Daytime Confidential Top 20, March 2009

Each month we publish the Daytime Confidential Top 20 ranking of daytime stars and industry personalities, based on what DC readers are most interested in (clicks). This ranking is generated by you the readers, not the DC staff. This month a new star earns the No. 1 ranking. Former actors who have ranked No. 1 at least once include: Alicia MinshewDon Diamont, Raya Meddine, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Vanessa Marcil and Victoria Rowell.

No. 20: Elizabeth Hendrickson – The Young and the Restless

Helped by the lead up to her character Chloe’s wedding on The Young and the Restless to Billy Abbott (Billy Miller) Elizabeth Hendrickson remained in the Daytime Confidential Top 20. She dropped from No. 10 on last month’s list.

No. 19: Jake Silbermann – As the World Turns

Jake Silbermann is, without question, Daytime Confidential reader’s favorite As the World Turns star. He has appeared on the Daytime Confidential Top 20 more than any other As the World Turns star and his return to the DC Top 20 in March marks the second time in 2009.

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  1. Profile photo of collins

    damn straight on the crystal chappell love. i can’t stop watching her. olivia simultaneously takes my breathe away and makes me gasp. i can’t get enough of her sexy stares even sexier voice. love, love, love me some crystal chappell.

  2. Profile photo of ahhiker

    Crystal Chappell has always been an incredible actress, but this week she has been phenomenal! This week she gave the performance of a lifetime! Her graveyard confession was brilliant! Crystal has a very rare and special gift: the ability to make her audience feel exactly what she is portraying!

  3. Profile photo of avidonfan

    Crystal Chappell could not have been more brilliant last week. She nailed her scenes, every repressed impulse to love and fight for Natalia came pouring out on Tuesday and Wednesday, while every worry that had plagued her and caused that repression ultimately forced her to walk away from Natalia by weeks end!! I loved every second of her devastating performance!!

  4. Profile photo of samxart

    Crystal Chappell is the goddess of daytime and the best actress out there, period! If in doubt, just watch her performances from any of the 5 episodes last week, in which she and her equally brilliant acting partner, Jessica Leccia, took center stage. They each gave Emmy worthy performances, but a special commendation must be paid to Olivia’s gut wrenching confession of love on 4/14 & 15. Brava!

  5. Profile photo of Boobookitty

    With last week, I can’t imagine that CC won’t climb higher next month (uh, skyrocket?). I have to put a huge shoutout to Daytime Confidential, I now come to you site daily because of all the great GL updates and now the impeccable Otalia coverage. Some of the best that is happening right now, and you’re proving that this site is the place to be to keep on top of things. I’m pretty sure that with the added coverage, and, really, with that life-stopping turn of events from last week on GL (I think nationwide productivity took a big hit) that CC and JL will be in a different position next month. They’re rocking daytime right now like no others, and should be getting their just due.

  6. Profile photo of eriklovessoaps

    I suspect Crystal will be higher in April. As for others listed, I’m really out of touch. I’m thinking other gay/bisexual couples are going to gravitate higher on the list due to GL’s less viewers. I wonder if there is a ceiling for Otalia on the list.

  7. Profile photo of naughtytomato

    I am encouraged to see Crystal Chappell has moved up this ranking. She is doing wonderful work and the Otalia storyline deserves press coverage. If people can sample the story due to the coverage, they just might stay around for something special.

  8. Profile photo of wildwoman

    Yeah for Crystal Chappell! Her character Olivia has deserved a real love story for so long (not just some hook up or powerplay) and Crystal is playing it beautifully. So many dimensions and levels of emotion she portrays. Just wait to see where she lands next month!

  9. Profile photo of niauoil

    Crystal Chappell is the finest actress on daytime and one of the best anywhere. Last week’s scenes demonstrated just how good she is. With one look or gesture she can move you to laughter, tears or anger. Whatever she wants you to feel, you are compelled to feel it. She richly deserves all the attention and accolades that her portrayal of Olivia is bringing her. Brava, CC!

  10. Profile photo of riot

    Crystal Chappell truly is deserving of all the praise. Not because she’s in a storyline that’s creating the biggest buzz of daytime TV but because she is simply an incredibly talented and skilled actress. She’ll climb up that list easily.

  11. Profile photo of Phoenix11

    Crystal Chappell put on a clinic in her scenes last week. She is the best actress in daytime and primetime and I hope to see her skyrocket again in next month’s rankings – straight to #1!!

    And well done on the choice of picture. Crystal is stunning in that hat!

  12. Profile photo of BBK

    Congratulations Crystal on your 12 spot jump!!! You were absolutely brilliant last week in all your scenes, but the scenes at the graveyard were the performance of a lifetime!! Keep this up, and the only question every week will be who is 2-20?

    Thanks Crystal for a great week and I look forward to seeing what you and Jessica have in store for us this week! If my poor little old heart can take it that is!!

  13. Profile photo of GG

    Ok who is in charge of selecting the photos to accopany the list…umm bias much ? Christel Khalil a very beautiful woman soo it couldn’t of been that hard to find a decent/ clear picture of her. Do better next time.Love that my favourites made the list AGAIN! Yay for CK ,DG and BM.

  14. Profile photo of lovely12

    Crystal Chappell should be # 1 she is amazing, her gift is unmatched in daytime and prime time, she can convey a world of emotions in a blink of an eye, no one can come close to her Brilliance!

  15. Profile photo of maraleia

    I’m so glad CC moved up on the list. She is by far the finest actress in daytime today. Gutwrenching and fantastically funny performances from CC in the last 5 months as Otalia has grown into a full-fledged couple. Kudos Crystal!

  16. Profile photo of CGat

    It enthuses me to see all these GL fans on here :)
    April 2009:
    #1- Crystal Chappell
    #2- Jessica Leccia
    #3- Grant alexander

    Crystal is absolutely amazing. And, let’s not forget the other part of Otalia. Jessica Leccia has been hitting it out of the ballpark lately as well!

  17. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    GHAddict – I have never gotten a clear explanation of it either. As I understand it, they count the clicks for the articles as they are tagged, so again, as I understand it, lets say there is a story about actor x being up for contract negotiations and 2000 people click in to the story so they can comment on how much the actor sucks, the actor would still get 2000 points for “popularity”. If thats the case (and if its not, I would love for Jamey and/or Luke to explain it so that it makes sense) then it seems that this is less about the 20 most “popular” according to dc readers and more a factor of the 20 most written about and/or 20 most commented on. I think a good example is MB on gh. He isnt written about much so he doesnt make the top 20 whereas he consistently does well in the mag polls.

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