7. Profile photo of paige444

    Ok, isn’t this the Fresh Face of Jabot, a contest requiring no experience but a “gal next door” sort of look? IMO, given that both are beautiful and satisfy the “no experience” requirement, both in theory, could qualify. If I have to choose one it is Lily. Like it or not, there is something about CK’s Lily that epitomises the definition of radiance and thus, beauty. It is what it is! Tyra (EM), though some may deem her to be the obvious choice, let’s face it, she cannot act. For now, let EM just stick to one thing at a time – let’s start with acting first, then, if needs be, modeling can come into play! Not meant to offend – peace!

  8. Profile photo of cornelison

    Has anyone noticed Red’s face lately? She looks like she had minor cosmetic surgery. A matter of fact she no longer has those bags under her eyes. Surgeon did a great job! Smokin’ Red!

  9. Profile photo of monamis

    Both gorgeous girls, really the best looking on the show! When it comes to fresh face, I think Lily has that advantage because of the natural glow to her skin and the princess jasmine eyes that make her look innocent.

    Colleen is more of a vixen, likely to seduce your husband. Not a fresh face.

    Love them both immensely though!

  10. Profile photo of tamxxx

    I think both of them are beautiful but i would say Colleen is more beautiful because she has very pretty hair, eyes,nice skin etc.

    But this storyline isnt realistic for both of them so i didnt vote.

    And i love them both very much! so i cant vote :(

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