Lisa Rinna: Daytime Genre “Won’t Be Around In Five Years”

Lisa Rinna did a video interview with Popeater on everything from her Playboy photo shoot to the cancellation of Guiding Light and survival of the daytime genre. Watch the video at Popeater.

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    She has become so annoying. Begging for her old Melrose Job at (apropos enough) a street corner in LA. Clearly she’s so out of Show Business that she doesn’t even have “People” to tell her to shut it.

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    I liked her when she was first on Days but then celebrity got to her. Have you watched her on the red carpet? She’s so erratic and out there now, makes me wonder if she’s a coke head!
    And it is sad that she has to desperately hold on to fame by begging to be on the new Melrose Place (on a street corner nonetheless) and pose in Playboy (seriously? How desperate is Playboy? I’m sure it will be airbrush city!)

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    Lisa Rinna has become such a nuisance lately. She has nothing better to do than get bigger lips, and be a nude 40 year old hag. Ugh.

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    How long has it been since she was on Daytime? What, something like seven years? The trends in Daytime are much different then they were then. They’re changing all the time. Lisa needs to go enjoy her fifteen seconds of fame with Playboy and leave everyone alone.

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    Is anybody listening to a woman who couldn’t even get a dying genre to take her back. Hell Melrose Place don’t want her back. Hell if it wasn’t for Hunter Tylo being pregnant she wouldn’t even be doing playboy or anything else. The clock is ticking on her fame clock. I think it’s at 14:59.

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    She needs to shut her trap and go get some more botox!!

    I’m getting pretty fed up with the “industry” bad-mouthing GL. Whatever happened to one for all and all for one? You know Lisa Rinna is in SUCH high demand-NOT…Ken Corday is a jackass who has ruined is family legacy…and Joshua Morrow hate to tell ya it may be GL today and YOUR job tomorrow!!

    I don’t care what they want to think or say in private but show some CLASS, DIGNITY, AND RESPECT when speaking in public!!

    Good grief, are the fans the only ones saying kinds words and speaking up!! Do these morons not realize we are not only fighting to save the light but the entire soap genre??

    Get a life Lisa Rinna and SHUT UP!!

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    That may or may not be the case, and she is entitled to her opinion, but I am a firm believer in not biting the hand that feeds you. Where would Lisa be if not for Days? That show gave her a BIG BREAK. Why is she predicting the genre’s demise? She needs to be brainstorming ways to keep it alive.

    As bad as they seem lately, they are a part of our entertainment history, and I personally think that should be respected and cherished. Soaps are the training ground for many an actor, the bread and butter for so many more. Comments like this do nothing but breed negativity.

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    I was watchin old Days scenes on YouTube, and it looks like some user over there is posting almost every scene she had with RKK’s Bo. Its actually pretty fun to watch.

    This was back before she became annoying. And this is coming from someone who HATES to bash actors in any way.

    I just like to remember her as she was.

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