General Hospital’s Sarah Brown Lobbies For Tom Pelphrey

It looks like the brass at ABC aren’t the only ones salivating over the thought of Guiding Light alum Tom Pelphrey inheriting Sonny’s penchant for smashing crystal at the feet of a paramour. Sarah Brown (Claudia) tells TV Guide Canada‘s Nelson Branco just how much she too wants to see Pelphrey as Sonny’s long lost spawn Dante. 

TVG: Which actors do you admire in soaps, in film and prime-time TV?

SB: Hands down, Tom Pelphrey [ex-Jonathan, GL] is my favourite soap actor.


TVG: I pray each night that GH casts him as Dante.
SB: You and me both! Don’t even talk to me about that because I’ve harassed Tom, Bob Guza and anyone who would listen to hire him. The idea that I could one day work with Tom on daytime TV would make my career. He’s a great freaking actor. The kid is the real deal. I admire him a lot. I also love Kim Zimmer [Reva, GL] a lot. I miss working with all my World Turns co-stars. I’d love to work with Ricky Paull Goldin [Jake, AMC] — how much fun would that be? I wish we could all jump around networks to work on each other’s shows. In prime time, I love Michael Chiklis because he’s so raw. And I like Nip/Tuck’s Julian McMahon. In film, I’ve always admired Ed Norton. And of course, Meryl Streep has taught me so much, just by watching her unbelievable, incredible performances."

As resistant as I have been to the idea of another airhog on GH—not that it would be Pelphrey’s fault, but we know they would air him eight-days-a-week at the expense of even more vets and leading to eventual fan and story burnout—I have to admit, he and Brown would be FIYA, for awhile at least.

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    I don’t get the Pelphrey hype. All he did was chew the scenery at GL. He also looks very greasy, and GH already has that in Ethan. The last thing GH needs is more overhyped newcomers.

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    I do not like the digs she had at GL. I admit it was not good at the start, but once the kinks were worked out GL looks alot better than some of the other Soaps.

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    Jamey Giddens


    I am proud of the strides GL has made since the beginning of the year, but Sarah is only saying the same thing many of us were saying when the new production model was introduced, and unlike Ken Corday, she isn’t decimating a show while critiquing another one. Sarah genuinely loves GL and seems sad to see it go, she worked for P&G, whereas Kenny just wanted to call up his besties over at Digest to get his name in the news. It WAS a mistake to go that route, 25 percent of the soap’s core audience tuned out. That isn’t a slam, it’s a fact. Now it is drastically improved, but that doesn’t mean people won’t point out what was pretty much the final nail in the soap’s coffin at CBS. GL is still in the fight, but hopefully should it find a new home, Ellen Wheeler and Co. will actually listen to what the fans wan’t from moment one and not what they think people should be doing, i.e. paying bills, becoming preachers, etc.

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    I don’t care if I’m the only one but I find Sarah Brown so damn annoying!! Claudia is a failure and TPTB should have cut SB loose last year. As for Tom…I hope he stays away. Just like so many unused talented actors on GH, TP deserves better than Guza and Frons!!

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    I like Tom but if he were to come back to soaps I’d want it to be on a soap that’s more an ensemble show than The Sonny & Jason Show guest starring the rest of the cast. Somewhere that he would be on maybe 2-3 times in one week an maybe not at all the next week… hell, that goes for all actors on daytime.

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    SB shouldn’t be campaigning for anyone. She is already bring the show down. GH needs to get rid of the character of Claudia and maybe it can get better. Bring on Tom won’t help.

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    A major rant.. yes in her day Sarah B was greatness, during her first run on GH. I almost forgot she was on ATWT’s because her fellow actors did circles around her there and if I remember correctly she wasn’t all that great.

    These are the ratings for last week
    1. Y&R 5,215,000 (+81,000/+128,000)
    2. B&B 3,350,000 (+25,000/-318,000)
    3. DAYS 2,768,000 (-99,000/+116,000)
    4. GH 2,511,000 (-133,000/-507,000) <——- new low
    5. AMC 2,510,000 (-203,000/-45,000)
    6. ATWT 2,462,000 (-143,000/-353,000)
    7. OLTL 2,401,000 (-287,000/-85,000)
    8. GL 2,193,000 (-24,000/-252,000)

    When all these people go on and on about how bad the production model on GL is and how that killed the show I laugh. If the show did not change the production model and cost it would have been gone already. Perhaps these people need to tune in today and see how well the show has been appearing. What gets me more is that it’s not millions of viewers that seperate GH from GL, it’s a few hundred thousand.
    Let’s remember that GH costs way more to make than GL, I’d be willing to bet at least 2 times the amount.
    Then we will talk about all the promotion the show gets on soap boards, soap magazines and from the network.

    Last I will say what keep GL on the bottom of the pile, it’s the time the show airs all over the country.
    Some places as early as 9 a.m., in NYC at 10 a.m.

    What bugs me more than anything is how the likes of Guza and co have been permitted to destroy GH and it’s history while paying for actors that do nothing to increase the ratings.
    We needed Claudia why? When the ratings were better with Kate.
    I stuck to my promise I tuned out of GH in Nov and I haven’t come back. I cannot watch a show that doesn’t respect me and I wonder what planet the actors on the show are living in.

