LMAO: All My Children’s Chuck Pratt and Julie Hanan Carruthers in “Pratt Falls”

Oh wow, I think I have a new favorite web series, sorry Imaginary Bitches. No hard feelings Life in General w/Greenville General! Check out AMC: Pratt Falls,a knee-slapping spoof featuring a conversation between Julie Hanan "You Didn’t See What You Saw" Carruthers and Chuck Pratthole (TM Pine Valley Podcast). I don’t know who grrarrgghh is, but you sir or ma’am are a genius. Can’t wait until the next episode!

UPDATE: Check out episode two after the jump.

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    I don’t even watch AMC, all I know about the show is what I’ve read and listened to on Daytime Confidential, but this video was hilarious!! :D

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    OMG! These are actually better than AMC.

    PRATT: “I cannot hear you when my mind is churning out brilliant random uninspired character twists.”

    I hope they make some for each soap! Hilarious!!

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    OMG that is hilarious, and makes you wonder if that is really what they think when they have meetings lol.
    The same could be done with Barbara Bloom, Ellen Wheeler and David Kreizman were doing Guiding Light, Ken Corday and Dena Higley at Days, Frons and any producer at ABC (Pratt, Phelps and the guy at OLTL).
    I hope this gets around back to Pratt and Frons, it would totally tick them off. Bravo to whoever made this!

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    I don’t know who grrarrgghh is either, but all I can envision in my head is the little Mutant Enemy guy that you gee at the end of all the Joss Whedon stuff like Buffy / Angel and Dollhouse.

    Wonder if that means anything????? 

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    These videos were made by two brilliant and funny women (who go by the screen names o.O and overthemoo) over at the Bianca and Reese forum. These were made after Pratt’s ignorant interview about blaming Eden Riegel for the “ground breaking” storyline mess. Pratt’s probably realized by now that you don’t mess with the soap fans (especially Eden/Bianca fans). I believe Episode 3 is in the works!

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    That’s right. I am a huge Eden/Binks fan, and Pratt has earned my scorn and ridicule. I hope 20 more episodes are in the works. I will be counting the days until Prass gets fired, and rejoice when it happens.

    Oh yeah, about watching AMC, forget it!!! I’m certainly not going to reward this guy for throwing Eden under the bus.

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