AMC Pratt Falls: Episode 5

By the Power of Greyskull the ladies at Bianca and Reese Blogspot should be writing All My Children! Who knew Chuck Pratt and Julie Hanan Carruthers would work so much better as animated characters than they do show runners?

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    I haven’t read all of the comments on these videos so I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned this but I hope Ellen Wheeler doesn’t see these. She’ll be trotting this technology out as her new production model to save the soap genre. Who needs Peapack, or actors?

    Sorry I couldn’t resist. But really I love Ellen Wheeler if not the vision she pursued with Guiding Light.

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    These are so funny, especially the Pratt ones. “Pratt” is funny as hell in these, too bad he’s not likeable professionally.
    Dellygrim, why did you have to bring up the fact that these would save budgets??? Now all the soaps will do it instead of using real actors lol.

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    dkeller, I love that line. “Lesbians? We have lesbians on our show?”
    I showed it to my bf over the weekend and though he doesn’t watch soaps he thought it was funny, and I would say that line above here and there. It’s classic.

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