Days of Our Lives, Having “Hope” For Someone Else?

In a "Top 5 Days of Our Lives Characters" podcast episode we just recorded (it will air as soon as I can edit it), Jillian suggested that a Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and Daniel (Shawn Christian) pairing would be "hot." Jamey then agreed that they would "drop it like it’s hot" and make him "reconsider" his Bope love, if it got Hope out of the idiotic "Bo The Psychic" storyline.

Would you like to see a Hope and Daniel pairing?

Days of Our Lives, Having "Hope" For Someone Else?

  • No! Keep Daniel away from Bo and Hope. (66%, 319 Votes)
  • Only if it means they get Hope out of this terrible Bo the psychic storyline. (14%, 67 Votes)
  • Yes! I'd love Daniel and Hope together! They would be hot! (20%, 96 Votes)

Total Voters: 482


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  1. Profile photo of Tripp

    I don’t either, season. He’s got a nice body, but his over tanned and leatherly face plus bad bad hair does nothing for me.

    And Daniel only becomes attracted to women if they become sick (plus his patients)and I’m tired of illness stories.

  2. Profile photo of sodsince16

    I was actually thinking about the character of Hope the other day. To me the issue is that she needs to stop being a cop! She was a spoiled girl of privilege, a model and a cosmetics mogul. Can’t she go back to something more glamorous? At this point, even owning the new cafe in town (ala her father Doug) would be an improvement.

  3. Profile photo of soapfan99

    While there is no denying that Hope and Dr. Magic Penis having a romp would be smokin’, I think Hope and Bo having a romp would be hot too. In addition, I think it would ruin Hope’s character tbh.

    I think Maggie & Dr. Magic Penis should get it on – Mickey’s always “out of town” and she’s a busybody who clearly needs some action. Since they share a few scenes together anyway, they already have a starting point to grow from…

  4. Profile photo of CGat

    Ugh, not such a great idea.

    I don’t know, but my Mama watches Days, so I’ve seen Days many a times, although I’m not a fulltime fan. Anyway, I was watching today, and in all honesty, as compared to my soaps (Gl and ATWT), Days is absolutely horrible, and it seems like it always has been compared to others. It has no substance, no excitement, nothing grand. It’s just there, and it seems like its always the same ole, same ole. I mean, my Mama just watches out of loyalty. She says her life would be a lot easier without Days, but she never seems to miss an episode. Maybe I’m biased, but Days just seems like it has always just been a so-so soap.

  5. Profile photo of CtFireWitch

    Haven’t ever liked Hope so don’t care. Bo’s all right but I don’t like him being psychic. Just saw the news that Darrin Brooks/Max is leaving Days. They’re dropping like flies.

  6. Profile photo of angelatil

    Oh for the love of God…are you kidding me?? Daniel and Hope….NO NO NO NO NO!!! omg…I love Bo and Hope together and I always will. I am a Daniel and Chelsea fan and Daniel should be with Chelsea!!! Omg first you would have him do her grandmother and then her stepmother?? Hope thinks of Chelsea as her daughter now and you would do another thing like this to Chelsea? Dear god please give me a break. I love Daniel but with Chelsea. I love Hope but with Bo. Daniel and Hope = me hanging over the porcelein God. :(

  7. Profile photo of slyn11

    I am a huge fan of Shawn Christian and Days is damned lucky to have him. HOWEVER, the show doesn’t seem to know what to do with him. The lack of development in his character is a complete disservice to him, and it leaves most viewers just seeing him as a patient humping Lothario. That is just plain wrong.

    I want a real and viable romance for Dr. Jonas. They were on the right track with Daniel and Chelsea (despite all the whines of the naysayers), but some unknown mental illness must have infected the minds of TPTB and now we are left with Daniel drowning his sorrows in liquor or doing his best rendition of Showtime After Dark.

    I am all for playas with issues – take Dr. Drake on GH, but we need to show some sort of evolution in a character to keep him viable and interesting. Having Daniel jump from daughter, to grandma, to stepmom is not the move. My vote is for Daniel and Lexie. They have the most natural chemistry, next to him and Rachel Melvin, and they have a legitimate reason for hanging out and being close.

  8. Profile photo of angelatil

    OMG Slyn I am 150% with you on that one!! I definitely think they were on the right track with Daniel and Chelsea and also they seem to be developing his character when he was with her. However, since he broke up with Chelsea, it his almost like his character development has come to a stand still. Also they have made him to be, in my opinion, a wimp. What happened to the Daniel that swam with the great white sharks? Seriously, they need to give Daniel his balls back.

    They need to do a better match up for him then the grandmother and opera singer. Please, give me a break. I want to see Daniel back with Chelsea as Daniel seemed truly happy with her and wanted to be a better person because of her. It is so sooo obvioius. Let him have issues but Chelsea was the one to get through to him and, in my opinion, in the two scenes they have had recently, she still gets through to him.

    Shawn Christian is a great actor and Days really is not giving him what he deserves. He is a strong actor and so is Rachel Melvin and together they were just great. They brought the angst and turmoil to their characters individually and together, that angst and turmoil just exploded into some of the best acting I have ever seen.

  9. Profile photo of Nathang1983

    I agree that Chelsea and Daniel were good together. That was before they dropped the veterans of course, while keeping people who have been on there for all of about a year or less. Maybe that’s the thing that I can’t let go of with his character. He just has no history. The only thing he’s been doing for the last 6 months is getting it on with Chloe, so I have no emotional investment in the character. What the he## do they think they are going to do with this character when Lucas finds out that Chloe and Daniel have been having an affair? It’s almost like that’s all he’s good for. I don’t know, maybe I’m just ready for all these storylines to be over with. Plus, I agree he’s a great actor. Doesn’t make me care more about whether he stays or leaves though. Nicole could go tomorrow and I wouldn’t give a poo. That being said, Arianne Zuker is a great actress (especially for a former model). :)

  10. Profile photo of JJ2009

    Hell no….Peter Reckell/Bo Brady is ten times sexier than anyone on DAYS. Why would Hope want a dufus like Dr Dan when she has sexy BO Brady. And they would be hotter than anyone of the idiot writers gave them a love scene.

    Even in a bad storyline, Peter’ BO BRADY is ten zillion times sexier than any one…so give it up. Hope does not need a new man, just a chance to see her man shirtless and ready ….

  11. Profile photo of eternal_realist

    Sometimes, when I have insomnia…I watch Bo and Hope, 5 minutes with them and I’m out like a light! I haven’t been interested in these two as a couple since…ever. I’m not sure why the writers got rid of John, Marlena, Patch and Kayla, yet Bo and Hope stayed on.

    To me they are the least interesting of the vets. They can pair Hope with a Koala Bear for all I care, as long as it makes her more interesting.

  12. Profile photo of JJ2009

    Maybe because all John did was eat faces……very sloppily….and all Steve did was yell and lie….
    some women like romance……
    Bo and Hope have it….and Bo did not have to be a rapist or drug dealer or anyone’s pawn to be sexy….

  13. Profile photo of sodsince16

    The problem is that we don’t know who the character of Hope is anymore. She has no friends, she doesn’t talk about her motivations, and she has no connections left in the newer generation. She needs to form a relationship with Sami, and give her some advice from a powerful woman

  14. Profile photo of Nathang1983

    I’m tired of him period. It seems like he’s just there for eye candy. I understand that most soap characters have to be good-looking, but he could go just as well as Patch and Kayla and John and Marlena did. It’s idiotic to keep someone on the show with limited history but get rid of all these character have been on there for twenty some odd years.

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