The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: Courtroom Catfight


Cane met up with Jill at the club and admitted he was checking on her. Jill told him that he should be focusing on the hearing and not on her. Cane said Michael told him he had a real shot in winning. Cane asked Jill if she’d heard from Katherine and she said no and that she didn’t expect to after being fired from the company which Cane replied was a huge loss. Cane started to say that maybe Katherine would come around but Jill interrupted saying that Katherine never wanted her to run the company in the first place, but as soon as she moves on to bigger and better things Katherine will realize what she threw away. Cane asked her if she had anything else lined up and she said she had a plan.

Jill and Mac were having coffee at Crimson Lights and talked about Katherine’s conversation with Jill the day before. Mac told her that it was like some people are listening on some other program on some other channel when you try to explain things to them. Katherine knew she was talking about Billy and Mac flashed back to him kissing her in the book store. Mackenzie told Katherine that Billy belonged to someone else now. Katherine said she was fond of Chloe and the baby but in the beginning she knew Chloe had an agenda. Katherine told Mackenzie about the engagement party where they realized Chloe was Esther’s daughter Kate and it was then that Katherine knew what kind of person she was. Mac said that at least Delia has a mother and father who love her. Katherine agrees that Billy did the right thing marrying Chloe so they could get custody but that the best thing a father can do for a child is love their mother.

Billy wakes up from the same flashback of kissing Mac because Delia was crying and Chloe tells him it’s his turn to get her. Chloe mentioned that Billy didn’t tell her Mac was staying in town. He said he’d just found out yesterday. She asked how and he replied that he ran into her. Chloe wondered why he didn’t mention it and he said it was because she was asleep when he got back. Chloe then started to worry about hearing that Cane had a shot at winning custody and asked Billy what they would do if they lost their little girl. Chloe fussed over what outfit to put Delia in for court and Billy tried to stop her from freaking out. Chloe told him to finish dressing Delia and she’d be right back.

Cane showed up at the offices and found Katherine and said he’d been expecting her. Katherine told Cane that she did not fire Jill but that Mitchell had done it on his own and she wasn’t aware of it. Cane offered to go talk to Jill to tell her it was a misunderstanding but Katherine told him not to because the situation was so tense and she thought she and Jill should have some distance. Katherine told Cane that she wanted Jabot to be run by Abbots but wanted Cane to run Chancellor. Cane turned down the offer out of loyalty to Jill.

Jill went to Crimson Lights and saw Mac so she asked her why she hadn’t left town. Mac told her she knew Billy was unavailable and Jill didn’t believe it. Jill told her that Billy was completely off limits to her. And Mac retorted in true Chancellor fashion that she wasn’t the one known for going after married men. To this Jill left.

Lily, Devon, and Anna went to the book store and Lily saw Billy and Delia. Billy asked her if they could talk. Billy apologized for the way things ended between them. Billy told her he’s a better person for knowing her and hopes one day they could be friends again. Billy asked Lily to try again with Cane to convince him that Delia is where she’s supposed to be.

Chloe went to a church and prayed for help to keep her baby. Then she headed over to Crimson Lights to get chamomile tea and ran into Mac. Chloe told Mac that if she was staying to get back together with Billy it wasn’t going to happen. Billy showed up and asked her what the hell she was doing.


Karen was explaining that after the hearing she and Neil would officially be her parents. Anna asked if Tyra would be at the hearing and Karen said she probably would. Neil flashed back to talking with Tyra and the attorney about Tyra getting custody. Devon came in and picked up Anna to hang out while Neil and Karen were in court. After they left Karen suggested that the three of them go out to dinner as a family. Victoria came in and told Neil Victor wanted to see him. He left and Victoria told Karen she didn’t seem as excited as she thought she would be. Karen told Victoria that she’d given up on the idea of having kids and now would have a teenager. Victoria told her Neil had been through it and they’d be fine. Victoria then said that Karen looked down and Karen replied that expectations can run away with you.

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  1. Profile photo of Nathang1983

    Couldn’t agree more Timepass. It’s not that I hate these people or something, but it’s the fact that I keep asking the question, “Why should we have any emotional investment in these characters?” I barely knew who Yolanda was. Why should I care about Tyra or Ana? Maybe Neil should get together with Phyllis. After all, Nicholas and Phyllis hated each other before having an affair anyway!

  2. Profile photo of luverica

    This storyline is making me ill. I never thought I would see the day when Neil Winters would be one of my least favorite citizens of Genoa City. I don’t know how much more I can take of America’s Next Top Model and Little Orphan Anna.

  3. Profile photo of BigDede

    G G G!!!

    They are all annoying.

    Why can’t they come up with something better for Devon like having Abby try and seduce him. That would do something to the Victor/Neil relationship.

  4. Profile photo of monamis

    Because NuAbby can’t act BigDede! and having a hot beef injection from emmy winning Devon, isn’t gonna make her tired act any better.

    Little Anna is getting better, still not crazy about her, but she is no more annoying to me than Eden or NuAbby right now.

    Devon should be with Chloe. He shut her up better than Billy has.