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    I will just say this, when Liarson fans said OH SBU said he been clear that he wants to work with ReH, I said that wasnt the job of actors to demand storylines with specific pairings. With Claudia (and I am a HUGE SJB fan here) we see exactly the reason why that shouldnt happen. Claudia worked with Nik. Claudia worked with Ric. But it pains me to say this, the story between Claudia and Sonny doesnt. Every time that she does something towards redemption – telling Sonny about Kate’s shooting, going to visit Micahel etc. – she goes home and lies to SOnny about her role and negates the redemptive aspect of anything else that was written. Plus it calls her motivations in to question. I keep thinking – what if they had left her with Nik – totally outside the mob world – and had her reveal what her father did and had her go to visit michael. Nik could have been jealous and/or annoyed that she continued to put herself at risk or spend her time involved doing things for or with Sonny because she cant absolve herself of the debt. Meanwhile let Rebecca be with Lucky – Lucky trying to keep his brother from getting tangled with a look-a-like etc. and then six months or even a year down the road, when both couples are really tight – boom rebecca is emily and Sonny finds out that the woman that has been under foot trying to make things right also was the one who ordered the hit. The Clauson story, if one should be told, should have come AFTER michael was out of the coma. The Nem story too should have come AFTER she was accepted as Rebecca. THey rushed both. Hell with Nem, there again TC wanted to work with a lead instead of seeing how Nikadine played out. As much as we bash Guza and say Frons meddles too much, it seems like everyone has their finger in the pie. Maybe thats why the show is a mess?

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    Jamey Giddens

    ETT I totally agree. I admit I am biased in that I as a Liason fan benefitted from Steve wanting to work with Becky, but actors shouldn’t dictate stories. It would be hypocritical to say, ‘Well, since I like Liason it was okay" LOL. I will say at least it was organic in that they had history. Sarah wanted to work with Maurice out of chemistry she shared with him in a different role, which in my opinion makes no sense, when she and Rick Hearst had chemistry. Hell, I would have even loved seeing Claudia with Lucky. Could you imagine a cop falling for a mob moll?

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    THe sad thing is between us Jamey we could probably come up with 10 different ideas for Claudia and all ten would have worked or been closer to working than what the gave us. Plus why does she have to be romantic with Sonny in order to be in scenes with him. In the suggestion I mentioned with claudia and nik, she could have been interacting with Sonny as his liason to the Z clan after she ratted out daddy Z. tons of ways that they could have put her with SOnny with her “being” with sonny and totally set her up for something to happen down the road – so that when it did happen it would have been less forced. Its like tptb as so desperate to get somewhere that they forget its about the journey of getting there. But NEVER should the actors get their demands about storyline accomodated if it doesnt work with what the writers have planned – suggestions, requests, ideas HEARD, but not catered to.

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    If GH lands TP, Dante will end up eating the show the way Stacy is on OLTL. Let them use the actors already on screen and if it’s necessary, revist Dante next year, or, let Olivia leave town with the secret. I miss Skate and Kate.

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    Okay, I loovvvvvvvvvvvvve Tom Pelphrey! I can’t even explain it. Lets just say this: EVERY SINGLE TIME Tom Pelphrey cried, I cried. There are very few soap actors and actress that do that to me. But, Tom Pelphrey? Yep, every. single. time. Mannnn, he is extremely gifted, talented and absoultely amazing and there is no doubt in my mind that he will do fabulous things with his career. If he were to come on to GH as Dante, I think I would have mixed emotions. General Hospital, despite its current state, has to be my favorite soap and if Pelphrey were to end up there, I would be ecstatic, at first. I fear that if he were to go to GH, one of two things will happen: 1). GH completley screw up the Dante storyline and not use Tom’s skill to their advantage. or 2). GH will over-use Pelphrey and will shove him down our throats, thus causing many GH fans to feel hatred for him.

    I definitely think that if the writing at GH were better, that having Tom Pelphrey portray Dante would do great things for the show. But, General Hospital’s writing is not what it used to be and if he were to come to GH and have his talents totally wasted, I would be soo crushed and frustrated that I would probably stop watching for a while. Also, if General Hospital did use him too much and completely forgot that there are other talented people on their set, I would probably wish that he never came to GH because he would have been beter off as an actor.

    In my perfect world, Tom Pelphrey as Dante would be written flawlessly and acted beautifully, without any problems or issues on-screen and off-screen. Lol, I wish. Ohhh boy do I love me some Tom Pelphrey. I think I’m gonna go watch some old GL clips of Jonathon lying on Tammy’s life-less body in the hospital. I got the goosebumps just thinking about it lol.

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    Bangel Angle

    I don’t get this Tom Pelprey love. Don’t get me wrong. He’s great at playing intense. But every character can’t be intense all the time. He gets so close to being a cartoon sometimes its not funny.

    I don’t know if he’s a great actor. To me, a great actor can play a wide range of emotion. T.P. really can’t. When he’s angry, we feel it. But when he’s happy it kind of looks like he’s insane. Heck, it always kind of looks like he’s insane.

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    I’ve never seen TP but to me anything further used to prop up a fading character like Sonny is a waste of time and money. His allure has worn off as proven by his pairing with almost anyone except for Kate. Those two really shined together and had a very adult, warm, romantic pairing. Big mistake to break them up. I love SJB but Claudia is unpopular and everyone knows it. Just like everyone hates Ric but loves RH. The writers write characters into a corner in their attempt to give us the Sonny, Jason and Carly show. Scrubs have a great storyline but it isn’t all that enjoyable to watch – nothing really is except for Helena’s return. TP is not the answer to low ratings.

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    That is so damn true. I mean like you said for all the money they spend on GH and it barely beats Glight. Now thats my friends is pathetic if you ask me. I mean it should be sqaushing them by millions. Just goes to show you that you can paint a drag queen up, but if she has no talent she will BOMB. Now welcome to Glight Chris. I hope you are enjoying it like me. This week has been beyond belief. I can’t wait to set what happens tomorrow with Olivia and Natalia. I hav cried and watched it over and over again Olivia’s professing her love for Natalia. I may be gay, but I have hated lesbians. I hated the L word and Bianca and Resse and I tried to watch both. However I am in love with Olivia and Natalia. I can’t wait till they kiss and make love.


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