  5. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Devon is the most talented one in the group and he should be demote. Get rid of Eva can’t act her way out of a paper bag and the singing girl. Both of them can leave and bring back Victoria rowell as Dru. They need her bad. She is the only one that can get the AA viewership back that is now gone from Y&R.

  6. Profile photo of monamis

    Nathan, give JT a chance. I wouldn’t fight for him over Brad, but, that is a good-looking, fine acting man. With NuMac, he has even more potential for a reconciliation with NuMac, Colleen, or maybe someone new.

    He has his moments and I would miss the eye candy. He just needs the right jeans, because he has a fat azz for a man. I don’t know if you his Nip/Tuck reveal, but he’s got a badonkadunk!

  7. Profile photo of Nathang1983

    I think Thad Luckinbill is a great actor, but I don’t see the point of him being on the show if he has no storyline. Maybe the next storyline can be him having an affair with Colleen or something. Seems like a very good actor with great potential. I was just speaking about the “dead weight” on the show as in characters who don’t have a terribly long history on the show and/or have no storyline to speak of for the last couple of years (like J.T. and Heather Stevens) or ones that most people don’t give a rat’s patooty about (as in Tyra, Ana, Heather, and Eden). I think he’d be great with the new Mac too.
    That said, I guess thinking those who haven’t had a storyline in ages should leave isn’t always smart. A lot of veterans on the show probably haven’t had much storyline either (like Olivia, although she’s been on recurring for ages, I believe).

  8. Profile photo of goyankees

    Moral Compasses usually bore me to death, but with all the crazy women in GC lately (Slutty Sharon, Psycho Phyl and Ashley wacked enough to be w/the Moustache yet again) I really like Karen and I’m sad to see her go. On one hand she’s freaking lucky to get away from Neil this early in the game. On the other hand, you can see a woman trying hard to bring things back to where they were before Cousin It and Tyra came to town. UGGGGH!!! Try as the writers might I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever be on board w/Neil and Tyra. I feel like I’m headed into the Sabrina Biosphere. (I could NOT handle that woman) Y&R makes VERRRRRY few mistakes in my opinion. Tyra, however…Ugh. She’s the big one this year. I can only hope and pray she meets the front grill of Slutty Sharon’s Car or pushed into the lake by Blind Adam. ANYTHING!! I’d rather see Neil dating a Post It note than her…..

  9. Profile photo of luverica

    I love what Maria is doing with Y&R, except for the Winters. Nia Peeples’ performance today (Monday, April 20, 2009) was phenomenal and yet she’s leaving while we get stuck with America’s Next Top Model and Little Orphan Anna. Oh my God! When ANTM “cries”, it is one of the ugliest “acting” facial expressions I’ve ever seen whereas Nia was breaking my heart. Maybe I’m being a little biased because I’ve been a fan of Nia for quite awhile but I really do believe her exit is Genoa City’s loss.

    If they, heaven forbid, do put Neil and Tyra together, then I hope Neil falls off the wagon and make her life miserable.

  10. Profile photo of buffygirl

    :( I can’t stand the storyline involving the Winters. Neil has turned out to be a real creep. It’s despicable what he’s done to Karen. The man has no backbone and yet pretends to be Mr. Dogooder. Karen should leave him and all the Winters behind. I’ll miss Nia Peebles – she’s a fine actress and has done a great job on Y&R. I remember her when she was on Walker, Texas Ranger. This lady has a lot of talent and I think she’s leaving Y&R to film a movie. She’s headed for bigger and better roles. Tyra and Anna are a yawn and Anna can’t act worth a hill of beans. She’s not cute either and I can’t stand her and Tyra. Why Y&R continues with the storyline involving these two is beyond me. Enough already.:D

  11. Profile photo of monamis

    “They need her bad. She is the only one that can get the AA viewership back that is now gone from Y&R.”


    Dru would be a coup, but if you think POCs are segregated now, it would be worse when Dru came back. VR pissed off too many people to enjoy harmony with her co-workers. She’s like Shannon Daugherty on 90210 at this point. She didn’t just burn the bridge, she nuked it. It might not be worth it for them to bring her back.

    Besides, I think MAB/PR have let those 600K viewers they lost go. They’re only AAs anyway.

  12. Profile photo of Nathang1983

    I second that on Eden and Abby. They’re both annoying and dead weight. They could also get rid of Heather Stevens and J.T. too. It’s funny how they get rid of a veteran like Brad, but keep all these newbies who either can’t act their way out of a paper bag or don’t have much of a history with the show. Also, ageism comes into play with all these soaps.

  13. Profile photo of Nathang1983

    I like your bit about Tyra being run over or pushed into a lake! I can’t for the life of me understand why they keep pushing her and Neil together. Her acting is stiff, and Ana’s is worse. I can’t stand it when soap producers/writers push these god-awful reality show stars on us (I’m sure they have their fans, but I don’t care!). It reminds me of Days bringing in Kyle Brandt to play Phillip. These soaps are not MTV/The CW. Deal with it soap brass!

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